Automatische Maprotation!


Mit dieser Abstimmung kann jeder die Map Rotation auf dem Server selbst beeinflussen.

Es befindet sich in Testphase also sind Fehler nicht ausgeschlossen.

With this vote, everyone can affect even the Map rotation on the server.

It is in testing phase so mistakes are not excluded.

Ablauf der Abstimmung!


Wenn 15 oder mehr Personen abgestimmt haben wird beim nächsten geplanten Serverneustart automatisch die neu gewählte Map-Rotation geladen.

If 15 or more people have voted then the newly voted map rotation will automatically loaded on the server during the next scheduled server restart.

Danach wird diese Abstimmung auf Null zurückgestellt und es beginnt von vorne. Theoretisch ist es möglich jeden Tag eine Andere Map-Rotation zu wählen wenn genug mit machen.

After this vote will be reset to zero and you can start again from beginn. Theoretically it is possible to vote every day an other Map-Rotation if enough people participate.

Nach diesem Muster wird die Map-Rotation erstellt:

Platz Runden
1 10
3 5
5/7/9 3
2 7
6/8/10 3
4 5

Following this pattern, the map rotation is created:

Place Rounds
1 10
3 5
5/7/9 3
2 7
6/8/10 3
4 5

Have already voted: 9
Still have to vote at least: 6

vote for registered user only
Shoutbox Archiv
Shoutbox Archiv
FOF: Maybe someone will enjoy this. Something nice from Bon Iver
Scream: haha yes me neither..this game is still full of suprises xd
UnnamedSoldier: I didn't even imagine that it is possible :)
Scream: foxy should have enjoy this unique 2-3mins who knows when you will play again ffa ft :D :P
Joker: yes, our scream makes us happy every now and then :)ffa:P
UnnamedSoldier: Yesterday in a nutshell: FFA Freeze-tag :* :-O
Scream: where are my soldiers xD :P
Scream: yes i hope was great :)
FOF: Thanks everyone for great time tonight. I just realised that im still a bloody noob. Hope we will have more nights like that. Really good training night :) Thanks again
DingAling: Scream @ :D
DingAling: lueg server until our server is back online?
DingAling: Server down :(
Scream: :D
Scream: :P
Joker: @medhat: You are not on our ban you connect with VPN?
medhat: Hey, admin my name in server is Th@nos and i was get banned for no reasone .. Why??
Joker: :8
Joker: @ Dingi :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D:8:P
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D:8
DingAling: Joker @ :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :)
DingAling: :D
DingAling: Scream :8
DingAling: The F cord on a Guitar Is a MF :D :8
DingAling: For all to listen. :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: For Scream :8
HIMA: fof , shut up mate :)
FOF: HIMA did you stopped crying ? :D
HIMA: Hey guys, why server not contain any one, what is the time that contain players?
Scream: :)
Scream: next one pls :P ♫♪♬
Scream: :)
Scream: ^^
DingAling: nite nite :8
Scream: xd :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :P
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Peace and Jah Loveee :8:8
DingAling: :P
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: Great tune Joker, LENNY rip :/
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
FOF: Delete bots, play the game :D Simple
2fast4uhawkeye: But if i restart router many times cant join vetus i dont know why.., I want to know this prob from server mr me and i hope find solution for this prob
2fast4uhawkeye: Alot of ip banned in CDX without reason but when i restart router i can join CDX, i play in CDX yesterday
Reizung: Hey Hawk, i saw yesterday, that you are banned on CDX server too, when you tried to join.
2fast4uhawkeye: but in console i found these messages.... Server rejected connection ...... Banned IP ...... Disconnected from server ...... setting up shaders .... couldn't find menu erromessage
2fast4uhawkeye: but in console i found these messages.... Server rejected connection ...... Banned IP ...... Disconnected from server ...... setting up shaders .... couldn't find menu erromessage
2fast4uhawkeye: nothing ding
DingAling: hi Hawkeye, does it say anything on your screen when you try to join the server?
2fast4uhawkeye: Hi m8s why i cant Join server yesterday i was trying for 2 hours but cant join why?
Scream: :) :8
1: rob bailey & the hustle standard (hold strong)..their songs are good for army people and also people who are going to the gym everyday :)
Scream: found it :D :P
Scream: hehe not reminds me of a song wait whats the name xd...
1: my favorite in gym :8 catch you later :)
W.O.R: Danke für den Hinweis wegen der Statistik, schaue mir das an und versuche den Fehler zu finden.
DingAling: :D
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: so true eh :8
DingAling: :D:8
DingAling: Peace :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
DingAling: @ Scream :8
DingAling: :*
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :P
DingAling: :8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :P
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
VXp: ( . Y . )
OsamBinKack: Statistik wird nicht mehr aktualisiert? :(
Scream: :)
Scream: :/
KLMredbullNL: :8
Scream: :) goldies
Armpower: Have a fun friends:8
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :D :8
Joker: oldie time :8:D:D: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D:8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :(
Scream: oo thats my best soldier :8 n1n1 sir
DingAling: :D:8
DingAling: Enjoy :D
DingAling: no takers for a Fun war? :8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :-O
DingAling: :D
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :*
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: @Scream :8
DingAling: :8
Joker: love you to :D:D:D:
Armpower: love you Joker:D:D:D
Joker: why do you change your name:-O
Joker: B.B.KING = Armpower ??
Joker: @Armpower not ban you :eek:
Scream: :*
Armpower: i send SS looooooooool
Armpower: :D:D:D
Armpower: what a noob loooool
Armpower: give me mail where i can send SS
Armpower: Unbann loooooooooool
Armpower: you ban me looooool
ghost78: Thx for Game... war mal wieder Lustig mit (un)bekannten zu Spielen :D
Scream: Im free tomorrow, lets make a funwar too? :P
AzzKikr: I am free now if you wanna start it
DingAling: I will be on tonight :8
Scream: Its up to us... we can keep this game alive or watch it die every day a bit more..
GodspeedGreece: mouhahahaha
Tex: no players on server??:'(
Scream: :)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :P:8:D
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :D
DingAling: ;):8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :D:D
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: @ Joker :D Great tune my friend.
Joker: :8
DingAling: @Joker and Scream :8
Joker: :8
DingAling: :8
cocofun: very interesting cover too
cocofun: wonderful cover
cocofun: the original
Scream: oo thats a lot of nice songs well done :) xd
Joker: @Dinga :D
Joker: @ Dinga Beautiful, haunting song ... I still love it today as well as a teenager. Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill :)
Joker: @ Dinga Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill Simple Minds Belfast Child :8 NS
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Joker :P
DingAling: :8:8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: ;)
Joker: :)
DingAling: @ Joker
DingAling: Joker @ :S:*:D
Joker: @ Dinga :D
DingAling: @ Joker :D
DingAling: For scream Enjoy :8
Scream: @Ding its friday..its spanking time :P :D
Scream: :)
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
DingAling: ;)
Scream: Drop it like its hot xd
KLMredbullNL: Drop Beats, No Bombs! :8
Scream: :P
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
KLMredbullNL: Kiekeboe:D
Scream: :)🎶 n1 songs
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :*
Scream: :)
Appelpitje: :)
Scream: :)
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :P
Scream: :8
Scream: ..foxy :D ...
UnnamedSoldier: LINK :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :8
Joker: AC ⚡️ DC AC ⚡️ DC :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
VXp: :S
ghost78: Frohe Ostern wünsch ich euch allen Spielen ist heute Verboten :P
ghost78: :8
Appelpitje: the master server that is used by mohreborn was indeed offline for few hours which caused the issue, now it should be fine again
W.O.R: Bei mir geht es auch. Aber zu deiner Frage. Als Mai 2014 GameSpy seinen Service abgestellt hat haben sich ein paar Programmierer von X-Null an die Sache ran gesetzt und einen privaten Server gehostet der die Aufgaben des GameSpy Servers übernehmen soll hier mehr darüber Und das funktioniert echt Prima. Die Seite wird bei mir auch als Virus angezeigt aber hier im Forum wird gesagt das es sicher ist, da wird die Virus Meldung angesprochen. Hier steht auch mehr darüber, weiß aber nicht ob du ohne Account rein kannst. Also die Server werden nur solange angezeigt solange die Jungs von X-Null die Sache in Schuss halten.
cocofun: ingame geht doch wieder, trotzdem die Frage, auf was die ingame Seite verweist?
cocofun: Auf was verweist denn die ingame server Seite? Kennt sich da einer aus?
cocofun: Außerdem wird mir beim link von Delta eine verdächtige Seite angezeigt, so wie bei
cocofun: firefox zeigt bei mir Virus oder Malware für Mohaa Query launcher an. habs nicht installiert
DingAling: @ Delta, Arm, and speed. Try this then you can download the Mohaa Query launcher. Hope this helps.
GodspeedGreece: Mine not work too...
Armpower: mine too not work Nocola:S
Delta: hey guys! my ingame server list is not working anymore, I used the universal patcher found here: Could you help me please?
ghost78: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :)
Joker: @ DINGI :D :8
DingAling: @ Joker :D
Joker: :8
DingAling: :8
FOF: Da hell ? :D
KLMredbullNL: :(
VXp: :S
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
ghost78: ;)
Scream: :P
ghost78: ;)
ghost78: :)
Joker: :8
ghost78: ;)
Joker: :8
W.O.R: At this time, I have slept peacefully :)
GodspeedGreece: server down : unknown client command : disconnect
FOF: Server CAput :@D
Scream: :P
ghost78: wo ist der unregisrtrier link :P
ghost78: :8
VXp: :S
W.O.R: Why Joke? Its real :)
Viru5: Good Joke WOR , hehe April fool's;)
Joker: :8
GodspeedGreece: :S:S
DingAling: :8
DingAling: ;)
Scream: :P
ghost78: :8
ghost78: :)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :D:8
ghost78: :8
ghost78: :8
DingAling: :8:8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: let's play!! ;)
ghost78: lets play :D :P
ghost78: !!!!!
DingAling: :8
DingAling: @ Ghost :*
ghost78: :D:8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8:8
ghost78: :*
DingAling: :8
DingAling: For all, :8
Scream: :)
DingAling: Imao Scream :D
DingAling: :8
Scream: xd
DingAling: :P
Scream: :D lmao
DingAling: LoL :P
DingAling: @ Scream :p :D
Scream: well n1 songs :8
GodspeedGreece: Hey mohamaniacs ! Not fan of this style but iam really impressed from the atmosphere of this song... (best part 4.09- end)
merowinger: ... or an example when a cover destroys the original:
merowinger: ... just want to link one of the best songs ever written (IMHO)
DingAling: @ Scream Great tune :8
DingAling: :8
W.O.R: Ja denke das man noch den März fertig machen und dann beginnt das neue Quartal.
MarvinSrbija: Wann wird die Statistik wieder zurück gesetzt ? :)
Scream: :)
DingAling: @Scream :8
DingAling: :P
DingAling: :D
Scream: @Ding
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8:8
ghost78: you found me haha:D
DingAling: @ Everyone :8
DingAling: :8
VXp: :S
FOF: Server Is Full :( GOd DAmn !
Scream: :P
Scream: :)
DingAling: ;):8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: @Scream :8
DingAling: @ Scream ;)
Scream: @ding :8
W.O.R: :) Seite geht wieder :)
W.O.R: Server online again, sorry i was at work :'(
Appelpitje: :-O
ghost78: :8:( i want play xd
DingAling: Server is down. :'(
VXp: :S
Scream: hmm one last war?;)
DingAling: :8
Dad: Mero, I appreciate your thoughtful response.
Krasta: Lang lebe der Shoutbox!
merowinger: If we'd only knew why people switch to other servers we could probably find a way to get them stay. I'm not sure if most people simply change their prefered server or if they simply quit playing the game...
Dad: Such a shame that this once super server is losing so many players to others. Is there something you can do to lure them back? I'd hate to see it close down.
Scream: :P
ghost78: only for Amoks ! :8
Scream: :)
Scream: :P
Joker: ENDE :D :8
Joker: oder das:* :D:8
Joker: und das beste zum Schluss :8
Joker: :)
Joker: mega :-O :8
Joker: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Connor McGregor lookalike doing Dj ? ;)
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :8
Joker: :8
ghost78: was los Server leer ,hab ich wasd verpasst ? :8
Scream: :)
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :)
Scream: What the fof..come with me in the park you wont regret xd:P
FOF: Omg not the park please guys. Its a very bad map.. Damn dogs barking all the time :D
Scream: vote for stalingrad and snowy park ;)
VXp: Have already voted: 12 Still have to vote at least: 3 :D lol...
Scream: :P
Malone: hellooooo guyssssss
FOF: They :D
FOF: Hehe The Came Back ! :D
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
Infantry: @FOF: then you should buy Internet m8 :P we'll miss you!
Scream: n1 sir..change all into flies ;)
DingAling: A change :o) :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :D:8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
FOF: I might loose my skills till then.. Oh wait I don't have any :D Game Over
FOF: Well...My neighbours went on holiday... Turned off bloody router! :/ Maybe Ill see you all next week or so :D
UnnamedSoldier: some easy music for morning
Infantry: Morning guys :)
UnnamedSoldier: though matches. i feel honored to lose to good players. i did my best, it wasn't enough today but enjoyed it a lot
VXp: lol Dinga, close to that ya :8
Armpower: nice song Screamy:-O:):)
Scream: hello powerm8 :)
Armpower: Hello all friends:):):)
DingAling: :D
FOF: SHitternet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: You said duel Vxp, This kind of duel? :D
VXp: back Dinga, back to ya! :8 p.s. galway gal is hot as hell
Scream: n1 sir :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: Foxy Foxy :D :P
UnnamedSoldier: this is the chrome extension that can recognize music. it can tell you the name of the songs in youtube videos
DingAling: Haha VXP like your styleee :8
VXp: Now now Dinga, still mad&sad about our last duel? :D ... just forget about it, let it go ... here something to get you going :'(
Scream: woohoo jukebox is turned on🔥..good job team, n1 songs :8 ..i want more pls.. :P
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
DingAling: Some Irish Folk :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: I would to play a War, maybe we should get one going, Especially if get to play against the Pr0fessor Just a tune for the Pr0 :8
VXp: Ty for detail explanation mate, it's spot on ... :'( yea ... been awhile since the last war, as seen, not the way to go ... gather a meeting :S
Scream: "They always come together in groups of different sizes..." lmao professor :DD..well i noticed it.. np for me i was used to play the most time ffa in the good old days xd...they have a good teamwork as clan, also always play together and speak..actually this is fofin would be cool to play a clanwar vs them, i already can feel the spark in my eyes :D :P..
FOF: We share a pussie gun :DDDDDDDD Thats for sure :DDDDD
VXp: I'd like to report the T.M.T clan once and for all! I've been watching them for quite a while now and as far as I can tell...none of them is "One Man Band"! They always come together in groups of different sizes...which is plain wrong! I deserve an explanation. :S Please
Scream: damn,good soldier :8!well..its your duty to never dissapoint me,whatever it takes :P .. :D
FOF: 567 rounds ? :D god damn need to take week off work :D
Scream: "I was forced to play Stalingrad - Rounds ID:999" Attention: You'll get banned if you leave the Server for no fofin Reason! .. xd :P
VXp: lol :'(
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: LoL :D
VXp: Dinga doesn't respect the current rotation, avoiding Omaha on purpose... :S
Joker: :8
Scream: :P
ghost78: gehts dir wieder soweit gut Joker ? :8
Joker: :P:8
Joker: :8
Armpower: YOYOYO:D:D:D
Scream: xd :P
ghost78: good morning :D
VXp: I feel u brother :8:'(
VXp: lol g1 :D
DingAling: If it put you to sleep, I would play it constantly. :D
VXp: You want me to fall asleep? ...zzzZZZzzz... :*
DingAling: :8
VXp: The shit is real :8
Joker: :8
W.O.R: Ich schau mal
Reizung: Hey Jungs, wisdom hat mich gerade angeschrieben und gefragt, warum er gebannt wurde. Auf der Homepage und auf dem Server. Könnte da mal einer nachschauen? Danke euch : ) Gruß ABE
DingAling: Good night :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Golden oldie
VXp: :D ghost78 :8 well done
ghost78: Wieso können die nicht Sauber Spielen ? Bei so einem Dino FoF-REX :D
ghost78: :P
ghost78: VXp:8
VXp: p.s. I'm watching u...
VXp: Still have to vote at least: 1 lol :D amen
FOF: W.O.R ''we dinosaurs are dying, no offspring'' :DDDDDDDDD
W.O.R: Hey Chief, i know you meant it just fine, but linking pages to cheats we do not like to see here. I am surprised that you have found out it only now. We've been fighting vs. it for years but no one anticheat system works to 100% As soon as there is something new vs. cheats, also the cheats will be adjusted to. Look around, it's the same in life. Cheating is in the nature of humans. There will always be people cheating, Banks, PayTV, shopping .... And when a gap is closed someone finds a new way. it never ends :S The second point, if we catch a cheater and bann him they come back again, Mohaa does not have a good bann function. IP or name is not enough, very easy to change. With GSX we could only let play players with an account from our webside but that's will not work, too much effort for the ppl. the game is just too old, we dinosaurs are dying, no offspring :)
Scream: oh man..a bunch of....what a shame! this game is called medal of "honor".. im just saying ;) ...gotta hack 'em all..are you proud of yourself? ;) :D
FOF: I had thing today :) Clearly shot the guy ( been standing for ages ) aimed clearly in to his body... And whats happened ? Happened fuck all. Good player tho. Will not say his name but once I said that something is not right he just left the battle. Or I'm fucking going crazy or its happening for real. Anyhow just saying maybe try to find the way to deal with this kind of thing , checking settings or what not. FOF knows
chief: We should stop the fake game with cheats. This causes the lag and puts our nerves to the test. I found some internet addresses that explain how the false advantage is realistic, so remedies can be found. I hope we can quickly find remedies to play correctly and without lag. Kindly, chief.
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :8
DingAling: For Brexit :D :8
DingAling: :8
VXp: It's fine now, ty, probably got auto-unbanned yesterday like Blood told me I would after some time. :8
W.O.R: Homepage or Server?
VXp: home*
VXp: Mr. W.O.R, my hope IP is still banned :S
VXp: I guess even 15 votes is too much :S lol
FOF: Hehe m8 :D
Scream: :* fof course somebody does :P..haha fof it you got me xd ;)
FOF: TY ICE I know you only like it cause you love me :D
Scream: this fof sounds not bad at all :8..for sure someone likes it :P:)
VXp: gj wor, 15 is just about right :8
FOF: Last nights work :D Maybe somebody gonna like this :D FOF
W.O.R: possible? yes, but not welcome by most of people on the server. Many want to have the sniper completely gone. I think one per team is a good compromise for both parties.
Delta: @wor is it possible to increase snipers number for team please? It's almost always already taken and I can't use it :(
Scream: super wor ;):D
W.O.R: :8 OK, changed to 15!
W.O.R: Will comes this weekend, my Internet was broken.
VXp: 15 votes :S
W.O.R: Habe mein Internet wieder! :D:8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: An garde, touche. :8
Delta: @wor is it possible to increase snipers number for team please? It's almost always already taken and I can't use it :(
VXp: Have a strange feeling of wh night tonight ... :S:(:'(
VXp: Who said I can't? :'( This ain't over yet! Just barely started ... :8 An garde!
DingAling: Don’t start a war now Vxp that you can’t finish :P :8
FOF: Lol Dinga :DDD
VXp: Hehe np, wish it was :P not bad, and here's something for good night from my side... and that's just a start :8
DingAling: Enjoy :8
DingAling: For fof and Femme, :8
DingAling: Thank's VXP something new? :D
VXp: Welcome Dinga, pls join us :D just keep your eyes open 4 wh ... saw it in-play multiple times :'(
Scream: :) anytime sir, im glad you did..n1 super choice
DingAling: Can i join this Tune party? :P :8
Scream: nostalgic has a lot of good memorys to my old clan :S:8
VXp: :S:( spot on... this is mohaa(s) community...
Scream: :8
VXp: roger that! :8
VXp: roger that! :8
Scream: np anytime sir :) :8
VXp: not bad, not bad at all, ty for sharing :)
VXp: Hehe glad to know, mine too, it's spot on, I've just cleared the cache and it posted again, lol, already happened before, ok let me hear it. :8
VXp: I'm listening it atm. :8
Scream: aa braveheart of the best ever, n1 m8.. i like this violin cover
VXp: I'm listening it atm. :8
Scream: :* xd show me a good song professor! :8
VXp: 15 votes :S
W.O.R: Habe vor 30 Minuten angerufen, gleicher Stand die können mir nichts neues sagen.
Scream: oh man lassen sich aber schön zeit :* ..schade, war mir sicher dass heute wieder gehen wird..hoffentlich die woche wenigstens..
W.O.R: Nicht schlecht null Info, aber schön formuliert ;)
W.O.R: Statusmeldung: Sehr geehrter Vodafone-Kunde, Ihr Anschluss ist von einer regionalen Störung betroffen. Maßnahmen zur Behebung wurden bereits eingeleitet. Ein Technikereinsatz bei Ihnen vor Ort ist zur Zeit nicht notwendig. Freundliche Grüße, Ihr Vodafone-Team
W.O.R: Nein, muss mal heute wieder anrufen, gestern hieß es ab 17 Uhr geht es wieder... Datum haben wir wohl nicht festgelegt.
Scream: :-O gehts jetzt wieder?wenn ja komm auf server^^... xd :D
W.O.R: Heute den ganzen Tag ohne Internet nur Handy... Ohne Vorwarnung... Das kann man doch nicht machen :-O
VXp: Not bad m8, I feel you brother. :8:D
W.O.R: That's why I do it. You not the first and not only :8
VXp: Heh, interesting, I had the exact same thought less than an hour ago, to make it 15. Agreed, that would be better.
W.O.R: Oh, I think after this vote is time to set the limit To 15
VXp: Vote for new map rotation or else...
W.O.R: I will Check what is happen but first after work.
specialangel: Thanks for your hint how to search. But I wasn't forced to take SS, just got kicked. So there isn't any SS to sent it to you.
W.O.R: Use the Windows search. Right-Top in your Window like here and type in *.tga and you will find it.
specialangel: You didn't force me to SS. If you did that I should find any screenshots. I have downloaded the Mohaa SpearHead and the Screenshots folder is empty!. You should know me for more than 10 years. If you find me playing again force me whenever you want to send SS, but yesterday you didn't force me, I'm sure that there aren't any SSs were taken. Thanks in advance
DingAling: Hi Special 10.11.18 - 09:30 Spearhead you need to send that Screenshot.
specialangel: hI Dope, happy new
PatXuKa On Dope: Greetings specialangel, happy new year friend! use your real name and you will not have problems, you are a good player ! A greeting!
specialangel: :)Hello All, Today I played with nickname "SpearHead"and I got blocked I don't know why? The server asks me to send a SS for "SpearHead" nickname, I would send if the server forced me to take a SS but It didn't do that so I don't have any SSs. I think you should know my IP. It's my first time to play since a long time. It would great if you solved this issue for my IP to let me in. Thanks in advance :) .
PatXuKa On Dope: Hello friends, happy birthday to all! I needed to disconnect some time from the game, to be able to charge the batteries and come back with a desire to battle! Soon I am back friends, greetings, you start well the new year! I'm sorry for my English, I use the googlee translator: ((((((((!!!!!
specialangel: :)Hello All, Today I played with nickname "SpearHead"and I got blocked I don't know why? The server asks me to send a SS for "SpearHead" nickname, I would send if the server forced me to take a SS but It didn't do that so I don't have any SSs. I think you should know my IP. It's my first time to play since a long time. It would great if you solved this issue for my IP to let me in. Thanks in advance :) .
VXp: wh...fucking saw it multiple times, i know my shit, u hear me, u better... :8
FOF: Happy New Year Boys And Girls! :*
ghost78: Gutes neues ihr Zigeuner :D
W.O.R: Happy New Year !!! :8
Scream: :)
Scream: :D :P
ghost78: :D
ghost78: :D
ghost78: :8
Scream: lebe die jukebox xd :P
W.O.R: Lebe :8:P
ghost78: Wer lebt noch ;):D wünsch euch einen guten Rutsch. :*
kippo: Infantry@ thanks
UnnamedSoldier: here you might find solution:
vaccie: tired of typing the ip,s lol
vaccie: hi all someone knows what i can download to see servers in list
Infantry: Kippo@:
kippo: hello guys :8 please give me link for spearhead, cannot find clean version, thanks NoroMon†e > !
ghost78: :8
ghost78: only for stoney :8
VXp: I'm glad you do, at least some1 gets it. ;)
Scream: schade..alles gute für dich stoney, es kommen wieder bessere zeiten..ich hoffe das wir uns irgendwann mal wieder sehen..14 jahre ist eine lange zeit., egal was kommt,erinnerungen bleiben ewig.. @VXp somehow i agree you xd
VXp: @Krasta MOHAAS is not just a game, it's way more than that, don't you ever write that again.
VXp: Can't tell atm., still something personal and top secret. Keep your eyes open and watch out, that's all I can tell you at this moment in time. :S
FOF: who ?
VXp: wh, saw it, can't deny it...just don't :S
Krasta: Kopf hoch Rolf, wie du gesagt hast Familie und Gesundheit geht vor. MoH ist und bleibt nur ein Spiel. Egal wie viel Jahre man damit verbracht hat. Frohe Weihnachten euch
DingAling: All the best AmPh3 and Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and your family.
W.O.R: Hey AmPh3, wenn man deinen Abschiedsbrief so liest hat man das Gefühl das was Passiert ist. Ich hoffe das ich mich täusche und das alles gut ist. Danke für deine nette Worte und alles Gute dir und deiner Familie, hoffe Dich bald wieder zu sehen wenn alles wieder Rund läuft. Wünsche dir und deiner Familie Frohe Weihnachten und einen Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!
ghost78: Halt die Ohren steif ;) alles gute ! Frohe Weihnachten dir und deiner Familie
BloodSpencer: Alles Gute für dich Amphe!
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: 14 Jahre! Fast 14 Jahre bin ich Teil dieser tollen Community gewesen aber jetzt muss ich mich schon schweren Herzens von Euch verabschieden! Ich muss meine Prioritäten neu setzen vor allem auf Familie und Gesundheit! Wenn ich bedenke was in jener Zeit alles geschehen ist , fällt es mir schon schwer! Ein spezielles Dankeschön geht an meine Am0km8s , danke das ihr mit mir gelacht und geweint habt und wir werden sicherlich in Kontakt bleiben, sry das ihr es so erfahren müsst aber vielleicht fehlt mir auch einfach der Mut es euch persönlich zu sagen! Ebenfalls an WOR , Ghost und die ganze Truppe von Vetus ein riesen Dankeschön, wir kennen uns schon solange, ihr hattet immer ein offenes Ohr für mich, ich hab euch echt ins Herz geschlossen! Ein Dankeschön auch an die Community für die Zeit , egal ob positiv oder negativ , jeder Eindruck macht uns stärker! Evtl. wird es ja kein Abschied für immer und ich hoffe das wenn es so ist das ich nach gegebener Zeit wieder gestärkt und fit hierher kommen kann und alles so vorfinde wie früher! Danke Community für die tollen 14 Jahre! :S
Infantry: Toy Soldier@ you can restart your router or modem and then try again. It works fine for me.
Toy Soldier: Hi all, I can't find the server in the servers list. neither when I connect to server manually says that server times out!
Scream: '^457446fhjkvxjk#twyxd
FOF: shiternet!!!
FOF: I like this :D
Scream: you like what you see :P :D
FOF: I see you :D
Scream: ohh dear, i missed it :):8 ... FOF it next please :P
DingAling: Very last 1 for everyone, enjoy the lyrics ;) :P
DingAling: Last one for those that missed it the last time. :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Great tune. For Ghost :8
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
ghost78: :8
ghost78: :8;):D;):-O:)
W.O.R: Sorry konnte nicht gleich was machen. Server wieder da! :8
Scream: :8
ghost78: ;)
DingAling: :8
Scream: yes sir yes :* xd
Toy Soldier: is the server down?
Toy Soldier: is the server down?
Toy Soldier: is the server down?
ghost78: :D
Scream: :):P
DingAling: For scream :P
Scream: :) xd :8
DingAling: Song for Christmas :8
Scream: :)
Scream: :D;)
FOF: Next level :D Thats why our next gen gonna be listening to :D
FOF: nice song :D
Scream: :D
Scream: do you have a magic lullaby for me :):D
FOF: I don't get the agreement :DD Gringo magic :DD
Scream: :P:)
FOF: shit happens hey
Scream: well done, sir :):8
FOF: FOF it just for you Ice :D
Scream: need two more votes for omaha gogo, thats an order :P;)
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Guys vote Omaha Beach pls ;-) :8
Scream: :D
Scream: fof :D hey, this sounds pretty cool :8
FOF: Not sure who the fof wrote this lyrics must be 3 years old :D
FOF: I like how they put Braveheart and then put pictures of canada or something :DDD
FOF: Last time I went to reggae festival.. Damn ... Cant remember shit :D
Scream: xd :)
DingAling: :8
Scream: for FOF
DingAling: ok Fof just for you :D
Scream: 📻 🔥 FOF me up :D:P
FOF: Dinga ? :D No hard feeling hey :D Nobody listen to what NI has to say :D
DingAling: :8
FOF: FOF you for not liking this :D I dont care :D Sleepy times :D
DingAling: :8
DingAling: For Ghost :) :8
Scream: :)
DingAling: :)
Scream: :)
DingAling: :D
Joker: :8
Joker: Dir auch ! :8
ghost78: Schöne 1 Advent allen !!!
Scream: xd :P
Scream: :)
ghost78: :8
Joker: @LL :)
Joker: 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Joker: @ Joker :D:D:D:D
Joker: @ Ghost :8
Joker: @ DINGI :8
FOF: Nice Scream :D they are killer clowns :D
Scream: :)
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Good music, While i work :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :* What the FOF :D ..only for you :P
FOF: Biggest bullshit in my life time! They landed on Mars haha. Clowns
DingAling: :8
Scream: :)
ghost78: Joker ? :*
ghost78: :8:(
Scream: :):8
Scream: xd :P
ghost78: :P:D
ghost78: :S
ghost78: :D:P:P
DingAling: Good Night :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: For me :) :P
ghost78: :8:D
Scream: For Dinga :)
Joker: @ Dingi ;) :*
Joker: @Ghost :P
Joker: :)
Joker: @ Dingi :D
DingAling: For Joker and Scream, :8
DingAling: It's Almost Christmas, A song for the festive Mohaa season :8
Scream: ..the moment in your childhood when you stop a game, just to enjoy epic music :8 :)
ghost78: ohje 3mal xd :8:D
ghost78: N8 friends xd :D
ghost78: N8 friends xd :D
ghost78: N8 friends xd :D
ghost78: :8
ghost78: hoffe bis bald :D
ghost78: @ Joker
Joker: @@@@@ DINGA :*:8
Joker: MEGA :D:8
Joker: @ Ghost :8
Joker: @ALL :8:-O
Joker: @Dinga :8
Scream: cool thx :)..only for dinga xd :8
DingAling: Just for Scream, :8:8
DingAling: For Vacc the Reggae loving OldFart :8 :8
W.O.R: @Silver thx for message, solved!
Silver: Ban ip -_-
ghost78: @Dinga :D
ghost78: nice Dinga !:)
DingAling: @ Ghost, :8
DingAling: @ Vaccie, You can be my ? :8
Scream: xd :)
Scream: :)
Armpower: :)
Scream: :8
vaccie: ding you oldfart stop telling lies about your music you only listen to reggea :D:D
DingAling: :8:8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: For the Oldies. Including myself. :8 :8:8
DingAling: :D
ghost78: ok i give up DingA :D
DingAling: For Ghost :8 :8
DingAling: Hard Brexit for Ireland? :D
DingAling: :8:8
ghost78: :8
DingAling: My fav Ghost :8
ghost78: my fav :D
ghost78: :8
DingAling: :8
ghost78: for scream the last :P
ghost78: the next song is for WOR xd :D:8:):S
ghost78: to all Jukeboxers :D megamix :P :8
ghost78: :8
ghost78: only for joker xd
ghost78: i see thee all ....:8
ghost78: i hope mutch more :S
DingAling: For Ghost and the Irish :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
ghost78: :8
Scream: for =[OaO]=_RõÇKÝ xd ;)
DingAling: :D
DingAling: JukeBox Is Alive, It's Friday Night. :8
Scream: 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷
Scream: .../jukebox on ;):8
Joker: @ Hirtz your Bann is lifted !!
Hirtz: Okay .. how long will it take ?
Hirtz: what is wrong , @Joker ?
Joker: You stay spellbound until we decide
Joker: Hirtz 0
Hirtz: Guys , how can i be blacklisted and i uploaded my ss once it was taken and Ding checked it ?! ,, can an admin help me ?
Hirtz: Hey all .. someone keeps kicking me out the server right now ?!
Scream: :8
Scream: :) :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :-O :D
ghost78: @W.O.R must umbennen Shotbox in Jukebox :D:8:(
ghost78: :P
ghost78: zufällig hat ein freund eine reportage gemacht :8
ghost78: bald spreng ich die box xd :P
ghost78: absolut neu xd
ghost78: mein favo song is ... :P
ghost78: 23 years old pic in irish pup xd :8:D für alle wo sich schämen !!!
ghost78: last for Dinga :D sorry my daughters grandpa is irish !
ghost78: :*
ghost78: mein lieblings Song !!!
DingAling: Amphe, Oldskool reggae :8
VXp: When the time is right.
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Who can Dance? :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: For Scream :
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Playing for change is good , i hear them a lot! My Favorite
DingAling: @ Amphe ;)
DingAling: For Everyone :8
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Nice!!!
DingAling: For Amphe Enjoy :8:8
DingAling: Bob at his best. :8 War.
DingAling: :8
Scream: für stoney :) :P
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: :D
Scream: nice songs :) ..this is for sir FOF xd :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: @ Dinga THX;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8:8
DingAling: Great music :)
DingAling: @ Joker I will always will remember you for this tune. :8:8
DingAling: The best guitar player in the world. :8
DingAling: @ Ghost and Scream, Sat night In Ireland. :8
DingAling: Yes coco :8
DingAling: @ Scream, I love the KFC bucket :D
cocofun: @Ding, old crossroad but still good. i like the way Robert looks at b.b. king
Scream: :) n1 choice, ty m8..this is for you :8
DingAling: Just for Scream :8 Enjoy the Guitar. :8
DingAling: Just for Ghost :8 :8
Scream: :)
Armpower: Morning good:D
ghost78: 3:30 min ! good Morning :D
ghost78: :8 only for Dinga !
ghost78: :D
DingAling: @ tex just for you m8 :8:8
Scream: :) xd :P
Infantry: @Scream: It's So emotional. :)
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8
Hirtz: Thanks so much admins for your attention ^_^
Scream: :)
Infantry: Listen to James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier (Samuraii Remix) by Yunizon #np on #SoundCloud
DingAling: @ Hirtz your screenshot is clean and you are free to play the server. |Have fun :8
UnnamedSoldier: i think server has some lag, shots are delayed and cant shoot "fast" enough
W.O.R: @Hirtz we will check it, maybe a mistake. For future, we only accept the screenshots uploaded via website, look Link from Joker. But I see you uploaded it and it looks clean.
Joker: @Hirtz: :8
UnnamedSoldier: @Scream: nice link, saved it, thank you @All & Vetus: 🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 are there any Halloween / ghost themed map? 🎃
DingAling: :8
Hirtz: Hello everyone, hope you are totally fine.I uploaded my SS and i'm still blocked as a blacklist and i also sent it to .. anyone can help me ?
Scream: :)
Armpower: :)
Scream: xd :P
Scream: :8
Scream: :) :8
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Battle of the tunes eh?
DingAling: :8
Scream: great songs..who's next? ;)
Scream: :8
DingAling: :8:8
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8 :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :8
DingAling: :8
flash: i play when i want to join not u when u tell me , btw i don't play this game much i play csgo and dead by daylight ,literately im away of this game ,so i join when there are good plebs in server when noobs are i dont join so feel free to enjoy your game.
flash: thanx i was in server already ,i was not banned .
DingAling: @Flash, Your ban has expired, your free to play.
W.O.R: Haben es noch mal getestet, hatte Ping 0 mit mapxpackets 20 und das hatte keinerlei Auswirkung. Scream hatte das gleiche, Ping 0 ohne lags. Keine Ahnung was die Ursache für das lagen war/ist bei Amphe aber ich glaube nicht das es die maxpackets sind.
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Vielen Dank WOR für das schnelle aufklären :)
W.O.R: Sorry für das Kicken, es gab wohl ein Missverständnis bezüglich der MaxPackets. Deshalb noch mal die Info: wir haben keine Begrenzung dafür auf unseren Server. Wäre es uns wichtig dann würden wir es erzwingen.
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: ich hab generell kein Problem damit meine maxpackets etwas zu erhöhen , nur kann ich Sie nicht über 60 stellen , da sonst die Spielgefühl für mich ein komplett anderes ist!
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: ich spiele normalerweise auf 30 aber kann auf 50 hochgehen aber du wirst dann sehen das ich sogar auf Ping 0 komme in dem moment!
ghost78: hab auch ne 100k sogar mehr,also bei mir geht er bei maxpack 10 auch auf fast 0...dann spiel doch mit 50 hast einen mittelwert zumindest...auf jeden laggst du übel !
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: und wenn ich die maxpackets auf 50 stelle habe ich sogar einen 0er Ping!
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: vielleicht liegt das auch an der neuen 100k Leitung die ich habe aber selbst wenn ich maxpackets auf 60 stelle komme ich nicht über Ping 25 und wenn ich noch höher stelle , treff ich nicht mehr da ich schon Jahre so spiele! Mein Bruder Meskalin hat übrigens auch diese Einstellung nur bei dem beeinflusst es nicht den Ping wie bei mir! Wie gesagt vorher hat sich auch nie einer beschwert!
ghost78: nexte popcorn thread ist eröffnet :D
ghost78: bei den anderen KOMA(s) geht es doch auch komischer weise
ghost78: also amphe da muss ich Dinga recht geben ! so hast du nie gelaggt und so ein Ping hattest du auch nie damals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wir kennen uns lange :8
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: I played so since 16 years and when a Admin kick me for this , is this not more a Game i will play, i must learn a new way to play and i want not take this Time! So whats next? I go , because when i play with my maxpackets i got kicked! 16 Years for nothing :'(
DingAling: Amphe, I kicked because when you play with sometimes 18 ping you lag, very bad at times. Regardless how long you have played, You should know better. Your making yourself lag so you can't be hit. Lag wins. Play fair, It's an old game.
Joker: sorry tut mir leid das du deswegen gekickt worden bist !!
DingAling: Amphe, I kicked because when you play with sometimes 18 ping you lag, very bad at times. Regardless how long you have played, You should know better. Your making yourself lag so you can't be hit. Lag wins. Play fair, It's an old game.
Joker: es gibt keine maxpackets Einschränkung aufm vetus server
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: das ironichste daran ist , das DingAling mich nie anders spielen gesehen hat , da ich schon immer so spiele!
Joker: ok !! mach Dir kein Kopf kannst weiter so spielen !!
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: wurde von DingAling gekickt nachdem ich ihm sagte , er könne das mit WOR besprechen und ich schon immer so spiele!
Joker: AmPh wurdest du von ein Admin gekickt oder hat wor die Einstellung geändert ?
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: sry für doppelt senden , bin jetzt aber raus! bye allerseits , war mir eine Ehre mit Euch auf dem Schlachtfeld! :'(
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Ich will nicht aber wenn ich jetzt nach 16 Jahren wegen maxpackets gekickt werde und das obwohl selbst Vetusmember mit low maxpackets spielen und das ganze vor Ewigkeiten mit WOR geklaert werde, was soll ich dann noch spielen? müsste mir ne ganz jneue Spielweise aneignen und dafür hab ich sicher keinen Nerv mehr! Ich spiele seit 16 Jahren so!
Joker: hey Amph was geht warum verabschiedest du Dich ?willst Doch nicht mohaa den Rücken zukehren !
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Bye Vetus , the Years was good !
Joker: :8
Scream: xd
ghost78: :8
flash: well dudes i know its a game ,im not taking it serious but those people did ,i was trolling and like to see their feed back lol ,its ridiculous ,seriously i gave up this game but i come to have some hates cuz most love me lul .
ghost78: Hier wird noch was geboten Amphe ^^ hahaha Joker:D
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Besser als Kino hier ^^*TütePopcornAbstell* :D
FOF: Love this drama queen :D It's just a game. If somebody don't like to play in the server ( any server ) they simple don't play there. Simple :)
Joker: :D
Joker: hahaha Ghost-Flash Gordon NS das kenne ich noch in einer anderen Version :D ist aber nicht Jugend frei ;)
Scream: :8:D
ghost78: :*
Scream: :* xd
ghost78: :8:D
Scream: :-O everyone just calm the fof down pls!!
UnnamedSoldier: i just came for my daily vetus chatbox dose :P *grabs popcorn*
flash: the whole people who is happy cuz i called them noobs and they are noobs i did not insult them its their gametype ,gotsoul is banned for behavior in blacklist till now and i know u change names like 30k and i know it was you hiding like coward behind that name plebbs ,@ABE you always harsh people with EZ and noobs and bla bla bla and you were kicked from amok for your bad behavior ask amphe if you dont know , at last delta the aimbot user which none knows about him just feel free to show you why i despise you people ,at last you ding mocking and make fun of people and call it Irish humor even all knows your irish humor sucks shit ,im still higher than you btw.
gotsoul: +1 for the ban. Flash never offers any kind of fun to the game. He literally complains about everything, he spams the chat and insults almost everyone - all the freaking time. Even my multiple (polite and harsh) attempts to talk some sense into him were answered with irony and aggressiveness. So, again well done with the ban.
Reizung: Omg Flash, just let it be. You are the biggest trouble maker in the whole Mohaa universe. Yesterday, everyvone hated you cause of your shitted behavior and everyone were happy when the admin banned you. So please do us a favour and play where else. THX :8 Greets ABE
ghost78: Hi Sylar du lieber ;) ,ist lange her :)
Delta: @Paddy: well done m8
flash: @dingaling the most man who abusing other banned me lol ,screw yourself dude or jump from bridge u always like lick boots , i dont care about this server anymore it was good before you scum joins ,now its no interesting anymore ,its been filled with noobs like you who mock others and call themself admins cuz they donate server ,but u still noobs in my eyes cuz you are all below our lvls enjoy it .
DingAling: @Flash, It was me. Your also banned for 48 hours.
flash: @WOR you gave idiots some recon man ,they play with it in your server rip this game and rip server .
flash: i asked pebbles where are his parents and i got kicked from the server they should find solve to his state with his 30k fake names .
Scream: ohh cool sylar!! schön dich zu sehen :)
W.O.R: Oh! Servus dich gibt es ja noch :)
Sylar: Servus ihr lieben :)
Scream: :P :8
Scream: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: dwes :8
Joker: fiue :)
Joker: ;)
Scream: super wor :)
W.O.R: Habe etwas angepasst hoffe das der Server jetzt bei Absturz wieder startet.
1: hi (vetus) scream dinga and others this is my link for you i just want some of my friends to know that i will play sometimes in a mohaa server named MR rifle with this ip i hope you don't remove my message my nickname there will be (1) best wishes for you all :)
chief: customise workt :P
AzzKiker: server down:S
Joker: :8
Scream: FOF vacc sake :*xd
vaccie: lol scream what the fof :D:D:D
W.O.R: @FOF i will Test it.
FOF: wtf? FOF online playing ?
Joker: :8
FOF: as a person who enjoys, makes and loves music. This is what i listen to :D 10 minutes of absolutely incredible piece of art.
FOF: no one alright :D
Scream: :8
Scream: xd :D
Armpower: cheater noobs kids:8
FOF: Yes WOR thats what it is :)) Good system. Loged in to the website and everything is fine :)) And No ICE there is only one my friend :)))))
W.O.R: Yes, this show that the gsx works. With your login to the website you send your IP to gsx after that gsx know your IP and only you FOF + IP = allowed
Scream: your not the real fof..thats it!
Scream: what the fof! maybe i've changed your names too many times before? :-O :S
FOF: Im playing with WhatYouGonnaDo? Then change to my real name :D and get kicked cause FOF is protected :D hehehe
Scream: :-O
Joker: :8:-O:'(
Joker: :8
Armpower: Hello admins. what happen with server? day by day it works bad, hard lag. Please restart maybe?
Joker: :8
W.O.R: @FOF you have installed PakRadar?? I have the same Problem with PakRadar. When you hae this Error again "Failed to get server info" try to type in your Console "vid_restart"
FOF: Failed to get server info :((((((
Scream: :8 :P
ghost78: .:8
GodspeedGreece: lueg server ip?
ghost78: :8
DingAling: custom server is online, for those that want to join, download pakradar and Install.
DingAling: no its not :'(
DingAling: custom server is up :P
DingAling: lueg server until its back up and running?
AzzKiker: :S:S
Delta: server off...
Scream: ..does someone play wow? xd
Scream: :8
Joker: :8:8
Scream: :8
Scream: :* xd
VXp: :*
GodspeedGreece: its says error . maxconfigs strings now
AzzKiker: screen freeze at connecting to the server
GodspeedGreece: server down? it says : a reliable command has cycled out or smt like this.
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: ehemaliger Footballkollege mit seiner Band , echt nice ;-)
Scream: haha n1 :D:8
FOF: This is what i seen today :D On the way to work :D
Joker: Azz Play
W.O.R: Support ist informiert, glaube aber weniger das da gleich was gemacht wird :'(. Wenn es wieder passiert werden wir wohl einen Anbieterwechsel machen müssen.
AzzKiker: any news??!!
ghost78: 3 mal :8
ghost78: :8
ghost78: :8
ghost78: :8
AzzKiker: Banned for:blacklist name titoo original name:A[G]B=AzzKikr|xD
DingAling: What doe's it say on your screen azz?
AzzKiker: Hey Guys,, I am banned because of the IP range again,,, can you help?
Dad: Check the text and see who threw the first barb. If you care.
Dad: Best we don't bother with one another until you decide to ban me. Why you are admin, I don't know.
DingAling: @dad ,not only did you accuse players of cheating, you then proceeded to call him a German C**t, that is when i stepped in and asked you to stop with insults. Players have been banned for bad behaviour before. We are all here to play a game, not watch you type insults at other players on the server just because you think they cheat.
Dad: Just a question. If I think someone is cheating and say so, am I to be reprimanded like a child and told by admin that I am insulting someone and had better stop? Is it this kind of petty squabble between two players that admin feels the need to intervene and resolve? It seems a little like the actions of the gestapo to me, hardly worth admin's time and energy. Players on vetus are making accusations all of the time, and admin intervention would be endless if this sort of conduct required it. I'm not sure it does require it. And as for the making of an accusation being characterised as insulting, I would say that it is not insulting if its true. Some of the language levelled at others by players from certain geographic regions, alleging the promiscuity of people's mothers and sisters, is definitely insulting, especially where those good ladies are unknown the the players making the insults. That stuff has no place in the game. But there are cheats and there is a blacklist, and if a player thinks another is cheating, comment, it seems to me, is legitimate. And if I have, or ever do, make an unfounded accusation, I apologise unreservedly.
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: :8
ghost78: :)
FOF: to my keyboard ;(
ghost78: :8
FOF: Well... Spilled glass of milk on my keyboard . R.I.P ;(
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
ghost78: Download pakradar
GodspeedGreece: a link to download custom maps so i can play at custom server?
FemmeFatale: Danke, Wor! :D
W.O.R: @Femme, danke für die Info! Wellcome back! ;)
Joker: \m/:8
Tex: please who unbanned snow white from server - started team bashing me again please ban his ass
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
FemmeFatale: \m/
FemmeFatale: :8
FemmeFatale: ns one FOFl :D
DingAling: As FoF loves me:( I have to play you a tune. Happy dancing :8
FOF: Song For lovely Dinga . I love you too :8
FOF: I Call Fatale Savage :D So here is my remix for you :D Enjoy !
Scream: oh cocco n1 gute wahl..dingam8 amazing like always :)
cocofun: my music
DingAling: My music :8
W.O.R: Welcome FOF, happy to see that all has work :)
Scream: dont worry every kind of music is welcome here :D.sounds relaxed..good work :8
FOF: Some of my music :D enjoy its not a metal tho :DD
Scream: FOOF :D.. hi and welcome m8
FOF: Hihi :))at last I'm in :D Thanks to W.O.R !
ghost78: ghost gefällt sogar mir :8
ghost78: :D
ghost78: :8
W.O.R: Habe mal etwas eingestellt, hoffe das der Server jetzt immer von selbst neu startet bei Problemen.
ghost78: Custom geht !
Reizung: Beide Server down (?) : (
Armpower: server down
Joker: :8
Joker: Sorry Antsh have fun on the Vetus server
Antsh: Joker SS'd me yesterday and I uploaded the screenshot within 2 minutes. Then I joined the game, he asked me if I sent them, I said yes, and he proceeded to ban me anyways and continue on with his game and chat. Can someone fix his mistake please? Thank you.
Joker: aber alte Männer sind wie alter wein je älter und so besser ;);););)
Joker: ich bin soooo alt :'(:'(
Joker: das war damals mein liebes Lied !! :8
Joker: lol codo !! was waren das noch Zeiten neue deutsche welle !!:8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
ghost78: .......
Scream: m8 thats incredible :S:8
DingAling: :8
Scream: xd
Scream: :8 :)
flash: hi vetus ,i tried to join server and im banned by ip range and the name is biesso orignal nam that wat server shows .i have not joined since 2 months and my last time was 4 days ago with my orignal name .
Scream: :8
Scream: :8
Joker: sehr alt !!! LOLn:8
Joker: heute bin ich ????;)
Joker: ich liebe AcDc seid ich 16 bin :8
Joker: ich liebe :8
Joker: ok !!! :8
FemmeFatale: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: wooohooo:8
FemmeFatale: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: oh ja ns :8
Joker: :8
Joker: ;)
FemmeFatale: \m/ :8;)
Joker: :8
Joker: verhängnisvolle Frau!! bitte noch ein :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Dad: Thanks, Unnamed Soldier
MoMoo: There is a problem for me and my brother when entering the server where each of us owns a special device but the same IP because we have only one router and we can not access the server is there a solution to the problem ?? banned for blacklist original name !!!!!!!
UnnamedSoldier: @Chief, Pakradar works for me on Windows 10
UnnamedSoldier: Dad, there are only a few players on the custom server, most of the players usually play on the normal server. and yes there are some maps on the custom server which isn't "war themed" but these can still be fun, and at least half of the maps are still "war themed". currently the map is "dm/CentralEurope", i'm going to check it out now
W.O.R: heve restartet it
Dad: If this is the new vetus, you can keep it and I will find a new place to play.
chief: Pakradar dont workt with windows 10
Armpower: Hello, what happen with server?
Joker: :8
Dad: Where is normal vetus? Just tried custom map for the first time. disco. pathetic. who on earth had that idea? Is normal vetus finished now and been replaced by nonsense?
PatXuKa On Dope: It still does not work, it continues as before
PatXuKa On Dope: Thx Dinga , lest gooo! :P:P:P
DingAling: Custom Server is Open for Dancing :8
DingAling: Server Needs A restart :)
Silver: server have problem with stay in server
Scream: xd :8
ghost78: endlich ein Opfer gefunden :D
cocofun: du armer Kerl, ich spiel custom mit dir:S
ghost78: I wait and nobody wants to play costum :S
W.O.R: I have do it first too like Unnamedsoldier but im find out that it works with the vid_restart command better for me. But both ways work :8
UnnamedSoldier: i have the same problem, press ctrl+alt+del, then go back to the game and it loads in. or try simply connecting from in-game with console command: "connect" (or there is a program which lists the servers in the game multiplayer lobby)
W.O.R: I have all the time the same problem but dont know why. My problem comes from pakradar but cant find the reason. My solution, type the command "vid_restart" in your console maybe you have the same problem.
Tex: am getting failed to get server info when trying to connect - any ideas please??
UnnamedSoldier: left shift and left ctrl is not working for me on custom server (left shift = lean left, left ctrl = crouch)
ghost78: die cheats funktionieren nicht vielleicht aufm custom :8
UnnamedSoldier: good to see people playing on CUSTOM MAP server, download this tool (pakradar), so you can join the server and it automatically downloads the maps for you, link:
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: ich bin bereit ich bin bereit :D
Scream: :) :)
W.O.R: So geht gleich los :) auch wenn keiner mehr kommt :D
W.O.R: Custom Server ist noch Online ;)
W.O.R: :'( schlecht kann leider nichts machen bin bei der Arbeit. Erst gegen 0Uhr :S
DingAling: Server just crashed.
Scream: Super wor :)
W.O.R: Both servers online again :)
1: @WOR and this time i don't care about the ban because i did my best to help you to keep this game clean . i almost already retired this game in the last 2 monthes before the ban anyway i don't need to explain or try to proof that i was always clean in this game also i will never ask you to remove the ban because i don't deserve it and i don't care about it but will lose 50% of the players after my ban..anyway thanks you for letting me kill all the players and make some tricks in this game and the good times anyway it is the gold year of me and i already was going to retired this game these days even without the ban anyway... bye mohaa
twis: In a problem I have the server did not enter
Malone: hello there
Joker: :8
Joker: gute nacht m8 :8
ghost78: Gute Nacht Freunde x*:8
ghost78: :)
Scream: :D
Joker: :8
Scream: ;) :8
Joker: :D
Joker: :8
Joker: hab alle teile auf platte :D Nightmare ns:8
ghost78: :8
Scream: :P :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: geiles Lied upps sorry:D
Scream: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
ghost78: :8
Scream: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
W.O.R: Pog Arena, fand ich schön Hell, übersichtlich ect. aber ich bin nicht oft da weshalb ich es euch einfach glaube das es da Langweilig ist ;) Bei MIR hingegen würde ich sofort umschalten das ist mir zu viel Labyrinth, mag ich gar nicht. Da Central Europa kein OBJ ist könnte man CTF oder DEM daraus machen. Patrouille2 und Aquaduct können auch von meiner Seite aus raus. Habe von Scream eine Wunschliste bekommen werde schauen das ich davon nach und nach ein paar ein/ersetze.
FemmeFatale: Ich finde Aquaduct und Pog Arena langweilig. Bei Central Europe bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher, ob diese besser wäre, wenn´s ne Aufgabe hätte. La Patrouille2 ist einigen zu hell. MIR finde ich persönlich SUUUPER, doch leider nichts für 2-4 spieler ...
W.O.R: Sonst noch Fehler in anderen Maps aufgefallen? Oder sind Maps dabei die Langweilig sind?
W.O.R: Ja, denke auch erst reparieren und dann wieder online stellen. Werde es heute noch raus nehmen.
cocofun: custom server bitte eine map weiter, hä sollte die map rausnehmen.
ghost78: :P
Scream: good choice m8 :-O :8
DingAling: :8
Scream: •♥•
TheBesT: server is down........need to restart
FemmeFatale: "Gut gemacht, Jungs!" ;)
DingAling: Server is back :D
DingAling: lueg server anyone?
W.O.R: Werde morgen mal mit dem Support telefonieren, sollte es weiter so gehen, da nicht das erste mal werden wir den Hoster wechseln.
W.O.R: Hey Leute unsere Webseite (SSL/https) macht probleme. Sa unser Server auch mit der Seite Verbunden ist kommt man auch aus diesem Grund nicht drauf. Versuche es in Ordnung zu bringen aber im Moment sind alle Versuche ohne Erfolg.
Dad: Hey ho, Guys, where's the game?
Tex: just a note pls check any player called Banjo simic - clear wh just been against him on KLM whilst server down
Tex: just a note pls check any player called Banjo simic - clear wh just been against him on KLM whilst server down
Delta: restart the server please, can't join for technical difficulties
ghost78: :D
GodspeedGreece: i cant join sustom server cause of this map? any link to download it?
W.O.R: does not work properly, and I do not know if I will find the Problem :S is funy map but you can not win, the points are not calculated correctly. it is always undecided
GodspeedGreece: why stronghold is not at custom maps pak?
GodspeedGreece: Nice song i will dig it ! I like ppl who love Pr0g :D
FemmeFatale: \m/
FemmeFatale: Danke, Wor! :)
W.O.R: @FemmeFatale und Krasta, Nachricht bekommen und Herzlich willkommen zurück auf der Seite :)
W.O.R: I can only work with what I have at info. So the IP address with which you are on the page. The last time were other addresses than today. Those of today were banned with IP range. I corrected it, it should work now.
Strowman: i have same problem like D3MO please wor check this problem
D3M0: maybe its just ip range ban ? someone else in my area or something like that
D3M0: i havnt been in here in years !
D3M0: it says now am banned i donno what the problem is WOR
DingAling: Ok. I have the revival version and I didn't have to rename anything. Have updated video drivers and checked you the right directx installed?
Dad: yes, ding. and the last time I didi, I learned that I had to rename a particular file as exe. I can't remember the details though.
DingAling: @dad did you download the mohaa revival version ?
Dad: Hi Again, Helpful Vetus. Can you help me? I've had to download MOHAA again and did so my mymohaa. I did the first zip file. All good. I can only open the games under AA but not BT. Isn't there a renaming of a file I must do, or some other trick? The black console begins to open, but then it disappears. Appreciate any help. Thanks
Scream: xd
W.O.R: @D3M0 your ip is not banned, no understand what your problem is. I mean the IP you were on this page.
W.O.R: @Strowman dont understand your problem? check pls your PrivatMessage from 13.06.2018
FemmeFatale: Gähnene Leere heute abend ... :D
Scream: :8
ghost78: einmal zurück und noch mal hier ^^ :):P
ghost78: :D
W.O.R: @Strowman and D3M0 i will Check tomorow what the Problem is with the ban.
Dad: thanks fellas, i'll look at those ideas.
Tex: @dad - did u change the in game resolution to be higher - if you put that message into google there are several answers like using directx 9 with a new version of opengl.dll - I had to this when I installed win 8.1 pro I say bring back Win XP it was the best :-):D
DingAling: @dad. have you tried updating your video card to the latest drivers?
D3M0: why am banned ! it says my ip is banned ! and i never cheat
Dad: Can anyone help? When I try to open MOH, at the bottom of the bottom of the small black console, I get a red error message which reads: GLW_startopenGL () could not open StartGL subsystem
Strowman: admins please i left the game about 2 months because of banned gletch problem this msg "banned for wh name rbg" ?! i told this problem before but nothing happened :S
W.O.R: main folder is the right folder for the maps.
GodspeedGreece: *dont open main folder just paste them at MOHHA folder
GodspeedGreece: copy the maps and right click to mohha icon>properties>open file location>main>paste
DingAling: Or drag them over.
DingAling: @dad, copy and paste them into your mohaa,main folder in c/drive
Dad: Ok, fellas, looks like I've done it. thanks for your help.
Dad: Tex, WOR and DING, thanks for the advise. I've downloaded 15 maps. How do I get them into my MOHAA main folder?
GodspeedGreece: Can u unban nightman from server&forum , he tries to download the maps and site block him , thx !
NIGHT_MAN: can u plz unban my ip ?!!
NIGHT_MAN: can u plz unban my ip ?!!
Scream: :-O xd
deke: femme,,,you need help ! lol:S
W.O.R: Or the easy way. Download Pakradar install it, ready to play. Connect to the server, all maps will download automatically :8
Dad: Thanks, Tex.
NIGHT_MAN: server is offline ?
Tex: Dad - u need to download the maps from top of site and put them in your main folder then join same ip but with :12204 at end or search in game servers
Tex: Dad - u need to download the maps from top of site and put them in your main folder then join same ip but with :12204 at end or search in game servers
Dad: Hi, How do I play on the Custom Server? Thanks.
W.O.R: was meinst du?
cocofun: one map still exspects some numbers to be pushed
AzzKiker: ThnX wor, problem has been solved 💃🏻
NIGHT_MAN: hi guys,i have problem that my ip is banned for no reason i think might be ban range ,could unban my ip ?
W.O.R: The IP range from your current IP was banned (tito) have remove this Range. Try again, hope this was the reason.
AzzKiker: sent it to you in private message m8
DingAling: Is there there a message azz to say why banned? whats the ip etc
AzzKiker: I tried to connect again, but found my self banned😭
GodspeedGreece: lol u play at server before one hour mate
AzzKiker: hi Guys, my IP BANNED,, Can someone help please?
twis: PR_Public_Beta PakRader moha uk It's not a problem here works well :)
twis: PakRadarInstaller cdx .There is an error in this image :(
W.O.R: @Reizung .... hast kaputt gemacht ;)
Scream: 1:44 reaktion wenn server down ist xd :D ..bestimmt gleich wieder on,bisschen geduld :8
Reizung: Klasse, da will man das erste mal nach einer Woche wieder zocken und der Server stürzt nach 3 min ab :S Hiillffeeeee:)
GodspeedGreece: server down
ghost78: :D doppelt
Scream: :-O :) :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8:8
GodspeedGreece: Aiz3n goes under the map right now at algiers
DingAling: @dad, get the maps here download them all and put the files in main folder of mohaa then join the server with the ip
DingAling: :8
Dad: Hi, How do I log on to the custom server?
DingAling: :8
Scream: :)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
W.O.R: Maybe IP Range or a other reason. Why you speak for Kaboos he have a Account here and can give me more Infos is not easy to help with out any Info like IP for example.
GodspeedGreece: Kaboos cant join server cause ip ban range , can u fix it?
W.O.R: Echt seltsam je mehr ich mache um so mehr wird es, es hört nicht auf :S ich glaube einfach das ist das Spiel, sobald ich was anfange will ich gleich zogen um nicht einzuschlafen und dann danach will ich auch nicht ;) so dauert es immer ewig bis ich was fertig kriege :P
Reizung: WOR war wieder fleißig ;) Cool, jetzt ist auch die Custom Server Info auf der HP
Scream: :-O:)
ghost78: 3 times
Scream: igen
UnnamedSoldier: sorry for not english/german message
UnnamedSoldier: @Scream magyar vagy? és Tomi?
Scream: super!! :)
merowinger: Gute Songs, aber eine Hymne fehlt hier noch:
ghost78: coco vermiss dich aufm costum,!!!!
ghost78: jungen hüpfer ? welchen schlqg hast du denn ? :8
ghost78: hahhahaa coco :*
cocofun: ich sehe, die jungen Hüpfer hier mögen good old music. Da mach ich mal mit, hab da ne tolle Version gefunden
ghost78: fuer Dinga :D .... ...........
ghost78: new music ;)
W.O.R: You will find all Maps under Downloads
GodspeedGreece: oh i see god job on the site
GodspeedGreece: oh i see god job on the site
MohaMMed: can u link all custom maps in one link ?
ghost78: der wird manch mal ausm Turm befreit :D
Reizung: Wer ist denn eigentlich Vetus - Rapunzel? : D
Scream: this sounds unique..n1 choice dingam8 thx :)
DingAling: :8
Scream: ohh wow tomi you insult me? for "no reason" :D? well thats the only thing what retarded dumb people like you can do. you cant accept the truth, why not? are those the only one vocabulars you know in english? im sure your english is worse,like your useless character too :D. why should we talk in english "for you", i bet even in english you use google translator,so we can speak in german too whatever we want , it doesnt matter. and THIS is a german side and server, you just dont get it with your small brain right? ah why i explain, you fool even dont understand me :D please do me a favour and dont waste my time, go burry yourself thanks.
Joker: @ Dinga Thank you for such beautiful & wonderful music Amazing :8
Joker: ich finde das es zu weit geht sich von irgend welchen Klein geistigen User (tomi ) beleidigen zu lassen !! wird zeit ihn seine grenzen aufzuzeigen !
tomi: Scream go fuck yourself u fagot
DingAling: :8
Scream: tomi menj a picsába te tökfej :P ;) ..are you retarded for no reason? please keep silence man...
tomi: Well its internation server,thats why u could speak english
DingAling: Thank you |Sir :D
Scream: on again
DingAling: server is down
Silver: yo scream :8
Scream: wb silver
Silver: Thx @joker
Joker: Hello Silver m8
Joker: @ tomi learn German !!:8 :P
Silver: Long Time ., Imiss to all realy :'(
tomi: Why dont u speak english...
W.O.R: Ja das war ich :S mache es sobald ich Zuhause bin. Ich manche in letzter Zeit mehr Kaputt als ich repariere ;)
Joker: :D:8
ghost78: :8:D
ghost78: zweiter map ?
ghost78: zweiter map ?
cocofun: Problem mit zweiter map, erwartet Eingabe für color oder Farbe, funktioniert nicht.
Joker: vetus server
ghost78: wo bist du ? :8
Joker: @78 wo bist Du
ghost78: meinte aufm server :8:D
Joker: oh andere Server !! ok !!
ghost78: Joker wo bist ? bin ganze Zeit da und keiner erscheint ^^
Joker: bitte bin schon lange hier :8
ghost78: Joker wo bist ? bin ganze Zeit da und keiner erscheint ^^
Joker: :8
Joker: :-O:-O:-O:8
Joker: hab sie eh alle :P
Joker: ich lade sie mir Einzelt runter !!!!
cocofun: pakradar funktioniert gut. Aber wenn ich den server erneut betrete, kopiert er jedes mal die runtergeladenen Dateien. Wohin hat er die vorher runtergeladen, das er sie jedes mal kopieren muss?
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
W.O.R: Ich stelle es heute Abend rein, auch wenn es meiner Meinung nach noch zu früh ist. Aber so wie ich mich kenne dauert es bei mir immer ewig deshalb legen wir mit halb fertig los :)
ghost78: Die gleiche IP wie vom normalen Server bloß anderer Port :12204
Reizung: Ist denn die IP des Custom Servers noch die gleiche? Denn wir finden den Server auch nicht mehr.
W.O.R: Ja da hast du schon Recht. Der Grund dafür ist das mit dem Pakradar zwar die Maps runter geladen werden aber es dann Soundprobleme gibt. Das Problem würde ich erst gerne lösen dann war es geplant alles öffentlich zu stellen. Natürlich wird man alle Maps die auf dem Server sind auch separat downloaden können das ist schon soweit gemacht aber wir setzen in erster Linie auf Pakradar weil wenn es mal funktioniert es für alle der einfachste Weg ist. Pakradar gibt es auch hier auf der Vetus Seite zum Downloaden Falls es noch jemand nicht hat und nicht kennt. Ist übrigens auch von Vatec6000 und ich kann es nur empfehlen.
cocofun: Ich finde nie jemanden auf dem custom server. Vielleicht weil die IP nirgends steht oder weil viele den map downloader nicht haben und es die maps nicht als download gibt.
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
W.O.R: any error message?
specialangel: Now, I get kicked every time I joins the server. Anyone has explanation ?:D
DingAling: Server is down.
Scream: S
tomi: Hello guy,but we dont
Malone: hello there , miss u guys
App: Ding, last video is blocked in my country lol
Appelpitje: New screenshots added to the frontpage!
chief: server with customise maps its not working anymore?:D
DingAling: :8:8:8
DingAling: :8:8:8
ghost78: infantry for you :D
ghost78: gold is not old ^^
Infantry: Old is gold 》
ghost78: :8
ghost78: was mit Custom W.O.R . ist schon länger aus :8:D
W.O.R: Server is online again. Thanks Vatec for Info!
tomi: Lox aka ymcmb aka tomi aka cant speak english :S:8
tomi: Haaaahaha omg,i was drunk god damn it:D it is better for me,that i m quiet:8
tomi: Haaaahaha omg,i was drunk god damn it:D it is better for me,that i m quiet:8
W.O.R: Yes! :8 better than english.
Scream: lol tomi please don't make me did not say that :D...people like you even dont know how to spell respect so please....
Armpower: omg WOR you can speack in russian language?:*:*:*
W.O.R: Но если хочешь можешь писать на любом языке в наше время всё можно легко перевести и как нибудь да понять ;)
W.O.R: Hey look the Domain end *******.de de=Germany Main language is German on this Website
tomi: Its internation server,so why u could write in english here,its very dissrespectfull :*
Darky: hi WOR,danke für die antwort,war leider mit arbeit unterwegs.Aber mir ist es egal ob ich gebannt bin,oder nicht,dann wenigstens wegen beleidigung,aber nicht wegen keine SS. danke gruss darky
Darky: lalalala
Joker: @ Foxy no problem !!
chief: custom ,maps server dont wotky?
UnnamedSoldier: thank you very much and sorry Joker if i was rude with any of my comments during this
W.O.R: @foxy we cant find the reason for your ban and Mero was over two weeks not here. We have remove your ban.
W.O.R: Schön das vorbei kommst, das sieht man gerne :)
GHOST: Wollte mal Hallo sagen und alles Gute zum 10 jährigen Bestehen!!!!:)
Reizung: Ach was ich eigentlich schreiben wollte : D Habt ihr den Custom-Map-Server wieder rutnergenommen? Komme nämlich gar nicht mehr drauf : (
Reizung: Foxy ist (aus meiner Sicht) sein sehr, sehr guter MOH-Rifle Spieler. Sogar einer der Besten, die es überhaupt gibt. Auch er ist schon seit so vielen Jahren dabei. Ich möchte mich da zwischen euch nicht einmischen, hoffe aber sehr dass ihr zu einer Lösung kommt. Es wäre schon eine kleine Tragödie, wenn Vetus, blos wegen einem Missverständnis, solch einen erfahrenen MOH Spieler vom Server verbannen würde. Habe immer gerne mit Foxy zusammen (oder gegen ihn) gezockt :) Greets ABE
UnnamedSoldier: @WOR take your time and thank you
W.O.R: @Foxy thanks for your patience, the thing is running we have to clear it up with Mero, this is hes ban. We need some time.
UnnamedSoldier: i could join the server now. i respect your decision, i won't play until you can say i can, i just wanted to let you know that the server allowed me to join 1 minutes ago.
UnnamedSoldier: @Joker i have played on the server a little between this two incident. i even played for half a day right after i uploaded the SS. i have never done anything with my IP in my life. you and everybody else can see the SS now. its posted in my previous message. what is not clean on it?
Joker: @ Fox warum verstehst du das nicht Du wurdest von einen Vetus Admin gesperrt !! weil deine ss nicht in Ordnung waren !! seid diesen tag hast du nicht mehr auf dem Vetus server gespielt !jetzt hast Du eine neue geänderte IP ! darauf hin habe ich dich erneut gesperrt !! bis das geklärt ist mit dem Admin der dich verboten hat bleibt das auch so !
tomi: Does any1 know wheres horle or zee r :'(
UnnamedSoldier: no, i simply cannot upload it to your site. it says every time that is shown in the video. maybe it did the same when i uploaded it back then, but Joker didnt tell me that i did not uploaded it, he said it wasnt clean, so this uploading tool must have worked backed then. still heres the link to the picture since i cant upload it here
UnnamedSoldier: i tried to upload, this time it says "Invalid file name".. i will try again somehow. i recorded it, and will never play or do anything again without recording. i simply cant defend myself otherwise. heres the link for the video:
UnnamedSoldier: WOR, im Foxy, just to be clear, i never said that Joker is after me, i never got kicked before. i instantly uploaded the screenshot when i got ss-ed 1-2 months before and went back to server right after that. there was no problem with it since. yesterday i had a good killing streak and suddenly that 1-2 old months old ss was the reason for ban. but of course i will upload it again now, both with your tool on this site and with a different site with a link so others can watch it too
AzzKiker: Hey Guys!!! Miss you all xD, i see in shoutbox that you are playing in customs maps, is it in a different server or same server?, and where can i get these Maps? , can someone volunteer and explain to me :D
Infantry: Let me share with you all my friends this MOH SH single-player campaign called "DAS ENDE". It has beautiful and enjoyable single missions for sh. enjoy :). Link>
W.O.R: "who checked the SS that i uploaded? " all vetus member can see your SS, why not sent? Each time it says joker is bad he kicks or bans me, but why it always come to that, just send the screenshots in time and there are no problems for all. You think Joker have fun to run after you or other all the time. If you have the Screens then please send it to tomorrow, if not then we have a problem.
UnnamedSoldier: umm okay, how do i do that? who checked the SS that i uploaded? WOR, Mero, could you take a look at it? (by the way the players on the server say that im not a cheater for a reason)
Joker: Pls kindly clarify that with Wor or Mero THX
UnnamedSoldier: what? i was never banned, never did anything with my IP
Joker: You were already bans! Changed your IP
UnnamedSoldier: yepp, i still have that screenshot, its still clean..
UnnamedSoldier: ?? is this a joke? it was months ago, i uploaded instantly and went back to play the game. and now after 1-2 months, i have a good killing streak and you say you ban me because of clean screenshots that taken 1-2 months before? thats not how it works... you can tell me to not play with pistolts, you are an admin, but banning me because i annoyed you or 1-2 more players with pistol kills.. this is just not the right mindset
Joker: The SS were made some time ago by a Vetus admin and the ones were not clean
UnnamedSoldier: what SS? you didnt asked for ss or anything. im the kind of player that provides ss or even mobile recordings of my gameplay instantly if anyone asks, those cant be edited in any way
Joker: @FOXY you're locked !! Cheating, SS not clean
UnnamedSoldier: okay, so i just checked, i got banned this time, not just kick. but why? i rejoined after the kick, asked "whats the problem?" noone answered, whoever was the admin that did this should give me a hint at least for what reason i got banned
UnnamedSoldier: why do i get kicked? if no pistol play allowed SAY IT admin, otherwise i dont know whats the problem with me and i wont be able to solve the problem
Scream: awesome m8 :)
DingAling: @Scream :8
Infantry: @ W.O.R: Kindly please take this map "WEIHNACHTS DORF - NAVIDAD 1936 (SH)" into your consideration. I bit it will be the best!>
W.O.R: Am Sonntag werde ich neue Maps dazu tun und ein paar schlechte entfernen.
W.O.R: Ich schreibe mal Deutsch da das übersetzten zu lange dauert. Wir haben noch kein offiziellen Download weil wir uns noch nicht entschieden haben welche Maps uns gefallen. Das was gerade auf dem Server läuft ist einer von vielen MAP-Packs vom HC-Clan. Ich werde jede Woche ein paar Maps dazu geben und ein paar schlechte entfernen bis wir 10 gute haben. Dann gibt es auch ein Downlaod Pack mit allen 10 Maos in einer pk3-Datei. Bis dahin empfehle ich Packradar von VATEC6000 damit sollte es automatisch funktionieren. Der Custom Server war eigentlich nur zum testen gedacht, aber weil die Nachfrage so groß ist können wir den auch dauerhaft betreiben, es wird sich zeigen.
Infantry: I don't know why this map "WEIHNACHTS DORF - NAVIDAD 1936 (SH)" can't be downloaded from database. Anyway, there's alternative link for this awesome christmas map which remember me of verschneit map.. > :)
Infantry: Please Vetus add this map to Custom Maps Server>
Infantry: A Slideshow for some custom maps (#Copid_Link).. Have Fun:
chief: i hoop that workt
chief: I have customise maps. i have also dropbox and i putted the maps into dropbox. But i need a mail to send the link
twis: tkhanks WoR VATEC6000 map custom all Make this game not die :)
Infantry: @Vetus: kindly please upload the custom maps pack on website (downloads/maps/custom maps). And also link the new server with gametracker so that we can open and see who is on at the server! :)
ghost78: Server/ServerMaps/VM_C ustommappack1.pk3 Put the Pk.3 into your main folder..... server ip:
Infantry: Here is the link @ chief:
chief: Not Found The requested URL / Server/ServerMaps/VM_C ustommappack1.pk3 was not found on this server.:-O
W.O.R: Hey Twis this is PakRadar from VATEC6000 and you can downolad it here is the that's the original page and it's the latest version. Here is the new Video how it work.
twis: look at this Screanshot Here
twis: If everyone does not have any map castom This tool Auto Download from Here
Birke: Im BauM ;)
cocofun: funny playing custom maps. some good, some not. must play it for a while to decide better.
GodspeedGreece: i talk for overall playing at server. i am not here to record players. u are out of subject. who are you btw?
Birke: to be honest i dont know what youre talking about... maybe he heard you before?There are so many ways to spot an enemy in this game (steps, reloading, melting, disappeared teammates on the compass when they die, always the same respawn spots) ... dont know why everone who makes a strange kill or shot should be a cheater?! If every player who spot the enemy not only with the eyes gets a ban it would be very boring and lonely on the server. :8
GodspeedGreece: Sony aka santos the cheater do his prefire at this video.
ghost78: Put the Pk.3 into your main folder.
ghost78: Test it :8
GodspeedGreece: kimo tk all now. change teams to tk rest.
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: und es hat alles geklappt , 95k download und 40k Upload stehen mir jetzt zur Verfügung :P
Birke: Mutig von dir zu glauben, dass alles bei einem Telekom-Techniker alles reibungslos ablaufen wird. ^^ :P
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Ich will wieder daddeln, mache 3 Kreuze wenn der Telekom-Fuzzi heute endlich die Leitung klar macht! Heute Abend kann ich dann wieder das allabendliche töten ausüben mit ner 100k Leitung muahaha :8!
DingAling: ;) ty
W.O.R: Einloggen geht wieder war meine Schuld :-O
tomi: Against u,i can go with stick :D
AzzKiker: Hey Guys, ,I will be off till next Monday,Train well till i come back xD
cocofun: ba stalingrad is good choice too. Train to hell sucks i think.
deke: hallo, WOR, and vetus, i noticed in your download section were custom maps,,why not put them on the rota,,cracking maps,,but ba stalingrad would be brilliant to play freezetag :D
Scream: oo :-O dingam8 n1. great choice, i always loved their songs :)
Scream: ... :D dann lieber das
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: :D
Reizung: Könnte man nicht auch noch zusätzlich die Breakthrough Maps mit reinnehmen?
W.O.R: St. Lo und St. Renan, ok schaue ich mir mal an.
cocofun: St. Lo und St. Renan sind ja bekannt. Wäre mal ein Anfang.
W.O.R: @ghost naja erst müssen wir einen Download anbieten. Welche MAPs sollen es sein, vielleicht erst ein paar aussuchen?
W.O.R: Hey Famme das ist ein sehr berühmtes Lied in Russland davon gibt es sehr viele verscheiden Versionen mein Favorit ist das hier aber ist schon sehr alt und lange her. Ist mir jetzt eingefallen als ich das gesehen habe, danke für das erinnern. :)
ghost78: Woe sieht's mal aus, mit einer costum Map ? :8:S
W.O.R: @GodspeedGreece this is The Revival
Mido: here is a link to mohaa war chest:
GodspeedGreece: Where to download mohaa? please stick a link
Scream: xd :)
DingAling: Thank you ABE ;)
Reizung: Cooooll, congrats KingDing for your promotion :8 :) But pls dont ban me if i want to bash you ; ) Greets ABE
Scream: :-O
Joker: :8
Malone: Sucker For Pain femmeeeeee :D:D
Malone: Sucker For Pain femmeeeeee :D:D
Malone: Sucker For Pain femmeeeeee :D:D
Scream: :) :)
W.O.R: hey was geht ab :D ... ich schau mal was da los ist geht gleich weiter :)
Scream: yes there are some technical will work soon again..
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Ich kumm ah nidd druff! :S
chief: server must restart?:S
Tex: not able to join server ???
Malone: Hello there :8
AzzKiker: another error ,when i connect, it stop at the screen of "Connecting to the server", i waited for 15 minutes and nothing happen, do you know the problem? i tried joining other servers and it works perfectly. but in vetus , doesn't ,, WHY?
AzzKiker: hey Guys, there an error occured, i disconnected from the server but my name is still inside the server, i get trouble joining the server again, can you please kick it? ThnQ
1: @dinga i already said croatia will go to the semi final atleast before the world cup starts :P and i always said they deserve atleast one world cup because they play the most beautiful foot ball in europe
DingAling: breaking news to all England fan's, It's not coming home Muaaaahaaa, We'll done Croatia :D
Infantry: Thnx W.O.R
W.O.R: Online again! :8
ghost78: yes :8
Infantry: Server Down! :(
DingAling: Thank you afro ;)
1: yeah congrats dinga :) it is the first time to see a player changes to better after administrator rights i see you relaxed and rational but you should train your rcon atleast for a warning kicks when some one makes a problem..and i think you know my opinion about you if you remember i am the only one who always called you the future admin of vetus 1 year ago..good luck
DingAling: Thank you Silver ;)
Silver: Congrats , @DingAling
DingAling: Thank you Rej ;)
DingAling: Thank you Infantry ;)
rej: Congrats ding!
Infantry: Congrats@ DingAling!:)
Scream: :)
MohaMMed: ur first ban for me ! KING TOty !
tomi: It was a joke m8
W.O.R: @tomi Stop provoking, you have been banished for a long time for such reason and I do not want to do it again
DingAling: Thank you Arm m8 :)
Armpower: Congrats DindAling for join vetus clan:)God luck;)
Scream: :)
Joker: :8
UnnamedSoldier: with good bass
Infantry: Nice one Scream. Love it! Calm and enthusiastic.
Scream: oo great choice, goosebumps pure.. love it :-O!..this is one of my fav. ..
Infantry: Who love Violin? >
ghost78: :D
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: :P
Scream: :) :)
ghost78: :8
Scream: aber mal was gutes :P
Scream: :-O :( .. :D
FemmeFatale: :D
ghost78: Geisterbeat..
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Stimmunggggg
Scream: yes its incredible amazing :-O
Joker: @Dinga yes is wonderful music
W.O.R: Ok Server on agian
Infantry: Server Down!
DingAling: @Joker, that's a great tune, never heard it before.:8
AzzKiker: Who is on to play xD?:8
W.O.R: I do not understand what you wanted to say with the sentence, but I think it does not matter. And before it comes to provocations is the best way in my eyes to banish you from the webside too.
dest: @wor Do not own any personal mohaa for kids :P
Scream: ;)
Scream: !!! .. Wollt ich vorhin auch schreiben...Weg mit dem Dreck...
W.O.R: Nobody miss Cheaters
1: i think we will miss you too after this message :D
dest: Missed u noobs
Scream: jap, amazing triffts ganz gut :8 :)
tomi: And hows fusbal going:D:D
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: mal was für die Stimmung
Scream: :-O
W.O.R: :S
Scream: fantastatische lied ghost, hab ich auch gehört vor paar tagen:8 ..aber ein cover
Scream: super AmPh3! :)
tomi: Hyper m8 ?
W.O.R: so in etwa, immer dieses... oh es war mir nicht klar und es war schon immer so! Ich werde da jetzt ein großzügigen IP-Bereich einrichten. Mal sehen was es bringt aber der Typ muss jetzt weg.
Joker: ich mach mir mal die Wände weg ist das auch ein cheat ?:D
-=Hyp3R=-: i sent my ss as a farouk... i do write the seta config fo no fog as all see if admins consider it as cheat tell me to remove it thx all
W.O.R: Yes was offline, but i was here :8
Armpower: server down?
Armpower: whats wrong?
Scream: @unnamedsoldier your right lol, never noticed it xD :D
Joker: :8:D
UnnamedSoldier: lol by hungarian player, his name means rat in hungarian :)
Armpower: LooooooooooL nice one Screamy:D:D:D:D
Scream: @powerm8 especially for you :) xd
W.O.R: Server online again :)
DingAling: I'm in lueg server if any one wants play.
DingAling: Server just crashed guys, it needs a restart .
DingAling: Player called kimoo on the server constant tk and no interest in playing the game he needs kicked plz.
ghost78: ups sorry bin mim Browser zurück hat es 2te mal verlinkt :8;)
Scream: oh nice wirklich gut :)..aber steve kanns besser :P :D
ghost78: ....lean left and right ;):D
Scream: oerkel und ich zählen auf dich ;) ..woohoo the prodigy :8 .. hab als kind dieses lied mal bei meinem bruder gehört, ich war gleich gefesselt davon :-O :D epic..
ghost78: .....für Poisen :P
Scream: Haha sorry xD :8
DingAling: @ Scream :D:D:D
Scream: ..this song is dedicated to all heroes who cowardly hide behind random names ;). even with lyrics enjoy :D ..
GodspeedGreece: i dont care about hyper i know who is. i care about the rest 4 players last night. all players has the name dragz ( as you see at ss) and what name they will use after this to ruin the game.
DingAling: Thank you Wor :8
W.O.R: will be banned but later, have to go now
DingAling: You need banned again for cheating.
DingAling: @hyper you are not clean. You have no fog at all on that map and it is to bright. Everyone else has a lot of fog on this map and you don't. That is called cheating you fool :*
UnnamedSoldier: i have great amount of fog on that map but there is none in the video. why?
UnnamedSoldier: Hyper! you dont have fog in the video! you can clearly see the other side of the bridge!
-=Hyp3R=-: this is a proof that i'm clean player and these videos especially for godspeed : don't cry anymore 01- 02-
-=Hyp3R=-: this is a proof that i'm clean player and these videos especially for godspeed : don't cry anymore 01- 02-
GodspeedGreece: a player start to join the game. server kicked him-he rejoined. this happens 5 times and the player s name became different players. this dragz say himself that he is hyper. he ruin the game with his mouth and his wh-aimbot . here is the ss
Scream: oo amphe super wahl :)..hätte ich vor paar tagen auch fast gepostet, nur anderes lied :D
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Schöne Mucke , da muss ich doch gleich auch mal was reinpacken ;-)
W.O.R: Hey cocofun, also das Problem kommt wenn der Server sich nicht mehr mit der Seite verbinden kann. Das kann verschiedene Gründe haben. Also generell kann man nicht sicher sagen. Das ist noch alles sehr neu für uns wir sind noch selbst in der Lernphase. TLS handshake Problem auf der Seite kommt von dem http(s) das ist auch neu wegen der neuen EU Verordnung da muss ich mal mit dem Anbieter reden eventuell kann er da nachbessern.
Scream: thx i appreciate your good music taste powerm8 :) :8 ..this one is for you :D.. waiting for you on server..
cocofun: ist das gleiche Problem, das ich gemeldet hatte. Technical difficulties oder time out. Ist das generell jetzt behoben?
Armpower: Special for you screamy:)
W.O.R: Sorry but now works again!
Tex: thanks W.O.R
W.O.R: Oh, ok. Moment try to fix it.
Scream: @powerm8 SOAD is always a good choice, incredible unique :)
DingAling: I'm in oldfarts server if anyone wants to play.
Scream: yes its a technical problem, will work soon again just a little patience pls..
UnnamedSoldier: no one could join while we were playing, "technical difficulties. try again later"
Dad: Have I been banned?
Armpower: Players cant join:*
DingAling: Connection blocked by server technical difficulties try again later. Lots of players this is happening to, also pings are bouncing up and down all the time.
Tex: technical difficulties prevent players joining at the moment
W.O.R: @MohaMMed sorry but im not understand what your Problem is?
Strowman: @W.O.R thanks problem solved :)
MohaMMed: solve *
MohaMMed: solve *
MohaMMed: @Wor . y have promised me to self @Astroman problem when y finish server new updates . he still banned without any reason from long time
W.O.R: Thema Erledigt, beide gebannt. Die Blacklist wird noch überarbeitet deshalb dort vorerst keine Einträge.
flash: stefan and astra are from german or austria im not sure ,they were banned before for insulting with no reason lol , they have insulted me several times with no reason cuz i killed them ,i got some times insulted for no reason as well ,at least i insult who insults me :) .
W.O.R: Banned both for bad behavior, insult.
Armpower: Stefan and Astra insult us like stupid kids !! If admin need i have all SS. Thanks
Tex: Complain about Stefan on server now always insulting not just me but other players calling them motherfuckers etc - can he be warned please - thanks
W.O.R: Keine Ahnung, erst müssen wie die aktuellen Baustellen abschließen sonst haben wir Chaos.
Reizung: Hey Vetus. Meint ihr denn es besteht die Möglichkeit, das von Appelpitje MOH Risis mal auf den Server zu bekommen? :) Kann mir aber vorstellen dass es dafür einige Schwierigkeiten geben könnte. Sieht nämlich schon richtig gut aus : )
UnnamedSoldier: impressive :8 :*
Appelpitje: Blowing some new life into mohaa :)
Scream: :D scream for ice cream!! Ghost, mach Mund auf aaaa :P :D
ghost78: :D
W.O.R: @Strowman you have a privat message.
1: u r welcome screamy i am sure you liked the other song for the kids too :D or maybe infnatry liked it more than all of us :D it made for kids :D
Strowman: Trying to join server show me this msg "banned conncetion cuz ss not sent real name RBG* ??! wtf :*
Scream: Hahaha icecream song good :D:D .. thanks for this @1 xD :D
W.O.R: Server online again.
UnnamedSoldier: 1 more vote pls :8
W.O.R: yes that happens sometimes, is unbanned now.
NIGHT_MAN: hey admins,can u unban Godspeed from ur website,he opened too much taps on ur website and maybe the website blocked him for that,thx
Infantry: @1: u call me cheater and liar to argue with u huh? No, I'll not. U just a kid. As for respect of vetus, I'll not call you something you may annoy about. Keep it secret. Btw, you're not da boss! :P
1: it's my song for relaxed people like you screamy and this is my song to people like infnatry who love cheating and lying because of a game and they never try to be clear
Scream: brothers in arms, amazing choice! :)
Scream: alright.. anyways song sounds not bad xd
Infantry: Sorry Scream, but I didn't talk to you. Weather is fine :D. Here you are:
Scream: @Infantry i challenge you, me a good song.. ;):D
Scream: just calm down and have a little more it because of the weather or why a bunch of people acts like fools? take some ice and try to enjoy the game, anything other will come time to time you will see..
Infantry: @twis: all these names lead to one person in the end. He's called Afro. He teamkills his opponents after 12:00 AM, when nobody observes! I advise him to get a better life. I pray that the Lord guides him. :)
1: Yes foxy is joking and he is good guy and clean player but i think WOR wants all comments to be helpfull for the system of the server not useless words or fighting and he is totally right..because many people don't know that unnamed soldier is foxy on the site that would cause more insults on server for you foxy or other people will start cheating too...
W.O.R: not funny :8
flash: @WOR he is joking ,he is not serious ,from my point of view i found foxy is good player ,he is not one of old players but he made good progress like old one .
UnnamedSoldier: WOR, i am Foxy :) i just got so much harass today on the server i wrote here their opinion. no bad language! got it! :D
W.O.R: Watch your language pls, otherwise you are banned here. And to Call someone without proof as a cheater is not welcome here. Please more Respekt to one!
UnnamedSoldier: foxy f*cking cheater pls ban him
twis: and thisthe names iiii + 3amak + jdyd + oirope LIuhf + yourself ..corrupt the team work tk a lot
twis: this The player nicname LIuhf tk me a lot I want to solve the problem I think the supervisor sees this but did nothing ;)
1: Player named Pixies client 20 is cheating (wallhack) in the server now
cocofun: :)
W.O.R: Hey cocofun, das mit der Seite ist mir auch schon aufgefallen. Es ist etwas nicht in Ordnung versuche es zu finden.
cocofun: Auch die Webseite bleibt beim "TLS Handshake" hängen in der Anzeige.
cocofun: schon wieder "timeout" Anzeige, andere server ohne Probleme.
cocofun: wird das geloggt?
cocofun: wird das geloggt?
cocofun: Gestern hatte ich auch die Anzeige "technical difficulties" beim verbinden. Kurz danach ging es wie früher mit ping 48. Liegt wohl nicht an meinem Rechner.
1: lucky germany against saudi arabia :P they played a great match :8
W.O.R: So direkt nicht wirklich eine Idee.
cocofun: habe massive Probleme auf den server zu kommen. Server connection timeout. Ping war immer 48, ist es auch noch auf allen anderen servern. Gestern ist mein ping im game auf 400 gefallen. Seit dem probleme hier. Eine Idee?
GodspeedGreece: tell them next time to learn mohaa main riff :D
GodspeedGreece: really fox?
Scream: awesome :)
UnnamedSoldier: look guys where i have been :D
Infantry: Thank you W.O.R and CDX|VATEC6000 for the big effort you have made in the server. :)
3nbar: yup, server running smoothly with no problems In my case i realized that it wasnt a glitch ,its the dynamic ip nearly most ips are banned but i can handle it :8:8:8 keep going wor:D:D
W.O.R: @3nbar, with our new Server funktionis is this all no Problem now.
tomi: For no reason:D:D
3nbar: thats the reason why most of my ip,s are banned :'( ihate my isp
W.O.R: Thank you Old Fox i will Test it.
Old Fox: WOR Check ur mail
twis: VATEC6000 :D
W.O.R: Thank you for your Feedback, but this update is tested and im sure this is not the Problem. Maybe one of our Mods make trouble. Need now time to test all.
AzzKiker: Hi wor, on behalf of most players , we appreciate and like all the upgrades you have done on the server, but server host is too bad, i open lagometer and i see the server lags alot, bring back the old server or change the host FFS xD
DingAling: Could the server get a restart guys it's lagging really bad tonight so far. Thanks:8
1: balance teams rule and the chat rule are really good plus the ping limit. server improved alot after the new update :)
Armpower: Good job Admins:)
W.O.R: no problem with him personally it is his ip range. But thanks to Vatec6000, things are getting better now, we only need a few days to change over.
MohaMMed: @wor . what is the problem with stroman he still banned without any reason . if the problem in his name he can change it to his old nickname
Strowman: fix banned ,,, thanks
W.O.R: That was for 5 Minutes only for update New Futures
deke: server still down wor?...dont ruin my friday night please ! lol:S
Armpower: Server down?
Armpower: Server down?
1: i am playing these days with nicknames Amigo and Liuhf and Great so stop kicking by fault....ty
Scream: Ok danke Wor :) ..
W.O.R: Ok, Server wieder online. Kann aber sein das ich heute noch was machen werde.
W.O.R: Server ist offline, werde sobald es möglich ist den wieder starten.
Scream: "simple man" mega geiles Cover, gute Wahl Joker :) :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8
Scream: ;) :D
1: lol @screamy maybe you mean noobs everywhere but heros are not everywhere :P
Scream: @HeRoEs everywhere xD...
1: player named HeRo@ and Matamosques are cheating in the server right now
W.O.R: no, all is ok, we update our homepage. All will come back.
deke: blacklist has gone?????:-O
Infantry: I got a kick 2 times. why? If there is a reason to kick please explain!!
tomi: Liverpool was amazing,but well we wiiiiiiiin :D
1: just because of the bad goal keeper and the injury of mohamed salah the egyptian the match before he leaves..i felt like liver pool was playing against a second class team.
W.O.R: Ja ist Absicht, muss was machen.
tomi: Real madrid we win
Scream: Np jederzeit ^^
FemmeFatale: Ich danke dir dafür, Scream ;)
cocofun: Ist das Menu auf der linken Seite mit Absicht weg?
Scream: Exzellente Entscheidung Femme :)
Scream: Ja sicher, Abwechslung ist immer gut und auch wegen den alten Erinnerungen, man fühlt sich bisschen wie in einer Zeitreise lange es keine 10 Runden geht oder so. Hab dafür auch nicht gevotet, aber dafür für Snowy Park da es meine aller erste Map war ;)
W.O.R: Habe es zwar nicht gevotet aber habe es vorgestern mal mit gespielt hat richtig Spaß gemacht habe schon vergessen das die mir mal Spaß gemacht hat früher. Das Problem ist das keiner mehr weiß was zu tun ist.
Scream: woohoo gute lieder..meehr :)
Joker: :8
Reizung: Who the fuk voted this Druckkammern map ?!:*
FemmeFatale: ^^
DingAling: Player called dudu needs an ss he is definitely cheating. Thanks guys :8
kippo: :P shut the F**k up im the cheater and aimbot
Scream: oo drowning pool..n1 too :)
flash: i like this one its old but as they say old but gold , drowning pool i dont care about anyone :)
DingAling: @Flash, I don't care who it is past or present, the player was a cheater. Here is a tune for you.
Armpower: Screamy special for you bro:):):)
Strowman: glitch banned again idk why this happen with me continuously :'(
Scream: n1 choices m8's..armpower ur next ;)
flash: @dingaling yea he is wh no need to ss ,i guess he is the new name of destroyer ,behind wall he shoots without even look i watched him ,he killed me with haxed wall several time ,but when comes face to face he is ez to kill ,wall hagger .
DingAling: Player called Sphinx needs an ss. Thanks guys :8
DingAling: Music :8
Scream: Ok..lets enjoy some good music..who's next? ;)
W.O.R: @silver and flash We are not here to solve your problems. We are not judges to decide who is to blame, clarify your problems elsewhere. Next one who writes about your kindergarten problems here will be quiet for a few days with a bann from the site.
FemmeFatale: :8
1: @Toy soldier most of cheaters are arabs because simply most of the players are arabs....if you look even in the other servers you would find that all the players are arabs so..i think only vetus who got some eliens :D in the past if you are old enough most of cheaters were from europe because there were not alot of egyptian players that was maybe 10 years ago at least ..i am talking about all servers even vetus servers appeared almost in the last ending years of this game so this is why the blakclist is full of arabs or you can say egyptians...and yes we want a tournament but there should be a rule that some people will be forced to record a video during their matches and admins will be free to choose the players. it's the best rule for the tournament and i will be one of them. but it should start atleast after the world cup...august could be the best time for it if there would be a tournament.
1: video is a good idea but it never was the proof to show that a player is really clean or not. everyone saw that destroyer the biggest cheater also made a video and he was ok and doing good on it everyone can shoot and can be showen good in his is not the point...i think the problem in the server is the wallhack thing i don't think aimbot or trigger bot is really working there...if admins found a solution to block the rest of the bypass programs i think all the problems will be fixed and ended.
Infantry: Toy Soldier@: I agree with most of you said, but I don't think most of cheaters are from Arab countries. It's a stereotype! And I don't think all players have good and high hardware capabilities to capture videos so that they can prove they cheat or play clean.
Toy Soldier: Hey guys, can you chill up please? cause I can see a bunch of negativity bags here most of ppl here wants to throw up. what is our major problems here? I think it would be cheaters and accusing each others with cheating! for fuck sake we almost here like 300 clean players only stuck in this extinct game, we're now like antiques and old fashion style :8 Cheaters will be found everywhere and most of them sadly arabians, just we could remove our cheating police badges and leave it for the admins. they only have the authority to ban or remove the ban. of course we want to see more active time all active hours but in the other hand they also had a real life. my suggestion if that possible to add this server to the tool. and maybe if we could ask suspected players for videos to prove their cleanliness that would be awesome. BTW where's the tournaments? I can see the last one was (09.02.2014 ) please we want more. I extend my apologies for this long-as-fuck post but I felt I need to say something here. thank you guys (=[EMBTO]=Elite Sentry.Ldr aka NoName aka Hellfire)
Infantry: @Joker: Can I tell you something? Stop sending me private messages in website's chat, okay? And about my various IPS, It's known that most of ISPs in Egypt give customers Dynamic Ips which can be changed by restarting the router. You can ask any Egy Player here. I don't steal other players's IPS. I've unique IP range! Wish you understood me!:)
Infantry: @Scream: What's your problem too? Please show some respect as I respect you. I didn't insult you. So why you said I'm liar and have 20 faces?:-O
Scream: Lol Infantry pls...just stop have not 2Faces you have 20 Faces. Its a shame what people like you makes with a good Game -.-..
Infantry: @Joker: Lmao. You believe yourself? Hahaha :D. I've one ip one name no 2 faces! Just tell me what's your problem?!
W.O.R: I have thank you.
Old Fox: check your mail WOR
Old Fox: Hello friends
Joker: :8@ TwiS ( Infantry )why are you hiding behind other names?
Infantry: @GodspeedGreece: Can I tell you something? Don't speak plural and say "we". I have already told you not to talk with or about me as I don't want to argue with you because you are talkative. Wish you a real life! And btw, don't put your nose in everything to show us you are the big boss! :P
flash: good job WOR destroyer is the reason of the war between the players three cheaters left on server now .
Delta: ahh the cheater is finally out, thanks Wor!
Strowman: Thanks for removing ban ,, :)
GodspeedGreece: we wait to see infrantry at blacklist !
W.O.R: Beobachtet.
1: is a first great step..thanks admins :8
Reizung: Destroyer is on the Blacklist for WH! : D Darf man fragen ob er denn seine Screenshots gesendet hat oder habt ihr den beobachtet?
dest: @wor you are right
W.O.R: @Strowman & co, we do it as well as possible if you are not happy with it make it better. Everyone is free to go when he is not happy, cheaters are everywhere. Only an empty server is 100% clean, the more players online the higher is the probability that the cheater is in.
Strowman: full of cheaters in the evenings* :8
UnnamedSoldier: "anyway u destroy ur server with yourselves" lol then why is the server full in the evenings? :D
1: hi strow mate it must be by fault it happens with many people too please admins remove the ban of strowman as fast as you can thanks
Strowman: i agree with afro admins here ss and banned clean players and let fuckn cheaters play here wtf .. I wonder if cheaters will hold you down or what? No one approaches them and no one doubts them even though there is unanimity as they are fuckn cheaters .. this is the one million time i get banned here without enter the game without ss without check game ???! I have no idea how admins thinking here anyway u destroy ur server with yourselves :)
Strowman: banned again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W.O.R: Stop now and cool down. Relex is a Game only not real live.
Armpower: Yes AFRO admins can see !!
1: again you can't relax dude there is a log file in the game they can see who started the whole shit you called me a lagger and insulted and kept annoying too.. abe and even godspeed my enemy asked you to relax but you were burning because you suck i feel you anyway just try to stay away from me or i will insult you too...i can teach your country the respect but only if you wanted...if you wanted another thing i can teach you too :D
Armpower: Look Idiot !!! ABE, Infarnyty, Sony and other players see how you start insult first !!!And after that you talk about 2 faces? Your lier and you have not 2 faces , you have 10 or more, you like dirty worm who wants destroy all !! just learn respect !! Thats All !!
1: lol@armpower i will insult your whole life if you keep insulting me too...just accept it and don't cry you started it and also people asked you to stop it and relax but you didn't anyway i don't care about you but if you start a shit i will insult your whole life..i hope you get it
Armpower: BTW next time i swear you are not kicked from server , you will banned for 100 years !!!
1: and yes i don't have friends or one way real friend is the fair way...if i find a player like flash is right in something i be with him even if he was an enemy or hater...and if i find my friend changed to a real cheater like destroyer or others i be against them...(t3rees) is not my way..that's the point you all don't understand..i don't have 2 faces.
Armpower: BTW next time i swear you are not kicked from server , you will banned for 100 years !!!
Armpower: Just shut up AFRO !!! All see how you insult me and other players for nothing !! Your big noob and you want destroy vetus server and all friendship !!!
Scream: and i didnt change..i'll always be the same. and people who knows me well know this..
Scream: lol like i already said..the most just dont get it what i mean and wont understand my post..but dont worry- the most people are the same so, thats normally :) .
1: to play fair ? i wonder if you got eyes or not..dude i am still saying it the top 7 in the statics are cheaters and you still can't see that and instead of it you taking screenshots of a clean player and why the hell you don't comment about people like godspeed and others when they keep insulting and calling all the other players cheaters even religions and some other things...flash was right and i am saying it too the top 7 in the site are all cheaters and from who i would try to hide ? dude i am the best player here and i can put my full family's name and beat any one in this game with the biggest video in the world ...some times i chose to join with random nicknames just to avoid fighting and crying from other people because most of them are cry babies or jealous kids i am still in my opinion you changed alot when you became an admin but i don't care about that..i only care about catching cheaters you should get more experience to know who is cheating and who is not
Scream: you talk about respect and honor, huh? funny. The greatest honor we can give each other is to play fair in every way. That means playing clean, not cowardly hiding behind random names or betraying each other or getting in the back, we have to enter the game with good vibe every time to have fun. we are all here for one reason, because we want to keep the game alive or not? another fun thing the game is called "medal of honor", Honor means more than some of you can conceive. I'm sure many of you do not even know what I mean, but that's ok. ;) So stop spamming with useless posts or pointing your finger at each other. This is very honorless But do not take the right to judge others if you are not able to keep the things i mentioned above. Same thing for everyone. Thank you
Infantry: The top 7 are all cheaters? :-O. No comment! And you godspeed@ don't pretend to be clean and honorable player please as you used to leave the server to install your lovely stuff and come back again to show us you're a hero! Especially after 12 am when no admin is on. :P
W.O.R: Server Online.
GodspeedGreece: cheaters are at statisticks 15 years now.. get used to it. also 1 u the best cheater i know . tell me somthing, u ask from santos (sony) aimbot or u give him? hahaaaa
twis: I want a new event to kill the cheaters final oh mr admin :D :8:8
Joker: ja server down
Armpower: server down?
FemmeFatale: ... wir sind abgestürzt ...
1: the server should be above all personal problems or jealousy and to focus on the real cheaters
1: i had milions of problems with flash and his clan but the fact he is a clean player i think i said it before...hima and flash are the only two who are clean maybe in the whole oao clan the others are cheaters..but it is not good to focus on a clean player while there are many cheaters in the game just for personality problems
1: seriously why you don't ban this guy destroyer i wonder how far he changed back to his cheating character he told me that he will use the program he showed since wor banned him on the site for one he is using it one month ago and no on cares about him ? that's really annoying...i wonder you care about screenshoting clean players and the top 7 in the statics are all cheating even with their shit long you will keep cheaters play in your server or we should all change to cheaters too ?
UnnamedSoldier: people, start voting some on Stalingrad and less for Algier, Southern France and Brest, because Stalingrad is on the 4th place ;)
UnnamedSoldier: weird maps make players leave:) any idea how to solve this? reduce the weird maps round to 1-2?
Scream: Dann schickt man es etwas später aber nicht fast 1 Monat darauf..
Reizung: Die 24 Stunden regel finde ich aber etwas arg. Klar kann oder besser gesagt sollte man die SS gleich nach der Aufforderung schicken, aber wenn man es wirklich mal vergisst (was mir mit Sicherheit auch schon passiert ist), bedeutet das gleich einen dauerhaften Bann(?) :-O Gruß ABE
tomi: He hax for no reason :D
dest: :P:D
flash: 19.08.2017 Pop Forced Screenshots not sent Possible cheat aka xc destroyer ,its his old name .
flash: @joker du lasst destoyer und qu8ick silver ohne ban dann kommt ihr einfach sagen machen wir bann lol , das ist sehr lustig ,ich sage das wirklich die meisten spiler ist fertig mit die wachen admin dahin .
Joker: Jeder Spieler hat 24 Std Zeit seine ss zu senden! Wird in dem Zeitraum keine SS geschickt,wird der Spieler gebannd
tomi: Darky omg they ban u for no reason :P:D:D
Darky: also ss sind seit 2 wochen geschickt,aber wenn ihr andere prob. habt,dann schreibt es mir bitte.danke gruss darky
tomi: :D:D
tomi: For no reason
flash: well still gotsoul what you have done is just childish try ,if im admin u deserve no permission to be admin in site ,you deserve ban for anooying me and hurt my feelings and waste my time to be ssed three time in one row and player will insult you and will be mean aginst you but what i said ill make it the proper way ,the proper way is just to upload it to site ,go to any site u will see members whom upload their ss so the whole players see it, and i teach you guys to follow the right and proper way ,my ss is not only for you ,its always for the whole players of vetus to show them in clean . end of discussion ,im always a lesson for u boys :) . and im not sorry for anything i have done contrary i figured out im right now :) .
flash: @gotsoul before write those crap shit just look what you have made and u deny u ssed me and now you mention the ss ,who u considere yourself to command the site ,i have been in this server before you even know how to control mouse ,so step back minute take a breath and think of what you write so u can understand them ,just dont be kid and ill not insult you ,you deserve anything i wrote .
gotsoul: When another admin SSed flash i kindly told him that posting them on a thread is not enough. I kindly told him to send them via the proper way to the vetus mail or upload service. We would not click on any random links to see his SS. He mocked me, insulted me and ignored me. I now understand the reasoning of the ban. Thanks admins.
flash: @joker recive ur ss on the ich hab die ss geschickt ich schulde dich nix
flash: @joker du sagst immer shit ,ich verstehe nix von dir ,ich sende dich was du brauchst aber mache kein kick alte mann ,das ist nicht okay wenn du hast nix gegen mich zu sagen
Joker: ich brauche gar nichts mehr von Dir !! bei mir bist Du Durch
flash: @joker wie viele ss du brauchst giebe mir die ss nummer !
Joker: Du kannst senden was du möchtest
Joker: ist mir egal was du machst
flash: @okay dann ich sende dein ss wenn hast du gesagt fuck OaO and ich darf sagen das war nicht nett
Joker: deine zeit ist abgelaufen !!! wir werden keine dubiosen links öffne
flash: @joker du brauchest ja ein brelle alte mann ,hab ich die ss geladt
flash: @heir ist mein ss
Joker: Vorsicht Kameltreiber !!! sonst bist Du weg vom Fenster !! Du hast deine ss nicht gesendet !! Bann
flash: which fool of you has kicked me ffs , nebraska or joker ?
flash: rcon shit tools giving for babies :8
flash: why i have got kicked everyminute wtf is those chaos in server i got pissed of the whole noobs who is having tools now . fix ffs
Armpower: Hello admins !! Player name ARGH team bash and TK pls do smthing .
itachi: Stalin' 10 rounds. Amazing.
UnnamedSoldier: The new Rotation starts tomorrow at 7am on the server. :D yuppi 10 rounds Stalingrad is back
UnnamedSoldier: 19 have already voted, 1 vote needed. ah wish i know the current state of the vote. alright, going to vote now, hope it will turn out well :D
tomi: For no reason:D
itachi: Jeeez. 17 pages on the blacklist :*
Reizung: Jetzt ist noch der Awelo noch auf der BlackList :-O ... abartig
Pixies: instead of removing my message put me in the black list and set as the reason : raped my ass
Scream: When someone says " for no reason" it always reminds me this song :D ;)
Scream: No reason lol...
SharaBolly: W.O.R why i got Banned IP i havenot join the game for view months and its a new Internet LAN so why get Banned for NO REASON !! ?
Armpower: thanks bro :):):)
W.O.R: Server online again
Scream: n1 choice powerm8 ;)
Scream: SOAD
ShadowBoY: I got Ban IP for no Reason... Remove the Ban Pls
flash: instead of being heroes u better scan destroyer and quicksilver noobs whom playing with wh but u still in my eyes noobs cuz they still whing while u susspect clean one .:8
flash: i got kicked 5 times by those noob admins for no reason more childish things
flash: my ss here in post
MohaMMed: @joker .. where is threating in my speach ?!
Pixies: hi there . i was asked to send screenshots and i have send them and get banned idk for which reason atleast let me know it:-O:*
Joker: @ MohaMMed: I'll give you some good advice !! Do not threaten anyone here :8
Old Fox: hello Wor please telegrma me need u in something
Armpower: mohhamed im tace care about vetus clan server and we wont to see this server clean!!!! I hate cheaters, i fight against with thems and if need i can JUDJE !!! Hope you understand !!!:8
MohaMMed: @Armpower .. Who are y to judge Egyption players ?! . take care about yr self only .
tomi: Agree with armpowermax
Armpower: Agree with scream!! Ban all camel drivers they love lie and cheat! Lets see vetus server clean !!
ShadowBoY: Why The Ban ip ??! :S :(
Strowman: @W.O.R I'm not a new player and i told to you I was playing with name BIBO so where is the problem i know that admins know me from my ip ,, just new name not a crime so why kick :S
MohaMMed: ok scream y are right . now pls remove astro ban and he will not change this name .
Scream: Yes Wor got it,thats exactly what i mean! Not need to hide like a coward behind random names if there is nothing suspect to hide. A good fair player knows this its so fair or let it be and let fair ppl enjoy game...
MohaMMed: ok war . pls let him play with this name and he w ill not change it so y can check him for cheating whenever y want .
W.O.R: I will try explain it to you what Scream mean. Who is "Strowman" hes name is new on this Server first time we see it on at 02.04.18. We have many Egy Player on this Server they never change their names like HIMA, Flash, QuickSilver and many more. But im sure Strowman is not new in this game. So why new name? We think that all this new Name players are our caught cheaters. Hope you understand what I mean.
MohaMMed: is it a crime to ask about the reason of the ban ????
MohaMMed: @scream .. he wants to know the reason of the ban , not more ?!
Strowman: hey scream .. man i'm not the only one playing with this ip so u see other name use it my brother and we are clean no one ss or check the game so there is no reason for banned ?! you let hackers play in server and many players sure 100% that they using hack Without mentioning names and banned me for changing name what a joke !
Scream: @strowman why always everyone wonder why? nothing happens without reason!! and also this no name players, who every day has a new the end dont wonder why kick/bann!! im just telling...
3nbar: download mohaa revival @pat its a purified version of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (including its expansions Spearhead and Breakthrough) with the latest community patches link: :8
MohaMMed: HI all .. why " Strowman " get banned ?
1: yeah it named configs sorry i haven't check it from a long time ago so i forgot the name lol it is named configs not new configs if he deletes the whole folder (configs) it will back to the default then he can make his own settings and yes maybe it won't change any more and it is better to delete it in the 3 folders main mainta and maintt to avoid any other problems if he got a full version but if he got spearhead only then yes mainta only is enough nous avons raison, mon ami .. dans votre santé :)
cocofun: Hola Ivan, the main idea that 1 mentioned is correct. But the config file is located in different places, depends what windows you use. Example : for me in windows7 it is stored in user/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/ProgramFiles/EA GAMES/MOHAA/mainta/Configs. And the name is unnamedsoldier.cfg After you do your configuration in the game, do not play but leave the game and go to your config file and put the write protection on it by right clicking and set the check mark. It will never change anymore. I know, there are a lot of servers that change settings, but with write protection it will not change no more. Tienes problemas te digo todo en espanol, amigo.
1: hi patxuka make sure you are not running deepfreeze program in your computer which makes everything back to default even after changing it... if not..try to go to mohaa folders (main and maintt and manita) and then delete a file named (new configs) then try your game and make your own settings if it still doesn't work you can download the best copy from here if you want
Strowman: please admins fix this random bann -.- i don't know why i get it ????
PatXuKa On Dope: Hello friends, I need help with a problem I have in the mohaa sh! Every time I start the game, it starts with the serial settings, I change the settings of sound, video and advanced settings to my liking and I give it to apply, if I play directly after the settings are left as I left them, less the sound and it is very annoying to play with the sound of serial configuration ..... uffff! If I restart the game, it's all serial again, I've tried many things and I do not know the fault, in all the years that I've been playing it had not happened to me, the only option I have left is to uninstall the game and reinstall it, but first I wait for your answers! Sryyy by translator! Greetings soldiers!
ghost78: omg habt ihr probs !!!!
cocofun: Ich hab dich nicht gemeckert WOR, es war einfach als kleine Info gedacht :)
W.O.R: Hey Cocofun Du als Serveradmin musst doch wissen wie schwer es ist Leute mit Dynamischer IP oder VPN zu bannen. Wenn jemand auf der Liste ist aber trotzdem da ist heißt es nicht das er nicht gebannt ist es ist nur schwer jemand zu bannen ohne andere mit zu bannen die eigentlich dann unschuldig sind. Ich habe noch Hoffnung das es besser wird in der Zukunft aber im Moment kriegen wir es nicht besser hin was uns selbst natürlich noch mehr nervt als euch das dürft Ihr uns gerne glauben.
cocofun: FTW Vimper on blacklist and now playing on the server
DingAling: Player called nazi 70 ping clear wh and thinks it's funny. If someone could ss him please. Thank you.
GodspeedGreece: maxconfigns error again
Armpower: btw Ivan your english is good:D:D:D:D:D
PatXuKa On Dope: Thx W.O.R , Have Fun :P
W.O.R: Oh! :-O ok sorry, have restart it HAVE FUN !!
DingAling: Oldfarts server is open if anyone wants to play until vetus is up.
DingAling: @ Pat your not banned m8 the server just needs a restart :8
GodspeedGreece: its a usual bug and need restart from vetus admins.. vetus do a good job about cheaters but nowdays there are much more cheaters than ever... they bypass the ss. this is bad. in my opinion : most cheaters are arabs. ban for 1 week all egypt ips, everytime they appear to blacklist. this problem seems to exist for ever here... thats very bad for our favourite game...
PatXuKa On Dope: Hello everyone, is the server closed? , I am banned? ! I can not judge anyone, I do not know who cheats and who does not, but what is clear is that I am against the one who makes them, but I will never judge anyone, due to the fact that I have never installed aids in the game!! I am also against the fools who are all day judging others without knowing anything, the case of hima, revolver and other players, they are always criticizing without knowing and that is not good either! Sirs administrators, what to do to play? send screenshots? As a screenshot is sent, I need information, I never need to do these things, but if it is to clean up cheats, I am willing to collaborate with vetus, but know that I will never judge other players without knowing, why is it so bad the one who uses traps, like the one who accuses them of others! respect and fair play, that's my motto! I want information on how to help vetus clan!
mrulym: maxconfigstrings same
GodspeedGreece: cant join server. error > maxconfigstrings
Strowman: banned again !!! Last time I played here a week ago:*
Armpower: client 2 cpt Furry wh
Armpower: need admin in server
tomi: Well,barky still banned 🤣🤣
DingAling: Could someone ss guntastik in the server plz. Thank you
robin: any admin can anwer me ?? why i got banned IP ???!! please any one answer me !!
DingAling: Yes Scream your right, rules are rules :8
Scream: Wenn sich jemand so stark weigert SS zu schicken kommt für mich persönlich nur ein Grund in Frage...aber da hat scheinbar jeder andere Ansicht, ich bleib bei meiner ;)
Reizung: Aber gut, Darky war für mich schon immer ein sensibler Typ, der bei Kritik oder Anmerkungen ihm gegenüber schnell überfordert war oder gar gefühlt ausgerastet ist (vllt. sogar psychisch labil wenn ich sagen darf :-O ) Verstehe es aber auch nicht warum man sich so anstellt einfach mal 3 Bilder zu senden... Aber gut, weiter geht's : )
GodspeedGreece: wtf darky
twis: I want to activate mohaa tool Or In order to play clean :S Each one works a 2 minute video that is believed to convince everyone that it is clean :S:S :(
DingAling: Darky just send, we don't want to loose a good player like you. You have played this game to long m8, ignore all the haters. :)
Joker: er hat sie nicht gesendet also Bann !!
Joker: keine Gnade mehr für so einen !!!
W.O.R: @Darky es wäre einfacher für alle wenn du die 3 Bilder schicken würdest, jedes mal gibt es Theater wegen einem Aufwand von max 5 Minuten. Aber ist dein Ding. Es muss nie zu einem Ban kommen wenn man einfach mitziehen würde wie es andere auch tun. In letzter Zeit sind alle nur genervt und sind gleich am überreagieren. Egal mach was Du für richtig hälst :8
DingAling: clear wh in the server atm.
3nbar: skip intro mod :8
Darky: ok girls nd guys,this was 4 me in this game,bye all
dest: @dingaling relax kid
DingAling: The bypass kid :8
DingAling: Not as good as you dest the bypass kid.Eventually you will be caught cheating. :8
dest: you are good sony :D
dest: @tomi Why u happy lox :D
tomi: His stil in blacklist :D;):D:D:8:8
Reizung: Ufff, der Darky ist auf der Black-List :( Kanns auch nicht glauben dass der Cheatet. Er ist auch schon viele Jahre dabei (auch wenn ich selber manchmal an ihm, vor allem mit seinen 200hp verzweifle) Gruß ABE
1: @tomi they must remove d4rky's ban for being a man and didn't cheat them not like other camels who send clean ss while they are using hax at the same time
tomi: And nothing bee,barky still banned :D:D:D
Infantry: @ twis: I agree with you. He was using a hack this day and btw he never played clean even if he made a fragmovie. I think your video obviously shows he uses a cheat! Ban him vetus!! Ban him!!
dest: and this my fragmovie
dest: haha and oao clean :d any time admins can check me and check Examine yourselves first noobs :D
GodspeedGreece: i need these textures twist
twis: here is the video
twis: Hello Admins please check this video. this guy never play clean and should get banned ip! :'( :8
Dragonheart: DremsFulCo wallhacking, client number 6. Ping 98 stable.
Scream: Ja stimmt bei snowy werden Erinnerungen wach..war meine erste Map, da fühl ich mich zuhause ;) :8
FemmeFatale: Hauptsache Snowy ist dabei ;) Eine willkommene Abwechslung
tomi: Few hours later,his stil baned :8:D:D:D
tomi: Darky banned :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
deke: here is link for an mohaa hd pack for anyone who wants it...its very good ;) .
Scream: :* WTF...hoffentlich bleibt das nicht lange so..
W.O.R: Was habt Ihr da für eine Rotation zusammen gestellt.... Malta, Gewitter , Snowy_Park, Berlin, Unterseite .... bin mal gespannt wie lange es so bleibt
FemmeFatale: Server! :D WOR! :D
W.O.R: Sorry Leute war heute ganze 9 Stunden ohne Internet .... Habe mein Handy Zuhause vergessen :( aber habe es gut überstanden konnte die Zeit gut mit Arbeit überbrücken :D
FemmeFatale: Server? :S WOR? :(
Armpower: ok moin scream;)
Armpower: ok moin scream;)
Scream: yep wait a sec
HIMA: server down ?
HIMA: server down ?
HIMA: server down ?
Armpower: server down?
HIMA: server down ?
HIMA: what happened ?
Strowman: anyone know what is the latest news about mohaa development? :),
HIMA: English Please
HIMA: Guys why kick rambo as Al ready Sent his ss
Joker: hima nein er soll sie schicken nicht Du !!!
HIMA: Dears I Sent Ss for rambo so remove his ban
robin: Why i have banned ip always ... plz fix this guyz ... it fixed for 2 days then i got banned ip again idk why ... i'm not in black list
Joker: :8;)
Tex: thank you admins
Delta: When will show_white be banned? He always tk or teamwounding
dest: server very lag please restart
Armpower: Dear admins, server is unplayble lag, restart maybe or? Thanks
1: 1 of my dogs is using my nickname now kick him thanks :8
DingAling: Thank you Wor :8
W.O.R: Ok, next 5 Min will restart it.
DingAling: If anyone is about could they restart the server plz it's very Lagg. Thank you
Joker: @ DingAling This song touches the soul in the darkest hour NS
DingAling: @ Joker
DingAling: @ Joker
Scream: Woohoo AC/DC!! :8 :)
Scream: Ja, ist auch eig nicht meine Musikrichtung:D..manches davon kann man sich aber ab und zu anhören, der Text muss was ausdrücken sonst ist es Schrott :8..wie bei alle Lieder eigentlich ;)
Joker: AC/DC is the King of Rock :8::P
Joker: :8
Joker: schämt euch ihr beiden das ist doch keine Musik:D das ist Musik :8
tomi: Kollegah & Farid Bang ✖️ ALL EYEZ ON US ✖️ Thats some shit
ghost78: totalschaden löscht des bitte :D
tomi: German rap is top :)
Tex: oh and pls confirm with Dinga he sees all of it thanks
Tex: pls pls pls ban snow white from server keeps tk and bashing me to 0 hp
robin: I got banned ip again guyz .. i think this is random ban for IP .. plz check it thanks :)
Strowman: please any admin can solve this problem I'm sure this is by mistake:S
3nbar: the same as Strowman :*
Strowman: I'm trying to enter server but get banned for nothing ? :S
merowinger: Online again ;)
deke: server down guys :S
ghost78: THX Mero :)
merowinger: Online again
ghost78: ??????
GodspeedGreece: server timeout why???
robin: hi admins .. happy easter .. i just want to know why i have banned ip .. i dont play MOHA for 6 month .. i tried to join vVetus server this days .. i found a bnned IP idc why !!
dest: @deke An abnormal voice Hahaha:D
deke: haha funny voice himaaaaaaaa :D
Joker: aber sicher das :D:D
ghost78: habt ihr alle eure Eier gefunden :P:P:D
W.O.R: Yes is now on the List. Big Thank on Armpower, Appelpitje and moder.
UnnamedSoldier: server shows up in mohaa tool!
viko: @tomi u are kidding me :D i think u try it with ur ss :D so ur cheater u need bannnn ... heheh
viko: Happy Easter W.A.R thks for ur answer but really i have problem with sending ss the first day . thks again :D :8
tomi: Hahaha viko,photoshop right:D:D
W.O.R: Our Mailbox dont have problems, we have your E-Mail. But see you need 3 Days to send the screens, and you only sent it because you were banned and now we not fair? Now you want that we react immediately after you send the screens. We have a life and do it when we have time like now. You have 24h to send the screens not 3 days. Send it next time in this time and we save us many problems. Happy Easter! :)
viko: W.A.R , Joker plz check mail problem . it say "This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message. " Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation 552-Mail size limit exceeded. "
viko: why im banned i send ss ??? W.A.R check ur inbox mail it say "552 Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation Quota exceeded". o.O
Zait: Happy Easter Vetus ! :)
Scream: Frohe Ostern / HaPpy Easter ^^
Silver: Happy Easter!! For all:8:8
deke: yayyyyyyyyyyy glad to see shoutbox open again :D...and a happy easter to all;)
Joker: Happy Easter
Armpower: Same to you Wor;)Happy Easter:)
W.O.R: Wisch you all happy Easter! Shoutbox and Forum is open again hope it can stay open for a long time. :)
W.O.R: Server is online again!
ghost78: ?
W.O.R: The shoutbox stays closed, does not want our site to be used as a stage. The same for the Forum.
W.O.R: @dest Ok, i see you feel you like a hero now, then have fun hero. I have no desire to explain that you have built huge shit and it was no help. I close the shoutbox now, who wants to say something can write to me but probably there is no answer, I do not feel like kindergarten.
dest: These are your members problems i told him no one care
dest: These are your members problems i told him no one care
dest: o one listens to me. I told them all to laugh at what I am saying
W.O.R: @tomi who can read is clearly in the advantage :8
tomi: Im with dest here :P
tomi: He send it to horle and few other admins,no1 didnt care
W.O.R: If you want to help then send this cheat to me or other admin and maybe a little tutorial how to use. That what you have do was not a help. With this action you completely destroy this game and reach that the last ones stop play Mohaa.
dest: I recorded the video only when I discovered it to help if you are satisfied with cheats this problem you do not mind But I told you so to solve this problem I can help you with anything you want
dest: I warned all admins No one cared about that
1: ok then there must be a end for people like flash who call all players cheaters all the time with insults actually about destroyer i didn't think he will record a video he is a good friend and i trust him we just wanted to know how the game runs these days he just tried to help nothing more
dest: I told joker and the ghost did not care about the order and I said yesterday to horly I asked him to email him to send him a video is not also did not care and did not respond to me okay If you want to give me a ban because I helped you and showed you what to use this is your own but I hate cheaters in the game and when the hacker showed I am telling you now Thanks for everything
DingAling: You are the problem afro. You have shown them every thing you know about cheating. We'll done.
W.O.R: The better way is to hand over to us, what you are doing is a provocation and nothing more. So it does not help anyone.
DingAling: Delete the post :*
1: @wor dest is a clean player i just told him to search about it yesterday i know he should do that and give admins link in private because now there are some people may use it and maybe we will have more cheaters but...can you force all players to play as breakthrough as a first small step to avoid more cheaters i think it may become a small start
1: @destroyer great video my best bro i think i am the one who helped you to get it :P actually i think there are also another some programs like that who knows maybe breakthrough virsions too
W.O.R: And now? what you want say with this video? The only thing you can do with this video is encouraging others to cheat!!! Thank yor for that! We know that we have cheaters on the server and we know that we can not catch all cheaters but to ban someone without a proof is also not correct. And i think that you have craet that video to show us what is possible no one cheater will do it just because. SO i think we should banish you first.
maniC: Jo sowas gibts leider
dest: @TOMI My brother I am looking for something more than a month or more you are about this hole + In order to make this hole you must delete the files I hate cheaters
tomi: Mausse egy bye bye waller :D
tomi: God damn it dest,i dont know how did u find this but respect,now its vetus time to ban camels cheaters :D
maniC: Jo sowas gibts leider
Reizung: Alter, habt ihr euch mal das Video angeschaut?
dest: Watch video:-O
dest: Hello Mr.Wor Today I researched and knew what cheaters use to protect their screen shots when they scan it and show it clean. I told Joker and horly they did not know anything about this I recorded a video for the clarity of everything Please do something for this game has become very boring Watch the video and you understand me well Thank
Dr_Moussa_Egy: between my bro Esmail_Moussa is clean too :) :D thx 4 helping me
Joker: Dr_Moussa_Egy or *** ESMAIL_MOUSSA_EGY *** send SS 126-388-875 Do you understand that?:8
Joker: @ Dr_Moussa_Egy that is not jocker !!!!! Joker :8
Dr_Moussa_Egy: My name still in the blacklist although i've uploaded my screen shots to the gallery....any admin can understand better than the jocker?:D
ghost78: :D:* schädel weh :P
W.O.R: Ja das denke ich mir ganz Aktive Nacht gewesen wenn ich mir die Zeiten der Beiträge so anschaue :D
ghost78: ja auf der Tastatur :8:P
W.O.R: Ghost hast du überhaupt geschlafen heute Nacht :)
ghost78: i must snow shoting :D
ghost78: sorry dest to late ;)
dest: I'm coming ready :8null
ghost78: wo bist
dest: Du willst jetzt spielen
dest: Tut mir leid, Bruder, ich weiß nicht, warum Nachrichten wiederholt werden Bitte lösche Vorsicht:'(
ghost78: one and one
ghost78: dest ich warte
ghost78: hättte gern ein allein gegen den manic
dest: @ghost Wer hat gewonnen? Xc lol:D ich will spielen 5v5 Bist du bereit? Vetus :8
ghost78: joker an ts lag es nicht :S
ghost78: hahah ich kenn die voegel..... ich sag nichts mer zu unsrem war :D :D
Dr_Moussa_Egy: i've uploaded the required ss i'm not cheater bro:(
Joker: so langsam werde ich echt Aggressiv
Joker: ich hab echt die schnauze voll !! das Pack geht mir echt auf den Sack:8
Joker: @ Dr_Moussa_Egy: sent SS fu.. Cheater
Dr_Moussa_Egy: Banned ip why admin iam clean
1: @3nbr go cry some where else Boo is not me and i am not a cheater i am the best clean player in this game and i can prooof what i say by playing any one of you and beat him with recording a video any one is welcome
3nbar: i hope u ban ip-range for hackers like afro not only ip :8
3nbar: i hope u ban ip-range for hackers like afro not only ip :8
1: 40 or 30 players with less rounds is the best way
1: @foxy i think it is hard they pay money for it the better way to make it 30 or 40 players with less round the game will be more fun and interesting
UnnamedSoldier: its Friday noon and the server is FULL! we need second Vetus server! :D :D
dest: @WOR THX MR. WOR :)
3nbar: Ido suggest u ban egypt ip range and force eguptian plaayres to send ss to play They always come tk and insult us in Arabic
W.O.R: @dest have solved it, try to connect.
Ahmedsamy: I did not mean that bad sense by the way, and I really appreciate thir effort, i just mean that you take this issue seriously into consideration, cheers :8
DingAling: @ coco, Well said. :8
cocofun: immediately is a bad word, please is a nice word. We are guests here on a server paid by some people, we have nothing to ask for here.
Ahmedsamy: Seems there is a problem with our range ip because i've the same issue,solve it immediately My ip :
3nbar: the same as dest :S
dest: Hello everyone , Why can not I connect? The server tells me server rejected connection banned ip Why ?:'(
twis: Many people respond they clean And many people do not use They are cheated They do not want to play fairly I want a server vetus Activate on all people or kick player Who do not use and Thank you :P ;)
7mood: I mean online in the server every day
7mood: I mean online in the server every day
7mood: Vetus best server but we need admin online thats it
7mood: KLM server use mohaa tools but noone play know because that
W.O.R: yes u can use it is your right :):8 but i think you no understand it. The only what will come it the server (ip) will added to the serverlist of that is all, as before.
twis: yes I want :D :8:);)
W.O.R: @Appelpitje thank you for the Support and to Armpower to. For all User the Server will be added next dass zo the List.
dest: SERVER DOWN :'(
Appelpitje: @WOR, sorry i do not have access to the serverlist on, the only one who can add the server without adding it via the admin page for you, is modder. Havent heard from him for ages.
flash: @W.O.R well i dont think adding the tool is the problem ,with tools u can check most players to see their hax and aimbot .it has been discuessed on the game on gun clan how they caught aimbot and cheats ,so to give admin to see players files that running is a good deal to figure out the file there and cheats .
flash: i disagree about banning blackhwk and zeekoe , i may have been having hard times against the two but for me i ask for unban them cuz the game is too old and they are good players and i enjoy playing aginst them cuz they move good and my idea to unban them cuz the game is not gaining new players contrary alot of players has left so unban them they did not make a sin .....
tomi: Come on wor,its a game,ban cheaters not zee and horle,theyvr both good clean players...
Joker: ich lach mich tot :D der junge ist gut hahahaha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
1: @wor i understand and respect all admins discussion but does the ban take hard work i mean if you remove their ban for the last time and if any one report them you can ban them again in just a seconds..or does the ban really take a hard work ? and also i think if there is a month ban for bad behaviours or teamkillers it would be more effective than ban for ever even for spammers i mean there will be a new rule any one who starts insulting from now takes one month ban without warning for example fuk you word = one month ban and all the other insults and if he repeats it again after his ban is removed he takes ban forever this is more effective than any rule else and also more fair to avoid losing more players in this old game ...if you ask about arabic language be honest in all the games i've played online there was admin for every part of people to understand their language and control the server to be honest most of the players in the server are egyptians and most of the problems in the server are caused because of egyptians there must be egyptian admin who understands our language if you really want to make your server perfect without any problems such like spam and annoying and cheating in fact i wanted to say that ..long time ago but i didn't say that because i don't know who will be the admin i don't see any one who deserves it and don't worry i am out of this
W.O.R: About blckhwk and zeekoe, we discussed the topic internally and decided that the two stay banned, it does not have to happen again. Before the two are banned there have a lot of warnings but we were constantly ignored and finally insulted! we just do not want to have it again. I know there were apologies, but the risk is too high that it happens again. I've had encounters on other servers with blckhwk and there have been unpleasant incidents.
W.O.R: Ok, thanks for your suggestions and for trying to help but these ideas and suggestions are not new and will not help. I try to explain. Our problem is not to catch cheaters we have the problem to ban cheaters or troublemaker. When the problem is solved, all other problems disappear like teamkill or insult or cheating. When a player know we can ban them vor all the time then he will behave himself and will also consider whether he should cheat or not. was a good approach and has many good features, but for us to centralized and to dependent from the team, we have to little control about this all. If team decides to stop hes work then all servers are without protection and everyone is back at the beginning. You can already see that is not active in hes forum, my request about the serverlist is 2.5 Weeks old and no one answer me, just as an example. We are already working on a solution and if it works it will be better, I would not like to say more because I do not know if it will work.
1: agree with you flash but would it be enough to catch or end the cheaters in the server because i saw many videos from people using hax through tools i really have no idea about the tool how does it help admins as i have no idea about by pass hax or screenshot and these stuff how does it really work i only know how to kill in this game :P
flash: well i dont know who is remvoing my posts even its agreeable by most i talk about the tools to end up cheaters type to be forced in server and u admins remove the post wtf i feel no democrats in this site anymore only personal issues with no reasonable cause ,anyways we need to vote for the tools.
twis: admin I want to close tk team for afro Every day makes the team lose afro he goes Works tk Disables team play afro It causes this every day afro Wants to make Sony not focus
1: yes it may become good idea flash @gotsoul you say i am a trouble maker i don't have any problem with any one in this see my problems with flash ended and my problems with hima ended - my problems with got clan people ended ..i am the one who started the peace from my side and asked them to end all the problems..i don't have any problem with any other people who are not egyptians in this game also i am the only one who started asking admins to remove zeekoe's ban who was one of my most haters in this game ... i am just fair if i found a friend is cheating i report him and if i found a player who hates me like zeekoe or any one else got a unfair ban i defend him that's the point which you all don't understand.
flash: i see that vetus need to connect the site with the nicknames so the people need to be online in site so they can be online in the server , it will be better so anyone can recognize and see who is playing there ,more than that none is supposed to enter the server , and it will help admins as well so they can see the trusted players in side .
1: @scream it was a short explain about joker said ( i know what i do ) i meant by that all the cheaters would never turn on the hax when there is admin with Vetus tag name i am talked to him by his way or from his believing he may think i am cheating or he doesn't trust me otherwise he wouldn't ss me everyday @gotsoul you are a jealous dude who hates me because i am better than you you insulted me in Lueg server when we were almost alone there 1v1 and left without any reason i am ignoring even never ever took screenshot of any player in this game since you became admin i never ever even saw you kicking someone EXCEPTT ME you even let the cheaters who are even in the blacklist and you never KICK THEM
gotsoul: Regarding Afro: Just on top of what Joker&Scream said - EVERY TIME afro joins the game he ALWAYS insults someone or he is being aggressive or he is looking for a fight. ALWAYS. Let me repeat that, he is ALWAYS looking for trouble. Even when he changes names he ends up in insults and aggressiveness. I have tried to talk some sense into him by kind requests and advice but he ALWAYS comes back again for more trouble. One way or another he ends up causing trouble to the rest and having a problem himself instead of having a nice and fun game. I will no longer try to help this guy.
Scream: @1 are you serious with this? : "you will never catch me in your life because i am not stupid to turn the cheat on when there is any admin with vetus Tag in the server maybe if other admin hiding he may get a better chance.. " i know my english is not perfect..but this sounds for me like a confession for cheating if no vetus member is on server..and this sucks dude. just like also your always changing names. like joker already said: it has always a reason if you get sS'ed. play fair or let it be!!
UnnamedSoldier: "and server is full all the time and there are atleast 10 players outside can't join everyday" agreed about this. not sure what we need: second vetus server or more slot on the server. would it be hard for me to rent a new server with the same settings as the vetus server? never done anything like this, i dont know the rcon config commands
1: he been calling me wallhacker all the day anyway he is a good dog and will listen to your warning sure me too so there will be no problems anymore about changing my nicknames i will tell you my full ip in private and i think it doesn't change so if you see any nickname with the full numbers of my ip it will be me before you take wrong ss i have no problem if you want to take ss but it is wasting of time i really don't care if they steal or destroy my nicknames from now because i am not looking for statics but you have time to find a have time to find a solution for this till i play for statics in the future :8 just a notification can you make the number of players 30 instead of 24 because i see many people are back these days and server is full all the time and there are atleast 10 players outside can't join everyday
Tatsuro: Yes/no? Ja oder nein? I'm tired of being unanswered and wasting time on this....
Joker: Sony and 1 this is my last warning !! you do not make the vetus server your chatroom. You can lead your childish conflict somewhere else.
dest: Done femme😃
FemmeFatale: Vote for other maps! :D
UnnamedSoldier: i don't want you to make the change results, i want to reduce the number of votes needed for a new rotation to 15-18 from 20
W.O.R: Map Rotation is a think of you all. Vote more for Stalingrad and Stalingrad will have 10 Rounds. When i will beginn to change the vote result then the vote does not make a sense.
UnnamedSoldier: yes! AGREED with 7mood! 10 rounds Stalingrad please! (hard to get 20 users' vote for a new rotation, 15 would be enough)
7mood: Mr.WOR keep stalingrad map 10 rounds please :(
tomi: Zeeeeeeeer my looove :)
Tatsuro: Hey I saw merow say that me and blckhwk should contact vetus to talk about the ban. Sadly so far all my attempts to contact you guys were unanswered. So I'm here to talk about my ban and apolagize to Joker for my outburst last October. Any chance of like a probation period?^^ just want to play againd, I will keep the chatting to a minimum. Regards, Zeekoe
1: @wor i don't like to change my names but there are some no life kids like sony and his brother destroying all my nicknames and they keep it so if i keep a name for just 2 days they use it if i am killing sony more than he kills me in statics to destroy it i already told mero about that i can tell you too my nicknames which they used and i am ready to use my nickname love now but they will destroy it he makes his brother use vpn and then use my name because he sucks and can't kill me by himself i've did my best with those kids but they never stop that so what to do
MoMoo: ok i sent ss to our homebage thank you m8
W.O.R: upload the SS to our Homepage.
MoMoo: There is someone from vetus team screenshot me What are the steps to be sent to you !!!!;):)
MoMoo: how to send ss !!
W.O.R: @deke I can not do more than make a request the problem is that the admins are not active on mohass forum. The Last visit from (modder) one of the two admins was 10 Jun 2017, 01:36 and the seccond admin (Appelpitje) was on the page after my request but he answer on a question from 01 Dec 2017 and my current one was not answered. I do not know why, maybe not seen? I'll ask it again, but probably it will not be made. :(
W.O.R: @1 the reason for so many SS from you is that you change your name like socks. Play under the same name is are easier for all.
Joker: @1: do not underestimate us! we are not stupid
Joker: @ Dekke: I think that the new server is not registered
deke: hmm,,is there any sign that the server will be on the mohaa net tool yet wor ? many thanks,,,deke ;)
Joker: sorry my english is not that good! You are in my eyes a normal player like everyone else, so you have to put up with that I take from you ss.
1: why do you ss me everyday ? and what is the reason if my score was still 0 and you didn't even get a chance to watch me for 20 just took ss of me more than 12 times and sometimes you took 2 ss in less than 30 minutes with the same name.. i still have no problem if you make it 100 but i just don't like to get error someday with your 10000 of ss like electricity cut and this happens everyday in egypt then i won't be able to find screenshots...then all my clean screenshots i have sent won't count and the only ss which i didn't sent may cause a unfair ban or make people think i am cheating that's the point. you see when you listened to me for the first time and ss the player named spurt you caught him and i was right i already asked you and other admins to take ss of him manytimes in the last days but you ignored and he kept cheating in server i am the only one here who is right about all cheaters if you listen to me you will catch most of them and you will never catch me in your life because i am not stupid to turn the cheat on when there is any admin with vetus Tag in the server maybe if other admin hiding he may get a better chance
Joker: warum macht ihr immer so ein Theater wenn man von euch ss nimmt ? hat alles sein Grund !
1: wtf joker you take ss of me before i even choose axis or allies my score was still 0 dude what is wrong with you dude ?
Joker: @ ShaDowBoY You are not banned
ShaDowBoY: You Give Me Ban Ip for what ???
Toy Soldier: Hi all guys, Xc ManiC said he made a frag movie, I wanna see that badass Video :D
ShaDowBoY: Please Unban Me :D And Thank u
ShaDowBoY: i got 2 kick then Ban ip :*:*
ShaDowBoY: Why i every day get Ban ip and at night i get unban ??!?!
Joker: @ powder 06.10.2017 SS not sent Banned :8
tomi: What about to be clean :D
powder: YOU GAVE ME BAN IP FOR WHAT ????????????? POWDER J.S :):)
ShaDowBoY: I Banned Ip for No Reason Name: =[|TG|]=ShaDowBoY|Cpt :S:S: :(
ShaDowBoY: Banned Ip :( Why ??!
Mauli: :D:D:D
Mauli: Ich bedanke mIch sehr Herzlich W.O.R
W.O.R: Ok, jetzt sind die richtigen SS da, und sauber. Danke für die Zusammenarbeit und viel Spaß weiterhin auf dem Server.
W.O.R: Meinst du die aus deiner Galerie? Das sind nicht die richtigen. Es muss 3 Screenshots geben die den Namen screenshot@vetus-clan.de_Action_xxx.tga haben und Dann noch Models und Scores. Die sollst du dann am besten hier hochladen dann bekommen wir es auch gleich mit.
**Mauli**: hab se hochgeladen darf ich wieder drauf
**Mauli**: unter was und wie bin unter mainta gegannen und bei screenshot die letzten par bilder habe ich genommen und das was er selber gemacht hatt
**Mauli**: gebannd für nix danke:8
**Mauli**: Joker sag mir doch was ich machen soll um es dir zuzeigen :'(
W.O.R: Joker meint das Du die Screenshots zusenden sollst die er bei dir erzwungen hat. Du solltest in deinem Screenshots Ordner 3 Screenshots von und finden. Die erkennst du sofort an dem Namen. Niemand bezeichnet Dich gleich als Cheater nur wenn Du keine schickst ist es die Konsequenzen weil wir einfach dann davon ausgehen müssen das es was zu verbergen gibt.
**Mauli**: ein tip nimmt mal handy kopfhörer am pc da hört man jeden schritt
**Mauli**: habe die lust wieder zum spiel weis nix mehr ob wars gespielt werden clan suche ich auch gerne nein ich bin kein cheater :(:(:(:(:(
**Mauli**: unter was soll ich die schicken habe doch das bild geschickt was von selbst gemacht wurde pluss par tage davor ich brauche nicht cheaten ich spiele das spiel schon 15 jahre und habe 2jahre nicht gespielt genau deswegen werde als cheater bezeichnet soll ich extra schlechter spielen was soll ich jetzt machen das ich mit spielen kann die ss habe ich doch zu geschickt oder nicht auf nachricht bin ich gegannen weshalb regisriere ich mich denn hier um es zubeweisen zuwollen oder kann ich ein video machen und dir es zu schicken mir auch egal
**Mauli**: habe doch die geschickt
ghost78: :D
Joker: :S
1: sorry for the late mr joker was on phone :P
Joker: Du brauchst auch nicht ein auf Blöd zu machen denn ich kenne Dich von früher
Joker: schick erst mal deine ss dann kannst du spielen und nicht immer unter einen neuen Namen kommen
**Mauli**: weis nicht was los ist werde immer gekickt:(
Zait: WOR !! :)
flash: server says error while connecting i guess need to be restarted .
flash: server problem with me
cocofun: player called Got Axel constantly teambashing
W.O.R: Yes i hope soon.
Zait: WOR can u pls do smth about a retard named Professional Killer who's making teamkilling all the time ? thnks
mental: also foxy cant you think of a better alias name in here rather than such a boring one
mental: its okay foxy i only use sniper when i playing allies:8
UnnamedSoldier: my body can't hold more sniper bullets
UnnamedSoldier: omg then STOP KILLING ME WITH SNIPER, MENTAL! :( :S (i'm Foxy)
W.O.R: Yes he is it! :8
UnnamedSoldier: omg Mental, are you "Mental-Anubis" from the server?
Silver: Do not dream too much and forget to live :8
1: :D
mental: yes I back to play a few more rounds before i hang up my rifle
1: Which makes the game more fun like the old times
1: @mental glad to see oldest player in this game (with me) still comments on shoutbox these days yes you older than me about 30 years old more :p but i remeber we had a 1v1 game 14 years ago and don't worry i really don't remember who won that time it was kind of a friendly game it was really good times and i hope vetus admins can make a tournament soon :)
mental: Arm,it not that you dont understand each other but its that you dont realise who you dealing with.Glad Wor let you back but those stats needs adjusting otherwise it is total bullshit
W.O.R: The server was not added to the tool it was added to the servelist of only so that the tool user can find it to.
UnnamedSoldier: what i dont understand is that the previous Vetus server was added to the mohaa tool and we had the same players so how does it come that the new server not yet added to the mohaa tool but everybody cheats even if they were playing on the previous Vetus server which was added to the mohaa tool (???) :*
Armpower: No comment. We just dont understand each other WOR.
W.O.R: @TheBesT I'm glad that you understand why I reacted like that. That I was aggressive I do not think so and I'm still the same opinion, before you write something you should consider what you write and for that you need to turn on your brain. The ban here was for his evil tongue and more than protection from himself, otherwise he would certainly have written more unsightly things. The ban on server is self-explanatory why play on a server when you see them all as cheaters. I have remove the ban and hope that he learned something from it.
Zait: thks WOR !:D
W.O.R: Sorry, im not on my Pc, but i think it has work with my Smartphone, in the next feew Minuten the Server will run again.
DingAling: Zait try oldfarts server on
Zait: No server :( WOR ? :D
FemmeFatale: Server? :S
Tex: VODA player is clear wh can someone SS him pls
mental: Well said Wor,totally agreed apart from last bit.Where the hell did he find these stats of 90% of the players here are cheats.This is a scary world we live in if thats true
Tex: zeekoe is trying to get on touch with mero or WOR - should he keep trying he asks?
TheBesT: @tomi that's exactly my point...banning was just too harsh...ty
tomi: I agree with wor,but he didnt need too ban him,now its 1 clean player less in vetus server
TheBesT: Hi WOR, I get why ur upset about arm saying that 90% of the players r cheaters....I get that as I'm called cheater everyday and sadly many players now think the same and some players think everyone kills them is a cheater :D and from the concept when I read that somehow he was kidding....but I didn't expect u to go so aggressive and tell him that his brain isn't working...etc even if he is wrong u didn't have to say it's normal for him to write back but getting banned from both site and server that's little harsh......I hope u reconsider and give him another chance cus after all that was his opinion(wrong or right doesn' matter) and he didn't say names or accused anyone so pls reconsider.
W.O.R: Oh, I respect our players in contrast to you, you're the one who says 9 of 10 players (90%) are cheaters not me. And swearing where? open your eyes and read my message again. I just said that you should turn on your brain before you write such a crap. 90% of 24 or of 100 or of 1000 is every time the same 9of10 .... but ok maybe my brain is little but it works fine. Ps: you are banned now here and of the Server to, have no desire for such people.
Armpower: And one thing more WOR !! Firstly, learn to respect the players and stop swearing. I hope your little shit brain understands this. Nobody dont talk with you with crap language:8
deke: its friday !!..let the games begin !!:D:D
Armpower: No one doubts in your mathematical abilities. And I thought you had more players than 24 i mean pear day:) I hope you understand what i mean Wor:8
Armpower: Ask about my version other players Wor and listen what they say. Too much cheaters in server. I only say if vetus players play with mohaas net.tool 90 persent of them will banned bcz tool catch they cheats belive me :8
deke: danke schoen wor :)
W.O.R: @Armpower I have not heard such a crap for a long time. first think then write ... 90% of 24Slots = 21.6 = 22 of 24 are not clean and the two clean player you and....? What a crap use your brain bevor you write.
W.O.R: @deke have asked on the page, hope the server will be in the list soon.
deke: nono it has been up and running in the old server with no probs ;)
Armpower: Loooooooool DEKE,its very good idea but if Wor do that 90 percent of vetus players will be banned:D:8
deke: hallo wor, could you please add the server to the mohaa net tool,
W.O.R: @Delta, nice to hear that it has worked. Have see the screens all clean, thank you for your time.
tomi: Ne bluzi no
natan-fr: for info I am a novice in computer science and English. When I play I do not understand anything that is written that is why sometimes I do not respond to anyone. Thanks to google translator:S:S:P:P
natan-fr: hello ok, server bug. thank you for the answer See you soon
Delta: ty WOR, screenshots sent
W.O.R: @Delta open your PC "This PC" and klick in the Search Field right-top like this now search for "*.tga".
Armpower: loool WOR;););)
Delta: @W.O.R. check pm box
W.O.R: Ok found the problem ... i was banned to and all other ;) small error big effect :8
W.O.R: I will Check it.
Armpower: server down:8
Pixies: Hello everyone. I cant join to the server cause it says i m banned. i have check i got no SS taken and alsi in game i didnt get any warning or disturbance message from the other players . just idk why:-O
chief: Yes, natan, everyone get this message. i thinl server its hacked again...:'(
natan-fr: Hello everyone , Why can not I connect? The server tells me ip banned. Why ? Is this an error if not why? tchus:*:*
Delta: @W.O.R. you've got new pm
Delta: there are no .tga file in my pc, I guess it's because I use the warchest, I can just install the full game but I have no ss atm on my pc
DingAling: @Delta, search your pc for the ss try searching for tga files and see if that helps. I did ask why you were kicked after the ss but no answer and yes I do think your clean m8 buts that my opinion it's not my server mate.
Delta: well, think what you want, ask to whoever plays with me every day like tex, dingalign, vaccie, ecc ecc if I'm clean or not, and it's not the first time that no screenshots were saved, this happened to other users
Joker: ja sicher
Delta: send what? I have no file in screenshots folder! I can just send you a screenshot of the empty folder lol
Joker: @Delta SS ID 209-94-654 sent plz
Delta: ty for kicking me without give me time to write, anyway no screenshots were saved when you screenshotted me some minutes ago
UnnamedSoldier: i think we should slowly open the second VETUS server. in the evenings lot of players are waiting to get a free spot in the server :*
Birke: Die sollen mal lieber ein HD-Rework von Spearhead rausbringen ^^
Scream: Willkommen zurück boris :) :)
MAN_OF_HONOR: Hi Fans ich bin wieder hier nach Jahren der Abstinenz!!
tomi: Trooper my love :* its me Lox
1: hey there is a problem with the new server in the list it doesn't appear this is why the old one is full now lol
the trooper: I am still alive tomi :D
DingAling: A plAyer named A7med is in server now with serious wh or some cheat. Admin.
1: great mr mero i think they already talked and tried many times before but yeah maybe they lost hope..i think they both banned in the site this is why also they couldn't try to talk any more
merowinger: I would like blckhwk and zeekoe contact me by PN to talk about the situation. Since they did not yet I assumed they simply lost their interest in MOH/Vetus. Lifting a ban always requires a direct contact with the player himself. Looking forward to their notes ...
tomi: Oh dear,unbann them plz :'(
1: yes lox noob blckhwk and zeekoe doesn't deserve to stay banned for just bad behaviour while the server is full of cheaters and spammers and stealers names :(.. horle is admin so he is away by his own choice but blckhwk and zeekoe are not and the new server is great and no lags anymore but you need to update the page in the left side and put the new server's ip and informations instead of the old one :)
tomi: Thats very beautifull,but i miss horle and zee :'(
Armpower: Scream miss you:)
tomi: Whereeeeeeeeeeees horle and zee :S:S
W.O.R: Nein, spielen keine wars oder Turniere mehr ist kein richtiger Bedarf da.
Birke: Gibts eigtl. noch ein Vetus Teamspeak oder Discord Server, wo man sich beim gegenseitigen Killen auch noch unterhalten kann?
W.O.R: Take your war elsewhere!
merowinger: Server up again, sorry for the timeout!
Tex: sounds good Ding
DingAling: Lueg server?
HIMA: ican't find it in the list ? and how there are players in the server ?
HIMA: ican't find it in the list ? and how there are players in the server ?
Tex: connection time out
HIMA: server off or what ?
Tex: thank you GotSoul - I was trying to explain to flash that the max fps was limited to monitor hz but he did not understand :-)
HIMA: server off or what ?
DingAling: @ birch. Your absolutely right.
DingAling: The server just took a brainfart :-O
Birke: Schade, dass hier (oft) nur gemeckert wird. Manchmal muss man auch einfach mal "Danke" sagen, dass die Crew von Vetus versucht das absolute Lieblings-Spiel meiner Zocker-Karriere am Leben erhält. Bin immer froh, wenn ich mal ein bisschen Nostalgie verspüre und Medal of Honor anwerfe, dass der Server noch da ist. Auch wenn es hier und da mal ein wenig ruckelt oder laggt. Und zum Thema Hacken oder Cheater: Nicht jeder der besser ist als man selber ist gleichzeitig ein Cheater, solange es keine Beweise dafür gibt... Ich hoffe, dass Ihr noch lange so weiter macht! Lieben Gruß Der 227th | BauM!
W.O.R: Wie schon gesagt, so wie der Server jetzt läuft ist nur Notdürftig gestartet damit was läuft. Unser Anbieter kann das Problem mit den Pingspitzen nicht lösen. Es wird ein neuer Server kommen. Wir arbeiten an einem besseren Bannsystem im Moment was sehr viel Zeit beansprucht so das alles andere erstmal liegen bleiben muß
Joker: macht kein Spaß mehr !!
Joker: was ist das hier ? deutscher oder Kameltreiber Server? geht ja gar nicht !!!
1: there must be a solution for that if you really care about it
1: yes server become so boring and full of cheaters and sadly they are the same players who play everyday and admins only take screenshots of me more than 10 times in less than a month now it is easy for all people almost all the server turn on cheats when admins leave i think all got the same hax which you can turn it on & OFF or anti forcemodels in vetus whatever anyway GOT clan and OaO clan they all turn wallhack all the time when there are no admins everyone will come with a bullshit and say that i made a video to proof i am clean and they are all turning hax on to force the other cheaters so game become 50 50 it's their excuse all of them
The-Ganjaman: Mach bitte was an die scheis cheaters Bitte:'(
ghost78: hat bisle gelaggt aber nicht so extrem !
Zait: :D :D ty
W.O.R: We will make many changes next time, new server, pinglimit etc. hope all will work.
Zait: WOR, pls put 150 ping limit on server
flash: i know that more than 120 man cant recognize but more than 120 makes game run smoothly and without lags , i have gathered my pc myself every piece is compatiable with each others as the information provided in
gotsoul: Even in best case scenario you would be missing about 200 of those lovely frames, ~1000 fps being the max for human eye. To make it even worse the actual fps you see is probably about 60-120 at best as it is capped by your monitor's refresh rate.
flash: zait told me the link does not work ,ill post again another one for the fps thing in here .
Zait: "Server is for low pings only" :)) First time I see this.:(
flash: i told tex about my fps and he did not believe i have high fps in game reaches 500 and 600 and also 350 in the online game so i took a photo with my pc to show him my 2000-1500 fps in game :) here is a link
flash: server is down needs restart
W.O.R: Alles klar erledigt, auch Nextmap stimmt nicht ganz werde es später korrigieren muss jetzt weg.
W.O.R: was die ist an? habe es nicht geprüft ob alles so läuft wie sonst, ok ich schau mal.
Reizung: Hey Jungs! Ihr müsst noch die M1 (Rifle der US) deaktivieren. Die macht mit jedem Treffer (egal ob Schuss oder Bash) 100% Schaden. Gruß ABE
W.O.R: Thank you all for you patience
7mood: Thanks wor :D
UnnamedSoldier: Wooohooo! :D
1: in less than 20 minutes server become full what a legendary server :) thanks
Zait: Thnks WOR !:P
W.O.R: Server is Online now! Sorry for this long time :(
Dad: Thank you for your response, Merowinger.
merowinger: It was/is necessary to stop MOH unless the reason for all those lags is found. We're in direct touch with the ISP as we need their support (it's in fact a technical problem which cannot be solved by us). It now depends on the ISP when our server will be up again but we hope to talk about hours and not days. We'll keep you posted...
Dad: Any idea how much longer the server will be down? Thank
tomi: This days got time,but server is down :(
7mood: I miss you vetus server:S
W.O.R: Sorry auch heute kein Server, da wird noch gesucht.
W.O.R: Hello people im sorry but the server must be off for another 24h.
W.O.R: Nein das habe ich etwas schlecht gelöst. Man kann weiterhin abstimmen. 20 ist das mindeste. Werde es dann morgen nach dem der Server wieder läuft Manuell auswerten.
cocofun: ich sehe 21 abgestimmt, -1 muss noch abstimmen. :*
tomi: 3round sux,v2,bridge and hunt need 5rounds atleast:(
tomi: Hahaha omg need one more glassess:8
W.O.R: Look in the yellow Box in the middle of the Page.
tomi: Rotation* lol
tomi: Where to vote for new map rotatotion
Armpower: danke shon:8
W.O.R: Hallo Leute, MapRotation wurde noch nicht aktualisiert da der Server noch nicht soweit ist. Es sind noch Dinge mit dem Support zu klären bevor wir weiter machen.
DingAling: Kick specs plz :D
W.O.R: Server mal gestartet, hoffe es ist jetzt besser.
1: Much thanks for your offort and good luck
W.O.R: The Server is in the testing phase, sorry i hope we can fix next time all errors and ping Problem.
1: server down
Tex: Server connection timed out
Tex: Server down?
W.O.R: Yes sorry for the Lags, we try many thinks now to fix this Problem.
Delta: Yes, lot of lag here
DingAling: Server is bad with lag....
Zait: Thnx WOR !:8
W.O.R: Der Server ist jetzt Online, werde später weiter machen.
W.O.R: Der Support lässt sich Zeit, komme nicht voran!
FemmeFatale: ... bin dann mal auf dem Amok-Server ...
W.O.R: Sorry ohne Support vom Anbieter komme ich einfach nicht weiter, der Server ist eingerichtet aber Ihr werdet damit keinen Spaß haben.
tomi: I can,cus im banned without the reason :*
Reizung: How can we survive at the weekend without Vetus server :'(
MohaMMed: Sever is openned throughtout studying and get off during vacation :'(
tomi: We know u can do it :)
W.O.R: Sorry aus dem Server wird es doch nichts, komme ohne Anbieter Unterstützung nicht weiter da stimmt noch was nicht. Leider erst Morgen... hoffentlich!
Armpower: Ban nooobs WOR:D:D:D
Armpower: wtf you type here? are you crazy?noobish:*
Armpower: not need lueg you noob ding like always,we neeed vetus server:8
Joker: Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus! :D:D:D:D
DingAling: That's OK wor thank you for the reply.
W.O.R: Sorry but not before 00:00 o'clock. I'm at work and can not work on the server right now.
DingAling: Lueg server is up if anyone wants a game :*
DingAling: How long will the server be down?
Tex: ah lol under construction lol - I never saw that
Tex: Server down???
Delta: Ban the user EYYYYY please..actually in the server, he is just teamkilling
-=Hyp3R=-: @JOKER i send my SS as MaJoR would u check it and say if i were clean or not thx all
powder: ThX W.O.R am sure he is cheating Also there are a number of players who want to complain him and can be allowed to enter the registration site here .. ترجم! وسوف تراهم يبلغوا عن نفس الشخص 30/5000 wasawf tarahum yablughuu ean nafs alshakhs You will see them they report the same person Again bro thx :D and have a nice time
Armpower: Dear admins. Pls put some eye to player name always_no_ mercy. Is he send you clean SS? Thanks.
W.O.R: @powder you know it for sure and have proof that he cheating or you just think it? Please do not get this wrong but if someone says that about you without evidence, how would you like it? We always try to be fair, which does not always succeed, but we strive. Maybe he's cheating or maybe he's just good? We will check it but certainly we ban not only because someone claims something.
powder: Hello mr.wor how are you bro There is a player with us playing cheats and a lot of scorn on this and I spoke to the team by saying that we are certain that the team Vitos will be expelled immediately, but to no avail is to play with cheating for a long time and no limit to expel him .... Es gibt einen Spieler mit uns, der Cheats und eine Menge Verachtung spielt und ich habe mit dem Team gesagt, dass wir sicher sind, dass das Team Vitos sofort rausgeschmissen wird, aber ohne Erfolg mit uns betrogen zu werden und niemanden, der ihn vertreibt his name shooter
TheBesT: hhhhhh......just let people decide whose the underage from ur pathetic way of speak lol:D:D
1: !!!!! i just tried to help you ...and that's what i get from a angry camel like that very strange...but it's just your age :) anyway i wlll not try to help underage people from now or even respond them.
Armpower: Just ignore him Best:8
TheBesT: @1 Something man wake up and read my msg carefully don't assume anything by urself my point was i'm here no need for u to intervene and I did thank u....and ur coming with (something personal "shit") looooooool :-O:-O:-O and speak about's a freakin game dude don't put these stuff in it....cus it's called virtual world for a reason.....and yes be out always:P:P:);)
1: thanks mero :)
merowinger: Restarted, should be up again and running
Dad: Hi Admin, Is there something the matter with the server?
1: @TheBest i just saw your sister getting kick without reason just tried to help her..i would do the same with anyone else i know in the server if i saw him getting kick without reason so don't worry nothing personality between me and her there is 10 years diffrence between me and her and 7 years between me and you anyway good luck you both next time i am out of it :P and thanks joker for kicking monlord for insulting and spaming yesterday :)
Joker: if you talk about me then please in German:8
Joker: @TheBesT:Ok, if I talk about you then I'll do it in Englisch :8
TheBesT: @joker i don't know german so thank god that there is google translate:D:D.......but yet i didn't understand ur msg so please if talk about us clarify ur msg in eng so i can replay and thanks
TheBesT: @1 i don't know who gave u the premission to talk on our behave but i think u did with good intention so thank u and in case if u didn't know i have an email here as well so if there is any problem(and there isn't so far) i will personally report it here i don't need anyone report on my behave and thank u again:):)
SONY: Hey Guys, Kindly I invite you all to watch a vetus miles server gameplay on youtube from here:
1: no joker they love vetus :P but you can take screenshot of them anytime if you want for sure,no one above rules :8
W.O.R: Kennst du es anders ;)
Joker: wollen die uns verarschen oder was !!
1: hi m8s player named Bride or Angel is known as healer if there is no problem with her like forcing screenshots not sent please don't kick,she plays as same ip as 2a TheBest too her brothe just to make it clear for you so if there is no problem too with her brother's ip like screenshots etc please stop kicking her thanks
W.O.R: Das wäre ja Betrug hoch 19 :) gut das ich da ein Auge drauf habe :8
MohaMMed: gute Idee , Reizung :'d
Reizung: Um Himmels Willen 10 Runden Verschneit :S Jetzt muss ich doch noch 19 Accounts erstellen und neu Voten :P
MohaMMed: prevent chatting and all will be right :v
1: no problem...i follow the rules too.
Tex: Hi Joker can u warn Ariol for team killing pls 3 times and never any apology thanks Tex
W.O.R: cool down!! i have no problem with your german = blablabla if i speak german on the server then i speak to a german player not to you no one other must understand it and the same is in arabic if a arabic player speak to you or other in arabic and insult you or not is not my problem. No understand = No Porblem! Is your war not our, we not the Babysitter of you! If you want that an admin understand you so speak englisch or german so easy is it. If i want that you understand me so im speak english to you to. No need rules obout language on the server.
1: and i will fuck anyone who insults me in arabic in arabic language too it is a blablabla so it won't touch admins and out of rules
1: also german for me is blablablablablabla i didn't get you how come i talk to you in arabic anyway i only talk to admins in english don't remember when did anyone talk here in arabic
W.O.R: No you can Speak all languages on the Server. What I do not understand does not concern me. I do not want to know what you write to you all, for me arabic = bla bla bla and not more and if one of you say he insult me or otrher is not my problem and please dont translate it for me i do not want to know it. If one want something he can ask me or others in english.
1: i have no problem and i agree but how about insults and spam in arabic ? can't language just be english
W.O.R: Tragt euren bescheuerten Kindergarten Kampf wo anders aus. Ich habe beide Beiträge gelöscht... interessiert uns nicht! Das hier ist keine Bühne!! Als nächstes werde ich mit dem bannen anfangen bevor es eskaliert. Genau so ist es mir egal wer angefangen hat wenn ich TKs auf dem Server sehe werden die gebannt die in meinen Augen Schuld sind. Ich habe es heute beobachtet und es wäre Bazooka gewesen. Ich habe nichts gemacht aber das nächste mal gibt es Folgen!!!
Tex: Hi Joker can u warn Ariol for team killing pls 3 times and never any apology thanks Tex
W.O.R: seta r_customheight "1080" seta r_customwidth "1920"
GodspeedGreece: Hello mates , happy new year , wish you the best ! any mod for 1920x1080 res?
Genghis.Khan: can anyone kick the spectators, please ??
DingAling: Could someone ss Santos plz. Thanks
MohaMMed: Im happy that u r glad hima but not all Egyptians r cheaters and btw u r Egyptian so,
kippo: thanks for unban me :8
ShaDowBoY: ok Now im Not Banned Ip try again HIMA ;)
kippo: not*
kippo: im nor from Egypt lol ?
HIMA: i think that they banned all of Egyptian or Arab ip , really am very happy for this step as am became boring for those cheaters , perefect step mates :) ;)
ShaDowBoY: Why I Banned Ip For no reason ?? :( Name:=[|T-G|]= ShaDowBoY|Cpt
kippo: Hello Vetus, im banned for no reason, it says Rejected to connection, Banned IP , Why ? thanks: G|u|N-NoroMon†e > !
MohaMMed: Ok no problem at all , u took me ss and i sent them the others were lost , it’s not an excuse i just forgot to take precautions and send them , anyway im not abig fan of freeztag style and it was my first time here on ur servers so maybe it’s a goodbye and thanx for letting me know that u r so close minded and don’t believe in a second chance ! Never used cheats on ur servers ,bye
W.O.R: Again, i have SS you as Sad and belive me im sure that you and Sad the same Person im not blind and not a idiot. And deepfreeze or not deepfreeze is not my problem. Deepfreeze delete the Screens after restart PC not after disconnect from the Server. You must send the screens after end of game if you play on a pc with deepfreeze. You will stay banned, you all know the rules no screens = ban for possilbe cheats. And now i do not want to hear any excuses.
MohaMMed: And pls check the ip of the name sad and the ip of. Dr.sniper cause i really remember that I didn’t recieve any fss ehen playing eith sad , maybe another player just took the name
MohaMMed: And pls check the ip of the name sad and the ip of. Dr.sniper cause i really remember that I didn’t recieve any fss ehen playing eith sad , maybe another player just took the name
MohaMMed: I posted the ss u have taken me as dr.sniper and rlly if u have taken any other ss they r lost because of deepfreez and my mistake i forgot to send them to a friend
MohaMMed: I just need to clearify sth i always play feom netcafe all computers have deepfreez so when u took me fss as Dr.sniper ii directly sent them to my friend brohom to send them to u cause I couldn’t register here and it’s not even my account I borrowed it from a friend , after that u thought I didn’t send the ss then u kept kicking me therefore i changed my name to Sad and entered , i assure i had no ss while playing with sad if i had i would gladly do the same and send them to brohom cause im clean and have nothing to worry abt , maybe u took me ss as sad but really I can’t post them cause the computer had deepfreeze and they r lost , and i was clean in ss by sniper name why would i use hack with different name ! Doesn’t make sense! All i want another chance and i will play with only one name Dr.Sn!per and u can take me any ss u want , i will post them in 5 min max , i have no excuse now while having an account so no delay no changing names no problems
MohaMMed: Iam Dr.Sn!per can i talk to any admin?
MohaMMed: Hi
1: @Wor i wonder why all this hate to him.. anyway it's unfair ban and it is your server and your choice to choose who play and who not but... i will not care any more about it or even try to help admins. let cheaters play in your server and ban the clean players but it will cause more problems later. and believe me dude i am not the one who is attacking the server these days...i did my best and tried to help admins but seems you have a tight mind.
W.O.R: Stop Spamm, he is banned and he know the reason.
UnnamedSoldier: anybody will come to this? Medal of Honor music will be played there. (Michael Giacchino - Medal of Honor) :)
HIMA: guys server run or stop ?
UnnamedSoldier: who votes for bazaar and bahnhof? >_
Armpower: we have wh in server client number 5:8
W.O.R: my speech!
Armpower: Go to private message noobs:-O Stop spamm here!!!:-O
twis: borhom I have screnshot from 2017 My brother sent Maybe there was an error sending ss santos I am sent coming 'soon You will see As for Afroo . I have Video from phone And you are working tk =[OaO]= SONY .....afroo You love lying a lot baby Soon you will see the baby :8 :)
1: also you both used my nickname 1 manytimes these days
1: @kid you and your brother are using my nicknames all the time admins already checked that and found that you did that i am not a random child like you to use your nicknames you can ask admins to check if i ever used anyone's nickname or not but you and your fucking brother used my nicknames and fun one of them i didn't use it since 2017 you and your brother are still using my nicknames till this moment and fun one of them. i hope admins check that for real
Armpower: Jawohl:)
Reizung: Aber stimmt, der Darky war schon lange nicht mehr da. Der hat ja eig. schon hier gewohnt :D
borhom: all people know that ARZ3 was wh it was showen to the blind people , he banned 3 times with names ARZ3 - - Santos and he still playing with sony and call people that they are wh and cheater , how can be ? :*
twis: I was not a member of a clan Rs :* You are hungry if you do not attract Real lol a Afro :D
twis: The other time my brother was a conscript in the army, he did not play much, and you caused you to do my brother's ban on the black list and open vpn change nickname NFS santos and inslut people and work tk all player Hima proved My brother did not do this . Everyone knows you love the problem
twis: ARz3 is my brother
twis: ARz3 I did not know send at this time 2011
twis: LOVE = 1 u play nickname F U N NOW LOL :D
twis: LOVE. and u play nicname NFS Santos now :'( name fake :'( In order to ban my brother :'(
1: @twis your brother Sony was banned 3 times before (for cheating...Santos and «««ÂRŽ3«««— don't remember the 3rd one.. i know this too :) and you were RS clan member i know this too :)
twis: WoR :) sad = Dr!Sniper I know this from a long time ago in another server
Dad: Whatever happened to people like muck_____worm, petrocelli, Darky, Bedibir, people like that? What about Blackhwk? I argued with them, but I enjoyed playing with those guys. Anyone know why they don't play any more?
W.O.R: Server Online again! Have Fun. Stats all saved and updated to the homepage.
Dad: Whatever happened to people like muck_____worm, petrocelli, Darky, Bedibir, people like that? What about Blackhwk? I argued with them, but I enjoyed playing with those guys. Anyone know why they don't play any more?
Dad: Whatever happened to people like muck_____worm, petrocelli, Darky, Bedibir, people like that? What about Blackhwk? I argued with them, but I enjoyed playing with those guys. Anyone know why they don't play any more?
merowinger: It's a provider problem right now and we cannot restart the server. Seems they've got technical problems and we need to open a support ticket. But cannot guess when it will be up again ... working on it
Zait: Server down.:'(
Armpower: I love vetus miles admins work. Work correct and thanks again for replay. Good job guys:8
DingAling: Thank you.
DingAling: Any admins about mark console is back after ghost banning him again yesterday.
Armpower: Thanks console for replay. Good JOB.
Armpower: Thanks console for replay. Good JOB.
Armpower: any ADMINS ?
Armpower: DD stop pk3 is wh and tk
Armpower: Need some admin in server
7mood: Happy new year fir all i know its too let :D
borhom: @W.O.R ok , i will ask him
W.O.R: @borhom pleas tell Dr!Sniper i need the Screens as "Sad" to i have made it few days ago. And im sure he was it!
Scream: lol Terry... ,,!,, :P
Scream: Wünsch ich dir auch Ghost :)
Terry: Wooohoo! :P :8
Terry: Wooohoo! :P :8
Terry: Wooohoo! :P :8
ghost78: Wünsche euch allen ein Gutes Neues Jahr !
borhom: Hi all in this Dr!Sniper ss < thx
merowinger: @ABE, beide wieder auf der Liste!
Armpower: ;)
Viru5: Je ne parle pas anglais armpower il a grande noob :P
Armpower: Youare not alone here !!!!:8
Armpower: Pleaase speack english :8
Armpower: Admins pls we wont to see the language wich not understand:8
Armpower: zig hi noobs:)
Armpower: speack english noobs wtf:*your not alone here:8
Viru5: 13 fr wunste dich einen schones neue jahr
Reizung: Schaut euch mal den Chatverlauf ab ~14:20 Uhr an... drohen sogar einem Privat. Wie behindert sind die bitte. Gruß ABE
Reizung: Hallo Jungs! Schönes neues Jahr euch allen. Könnte einer bitte mal auf den Serverkommen und die 2 alten Amok Spieler WIEDER bannen? Habt ihr bestimmt schon 3,4 mal vom Server verbannt. Ist der AsusStrix und der German Player. Danke euch Gruß ABE
Soldat: Frohes neues Jahr :D
Delta: Happy new year!!
Silver: Happy New Yaer For Every one I hope the best to all :8
Armpower: Happy new year:):):)
koppy: Happy New Yearrrr... :] :8:8
Armpower: server down :8
Zait: A Happy New Year to all Vetus addicted ! :D
Scream: Happy new Year
twis: Happy New Year . Vetus 10 years :8:)
DingAling: Ping kick
DingAling: Is ping not working? Players are playing with over 200 ping.:*
DingAling: Happy new year to all:D
Joker: ich schließe mich an und wünsche allen ein Guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2018. Feiert schön.
W.O.R: Melde mich für heute ab! Wünsche allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Feiert schön mit euren Freunden und Familie wir sehen uns frisch und munter im neuen 2018!
cocofun: i report constant teamkilling by player Ariol over 5 rounds now to different players.
Armpower: call SISI:D
HIMA: guys there is big problem in server , i am always play ping 100 and suddenly changed to 198 then i am restarting net to get 100 again then after 10 minutes or more changed again to 200 so why ?
borhom: sry for repeat it was by mistake
borhom: ty for ling bro
borhom: ty for ling bro
1: hhhhh link* yw bro merry christmas and a happy new year to all people
borhom: ty for ling bro
1: @borhom from here you can send your screenshots directly as it is in your mohaa folder tga files without any changes just click on choose file and choose them from mohaa folder...@dinga or tex they are the most polite guys in the server their jokes means they love you..they used to do that with me and dinga still does these days but only when he is drunk :D
Armpower: Respect clan admins:8
Scream: chill borhom..
borhom: i sent them in the last text and still kicking me , and i didn't insulted you , you start to bash me and when i bash you you kick
borhom: ss are here
Joker: You get respect if you deserve it! if you say please send ss then please do that !! insulting a vetus admin is not smart !!
borhom: Hi , there is my ss now , please i wanna have more respect i'm old player in this server , joker always bash me and when i bash him he kick me , tex and dingaling always bulling on me and when admin comes on they say that i started to insult them
7mood: Server down!
Zait: Scream.... restart server :)))
Reizung: Hey Jungs, ist dieser Cloud der ständig auf dem Server spielt nicht der blckhwk? Falls ja, wurde er nicht vom Server gebannt? Gruß ABE
7mood: Server laag :S
7mood: Server laag :S
borhom: :))
fabulous: Merry Christmas Everybody! :) -
Armpower: MARRY CHRISTMAS Vetus clan admins and all members;)
Armpower: :8:-O:*
Viru5: Oh no you can't wallhack on Christmas thats forbidden . This guy has serious balls hahaha plz enjoy your time with family and stop playing
Silver: sparta™ use wh now any admin come to ban him
Viru5: Merry Christmas all
-=Hyp3R=-: i was play and i get kicked ??
Joker: -=Hyp3R=-: ??
Joker: plz
-=Hyp3R=-: would any admin answer me ??!!
-=Hyp3R=-: scream why i get kicked over and over again??
FemmeFatale: und Kra§ta wünschen euch allen und euren Familien frohe Weihnachten
Joker: Ich wünsche euch allen ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest!
Zait: Happy Holidays and Merry X-mas to everyone ! ;)
merowinger: Ghost, Du alter Lady-Killer! Hast also den Prinz bestens vertreten als der sein Augenlicht gesucht hat? Dann ist Rapunzels Kind also ein Vetus-Nachwuchs! Guter Mann, falls der Prinz das irgendwann merkt keine Sorge: wir stehen Mann für Mann hinter Dir ;)
ghost78: sorry Mero war im Turm Eingesperrt.:D Dacht bisle abwechslung tut euch gut :P
Joker: Hi dad No problem! Let's forget the whole thing! Greeting Joker
Dad: Joker, upon further reflection I concede that I was wrong, and apologise to you for my immature reaction. I suppose I felt that my integrity had been impugned and that that was a personal insult. I was wrong. Merry Christmas to you.
Joker: ich habe versucht das nicht über die hp zu machen !aber anscheinend brauchst du die Öffentlichkeit um dich darzustellen!!von meiner Seite wird diesbezüglich nichts mehr kommen. Wünsche Dir ein schönes weihnachtsfest
Joker: so jetzt melde ich mich auch mal zu wort ! ich habe gestern dad eine Nachricht geschickt darin stand !!!! dad habe heute den Mist gelesen den du geschrieben hast !! mir ist es egal wer oder was du bist !du spielst auf den server von vetus und wirst wie jeder andere andere spieler der auf dem vetus server spielt kontrolliert Gruss sheriff stasi polizei !!!das wars!!!!! und jetzt zu Dir dad ich dachte eigentlich das du ein vernünftiger schlauer man bist !!! aber da habe ich mich geirrt !so verhält sich kein erwachsener Mann
Dad: WOr, I've already said that I had no grudge or hard feelings towards Joker or anyone else. I understood that he did what he did and that he was guided by his own lights. However, he sent me a private message in which he was quite nasty. That is what I took exception to, not the ban or the screenshots. I stand by what I said regarding his childish reaction to my initial complaint. My words from this morning have nothing to do with the ban or the screenshots. Keep up the good work, it provides great entertainment for an older fellow like myself, but I don't need it so much that I will tolerate the nonsense of a tin pot soldier who gets a bee in his bonnet and becomes vindictive, especially when he is in a position of trust and authority over the running of the game.
Armpower: Im nervious:-OWhyall players are agressive and dont respect admins wtf? Need respect clan admins where you play!!:8
W.O.R: so not Dad! Joker did not do anything wrong he only force you to screenshots not more! That your game is craches because your game is broken is not his problem. For him it was only visible that you left the game after the first screenshot and this is a typical reaction for a cheater. You sent the one screenshot and now we all know why you left the game after first Screenshot. I have explained everything to you in a private message and your ban was reversed. You were not even banned for a day, we clarified and explained everything! Why are you attacking us? Were we too friendly with you? We are not a company, we do not profit from the server it is a hobby. Our support is voluntary. But if there is always this dissatisfaction in spite of solved problems then soon no one has more desire to continue. So let It be good and let Joker in peace! :8
Dad: In future, Joker, please send me your vindictive nonsense publicly, so that everyone can see your tendencies.
Dad: Funny what happens to people when they assume even just a little authority! I wonder if he dons a real uniform when he sits to his computer to play Vetus? Silly fellow.
Dad: Joker, Please don't send me any more rude responses. You are clearly too immature to be admin. When you become vindictive because a useless player has shot you a few times, you might want to question your own integrity. You will lose many legitimate players from Vetus with your high-handed approach, might then have to play with yourself, which you may already do. When you commit an error of judgment, normally a simple apology would be preferable to your rudeness. I said in response to WOR's explanation of events that I had no hard feelings towards you, or anyone else. But what I do take umbrage with is your manner and method of dealing with issues oof those who play on the server. I think your personality leanings are perhaps clearly indicated in your unchanging choice of team. Before you remove the splinter from my eye with your childish reaction, take the log from your own.
Viru5: Ok good dad, remember my first no.1 tip: never play moh ever
Dad: Fixed, Viru5, but thanks a million for your help.
merowinger: Verdammt, habe mir gerade Teil 2 reingezogen! Ist nichts mehr mit unschuldig, dieser Homo-Prinz war als erster da :P
merowinger: Krass, den zweiten Teil von Rapunzel hatte ich gar nicht gesehen! Lange blonde Haare, unschuldiges Gemüt und ein gesundes 80c vor der Hütte - perfekt! @Ghost, kennst Du die alte Hexe besser? Vielleicht kann die uns am Wochenende mal in den Turm lassen? Dann kommt Rapunzel mal auf andere Gedanken :D
Viru5: Oh yeah dad I got same problem . Wor sent me the fix I don't have time at the moment I will be online tonight just message me on steam or here if you still have this F12 ss error or screenshot error let me know !?
Scream: hehe ;)
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: dann lieber Akame Ga Kill ;-)
Scream: woohoo xd
Scream: Wor ich auch :-O :D
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: ghost langsam mach ich mir Sorgen ^^ :D
W.O.R: Ich habe mir auch die nächsten 10 Minuten 2/2 angeschaut um zu sehen ob da doch noch was kommt weshalb ich mir das anschaue? .... es kam nichts :(
merowinger: Habe mir jetzt am frühen Morgen 10 Minuten Rapunzel reingezogen. Ganz schön krass, Danke für den Link Ghost :D
1: good 2 hear our father have fun :)
Dad: No 1, AMAZING! That worked! Thank you.
Dad: Thanks No 1, I'll try it.
1: @dad good morning mate try go to manita folder if you use spearhead or go to maintt folder if you use breakthrough in both folders there is a folder named configs just delete and try your game
W.O.R: ghost alles ok?
Dad: Hi WOR, Thank you for the message. No, the mouse is still malfunctioning. It can get me to the game, choose a team and a weapon, but as soon as I'm active in the game, I can only shoot and go forwards and backwards. Any adivse would be appreciated. Thanks for lifting the ban. While I was disappointed not to be able to join the fun, I was somewhat flattered that Joker would think I played well enough to think I might be cheating!
W.O.R: Hello Dad, i see we have a misunderstanding. Your Mouse problem comes from our Screenshot script. The problem is that your Game is brocken and every time if you or we try to take a Screenshot (F12) your MOH crash down, that i see on the sent screenshot of you. You have mean Joker kick you but he have only force you to SS and yor mohaa crashed. You can't see that joker forced you to SS and Joker mean you left the game after the first SS, is a typical behavior for cheaters. But you have sent your Screen and we all know what's happened. I have remove your Ban and if possible repair the Screenshot problem, ask Esporto_13_fr he had the same problem maybe he could solve it. Your Mouse works now? or you need Help?
Dad: Still banned, I see.
Dad: Virus and No 1, Thank you for your support. Isn't it ridiculous when you get and over-zealous policeman? I'm the worst player on here and have a little run of luck so I must be cheating. If things carry on this way, there will be no one left on Vetus.
Viru5: OMG this joker is really joking screenshotting a old man . Hahaha this is total garbage man haha . Every person can see Dad is far from cheating you must be a total retard to not see that. I like there are some active admins but dayum ss a old man/ legend who is known as beginner is next to overkill to make sure he isn't cheating :D . No hate , love you Dad
1: @dad there is easier way & faster way too to send screen shots which wor and mero told me before from here just click on choose file and choose the 3 screenshots from your pc in your MOHAA folder maintaa if you use spearhead and maintt if you use breakthrough with names screenshot@vetus-clan.de_Actions_..then click upload and wait till it says screenshots uploaded succesfully anyone else who wants to send screenshots can do the same..@spanish amigo nice video but its the longest in youtube maybe :P and you are lucky i was the one who you killed at the end of the video otherwise someone else instead of me would call you wall hacker or preshoot etc etc :P
Dad: Thank you, Merowinger. I have found four documents in screenshots, which I will now send. I appreciate your helpfulness.
merowinger: @Dad: Once a player was scanned a screenshot is automatically saved to your PC. You'll find that/those screenshot/s in your MOH/mainta folder. The file ends with ".tga", perhaps you'd prefer to search your MOH folder for tga-files. If found please send them by mail to us ( About the mouse settings it sometimes happens that your MOH profile gets overwritten when a screenshot is made. Please check your mouse settings in your MOH main menu before you reconnect again. That should do the trick with your mouse mismatch. In addition it's a rule to ban a player who's not sending requested screenshots. Probably that's the reason why you get disconnected automatically.
UnnamedSoldier: server is still awesome, thanks. happy holidays everyone
Dad: Can someone tell me where on the site I can comply with gestapo joker's demand fro ss?
Dad: Joker, I think you're a little over zealous in your policing of Vetus. Take a look at my statistics and tell me you think I'm a cheat. I'm the least skilfull player on the server.
Dad: Joker, how do i send ss?
Dad: If you're making me send ss because I played well last night, then that is outrageous. Now I understand why you don't speak with me so much anymore. You think I'm cheating? I'm a doctor of jurisprudence, I don't cheat at games. Maybe at other things in life, but not games. So, is it you who has given me the mouse problem?
Dad: So Joker, maybe you kicked me because I was doing well in versneit last night?
Dad: Or send ss because a managed a few kills of you and everyone else last night, so perhaps you think i'm cheating?
Dad: Joker, do you mean send an ss of my mouse not working?
Dad: Joker, how do I do that?
Joker: Dad: sent ss
Dad: Hi all, Can anyone help? My mouse works fine, until I join the game, and then it doesn't work. Secondly, a few seconds after I join, I am forced out of the game. Any suggestions?
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: aiaiaiai die Jugend von heute ^^ :8
Scream: xD :D
Armpower: lol:D:D:D
Scream: woohoo :8 ;)
ghost78: cafeTime :8
Joker: so ein bullshit
-=Hyp3R=-: @WOR i played with my name at same time while we get kicked me and OO but not when he forced to SS ....these pc's cyber which program deep freeze installed on it so i couldn't find any SS of him but i asked him if he forced and he tell me yes but he didn't sent it for 2 reason num1--he is too young and he didn't know how he could send it so i told him how and he try to Registe as oO on the site that was the day after he forced to SS num2---the cyber's pc all have deepfreeze so i explain him the rules of vetus's server
W.O.R: @Hyp3r you say you have play with hem in the same time on the Server? What was your Name and if you know hes PC from the Café so go to the PC and send the Screenshots what is the Problem?
W.O.R: Es ist egal ob er die Screenshots sendet oder nicht es ändert sich nichts an seiner Version. Wenn die SS nicht sauber sind war es ja der andere und nicht er. Deshalb ist es jetzt eine reine glauben oder nicht glauben Sache.
-=Hyp3R=-: if i change this pc the problem will solve ?? it's cyber cafe and all will show the same ip that's what i think ....what should i do??
-=Hyp3R=-: i want to know why now i get kick again and over again ???
Scream: the ss from "oO" u need to send it quick..but i told u before too :/
-=Hyp3R=-: @ Joker i already sent mine
-=Hyp3R=-: @ Joker i already sent mine
-=Hyp3R=-: i send mine when i have been forced and scream saw it
Joker: -=Hyp3R=-: SENT SS
-=Hyp3R=-: @joker why u kicked me ?? i have been forced to SS as Furious 0n3 and i send it which seen by scream and tell me they are clean and i able to play again
Scream: but its the same ip?? and i didnt say that UR cheater. not u by name, this means to all gamer i just want a fairplay without drama and stress and without begging ppl to send ss if they r forced to send...thats no fun.. its a old game why not all just can play fair and enjoy...
-=Hyp3R=-: @scream i said that when i get kicked many time that's happened while i play and oO play at the same time could be i play on 2 pc!!!! @ WOR i told u that i'm not Oo and i get kicked then ban cuz of him and i told u i play with cyber's pc that's why i get ban and kicked too,, i explain why we get kicked to him but no one believe me !!! @ scream...if u think that i'm cheater i play fair before u become admin ask SYlaR and WOR they will tell u that >>>Thx all
Armpower: I agree with you Scream:)Good Job;)
Scream: Then play something other its ok. but play fair in online games. if this is not possible then play alone tetris or hello kitty and dont ruin other fair player the game. its simple and easy :8 ;)
Armpower: This game never die:8
Viru5: Time to play other games dudes. This game sucks man. Why you care !?:D
-=Hyp3R=-: why i get for no reason ....this not my fault and i swear that why kicked if u don't want me to play plz tell ...thx all admin
Armpower: cheaters nubs:8
-=Hyp3R=-: #WOR that's not me this someone playing mohBT in the cyber ...and he was playing with me at the same time when admin ban the IP and i explain it to this person that he must send SS last i swear that's not me so plz stop kicking me cuz of him
Scream: . .. xd :D
Scream: Lol..thats what i could ask some ppl too..WTF why always change Name whats going on here?? So lame..just play fair and enjoy.. but yeah...
W.O.R: SS not send Name "Oo" that was you!
-=Hyp3R=-: @WOR plz answer me why i get kicked now and why and by who ??
-=Hyp3R=-: WTF is going on here >> who's kick me ? now and why ??
Armpower: Just kill him:8And stop cry like kinder:*
Tex: now rejoined as Tdmon
Tex: pls kick and ban player called snow white team killing me all time - ask abe - he saw it
Armpower: All cheaters are nubos:8
Scream: get up Zait. i'll allow u to die like a warrior..:8 :D
Joker: @ Zait: Until then I'll kill Scream or Joker :D:D:D:D
Zait: Lol Mero made my day :)) Me promise to put off cheats but I'll connect with the tool cause I'm too lazy to write vetus IP every time I get in the game. And I'll "miss" you every night in the game. Until then I'll kill Scream or Joker :D
merowinger: @Zait: It might be caused by your ghost-cheats-wallhack-aimbot-bypass which does not run properly with the MOH tool :D:D:D Take the SS as compliment for your superhuman MOH skills, stop scanning your system, reconnect to your favorite server and start hunting like in older days ;)
Joker: :)
Zait: Scream u took ss on me ? Cause there is nothing saved in my PC .
W.O.R: Für wie lange wieder :-O
Scream: woohoo gut gemacht,danke wor :)
W.O.R: Was los, schau gleich mal
Joker: wor der Server:*
7mood: I cant connecting to servur:S
7mood: I cant connecting to servur:S
7mood: We want vetus servur:S
W.O.R: Yes i see, will restart the server. After next week i have more time to solve the problem
twis: Wor -the server no player now at lag :(
Scream: Woohoo kindergarden :D:D
Armpower: loooooooool kindergarden:D:D:D:D:D
Scream: :D:8
Joker: :D:D
Joker: :8:8:8
Armpower: use this address >
MohaMMed: hello all how can i upload ss ?
Armpower: I wish good day to all:):)
Scream: :D
Armpower: hard morning scream??:):D:D:D
Scream: xD
Scream: Good morning :* ;)
Armpower: good morning:)
-=Hyp3R=-: any admin plz answer me ... why i get kicked then ban for no reason....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-=Hyp3R=-: scream why did i get kicked then i get ban my ip this happened now ??
-=Hyp3R=-: scream why did i get kicked then i get ban my ip this happened now ??
Scream: V@ccie :-O?? This must be a mistake..ill look when im Home..
Toy Soldier: Hi Guys, GUN V@ccie has been banned for no reason! can any admins here tell us what happened to him? Thanks :)
-=Hyp3R=-: i restarted my router many time and the prob still be...not in the list and i can't connect to the ip:*
1: @ hyper hi bro i had the same problem restart your connection and it will be fixed
7mood: Thanks pro :8
-=Hyp3R=-: why i can't find the server in browse list and i can't to connect to the ip every time it show server time out :S
Scream: hello twisster ;)
twis: helo Scream :D :)
1: welcome 7mood :) finally bro
HIMA: thanks wor
HIMA: server down ?
W.O.R: @HIMA i see you on the server Problem is solved
powder: am still banned
W.O.R: @powder have remove your bann, was a misunderstanding
powder: i becomed rejacted banned ip and all that becouse the high ping and no answer from yestarday... i don't know why admins do that if i didn't cheat no insult so what i did adminss:(
HIMA: any helping i can't enter to the server
HIMA: Dears , i can't enter after my last round from 5 minutes so kindly any one kick me from inside to help me to enter again
HIMA: Dears , i can't enter after my last round from 5 minutes so kindly any one kick me from inside to help me to enter again
HIMA: Dears , i can't enter after my last round from 5 minutes so kindly any one kick me from inside to help me to enter again
powder: i becomed rejacted banned ip and all that becouse the high ping
W.O.R: Yes i see the pingkick have only 3 times your Name. I will try find the reason.
powder: I was kicked out 5 or 7 times and my bing was less than 100
powder: I apologize but I was playing and suddenly I got kicked Anyway thank you MR.W.O.R
W.O.R: here your answer! High Ping Kick at 23:04 and later two times again bevor you ask 00:49 and 00:50
W.O.R: You think we have time only for this game day for day. You ask us at 22:15 and a hour later again? Sorry we hava all a life outside this server. You do not know patience! just relax
powder: no answer??!!
powder: hey .. why i got kicked?? i need answer
1: hi why 7mood is getting kicked ?
Armpower: Dear admins, pls restart server bcz is hard laag:-O
Armpower: cant join in server:S
Armpower: das is vantastik :-Oeeeeeeee:8
Joker: :D
Armpower: omg Lol Joker:D
Armpower: good morning:-O
W.O.R: Ups.... Aus versehen den Link von godspeed gelöscht... :S hoffe er kann mir verzeihen.
MohaMMed: I have send ss for me why i still kicked ?
Armpower: server down:8
Joker: ich wünsche euch einen schönen ersten Advent :)
DingAling: can someone restart the server plz.
1: @ghost i am playing for fun and never look for statics or highscores so why would i try to cheat :P @blckhwk teamkills people with my names too this is my present to you bro 1 of our 1v1 milions games :P lastest one :P
Tex: i am suspect of CDX Mark Console maybe SS him pls
ghost78: i miss,Fallobst and and Eisen...:D
ghost78: terrible is cheater !!! 100%
Tex: player called terr0r is def wh
1: @joker np m8
Tex: wall hax
Tex: he is wh obviously
Tex: player 17 called neverforget 74 also known as X Factor is wh obvious on server now
Armpower: nice;)
ghost78: old Times ! good moring:D cool !!!!!:D:D:D
Scream: :D:D
ghost78: :D ........
Armpower: Learn to respect admins noob:8
Joker: @1: this was my mistake Sorry
Joker: @1: Sorry for Bann Sorry Sorry Sorry
W.O.R: @Wor...realy? Sorry no time for your Problems, many to do.
1: @wor or mero...joker banned my ip for the 10000 times because he thinks i am the same person as playmaker or sato... ...everytime wor removes my ban but that's boring... @joker dude if i want to cheat or even make some problems in server i will join with vpn not my real ip so you know me easily..i am very smart and you know that. also i am not wicked or crazy to do that without any reason..
1: Playmaker and sato is not me dude
Joker: I'm not talking to you END
1: lol i swear i have no idea about what you are talking about what is your reason ? say it in german i may help you :)
1: kicking me for what dude ? what is your reason lol ?
Joker: do not think we are stupid
Joker: 1: 45.217 :8
Joker: IP bann 45.217:8
1: what u mean ?
Joker: 1: Kid
Joker: kick sato kick PlayMaker !! You !!!
1: who is the jealous kid who is kicking me without reason ?
Armpower: looooooooooool WOR:)
W.O.R: :'( German is easy i have it learn to is not my mother tongue ;)
Armpower: i dont understand nothing WOR , but good job m8:D
W.O.R: Also MapRotation aktualisiert und Automatisiert in Zukunft wieder alles automatisch. Wenn ihr fleißig voted kann man täglich die Rotation ändern ;)
W.O.R: Das stimmt aber man merkt das man keine 18 mehr ist. Ich muß endlich akzeptieren das ich alt werde und früher ins Bett gehen. Es dauert immer ewig Nachts bis was klappt und ist meistens am nächsten Tag schnell erledigt weil man einfach frisch im Kopf ist. Mal sehen was ich jetzt so hin bekomme :P
merowinger: ... aber wer weniger schläft ist länger wach! Sollte man nicht außer Acht lassen :D In jedem Fall "Hut ab" vor WOR für den Einsatz!
Reizung: Also um 3:17 Uhr würde ich mich auch nicht mehr hinsetzen und so etwas machen : D. In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft :) Gruß ABE
W.O.R: Maplist wird nicht automatisch generiert kümmere mich morgen darum bin zu kaputt jetzt.
W.O.R: @Dad see the top of the page you will see a flashing envelope by your avatar this is your PM (Privat Message) when you get a message it flashes.
Dad: Viru5, how do I check my inbox?
Viru5: check your inbox dad !
FemmeFatale: Votum der Map-Rotationen sind nun abgeschlossen ;)
Dad: Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? Last week, my old computer crashed and I had to download the game anew on to my laptop. I have windows 10. I seem to have an unusually high amount of lag. Is there anything I can do to control that? Secndly, what are maxpackets and how are they used? Thanks.
Armpower: :-O
Armpower: server down?
1: i knew it, ok mate thank you for your offort and good luck. melting without sound is the best thing till now :)
W.O.R: @1 this was the pingkicker. You were kicked 6 times for highping, (15:22),(16:15),(16:17),(23:47),(23:58),(00:15) @all I know a lot is not run well yet, I am working to improve it.
1: ok ty
W.O.R: Is all possible, I have install all new. I can not check it now, maybe after work.
1: ok never mind it is a ping kick because i saw other people get the same kick too..try to fix it to help people know if they getting kick for highping or someone is kicking them for some reason
1: who is the dude who is kicking me now or there is a ping kick without saying kicked for highping as before ?
W.O.R: Have Change settings hope is better now.
Delta: @W.O.R. melting locations for freezed players on left-bottom corner often disappear while playing!
W.O.R: Ja Ihr seit auch alle Super, freut mich das alle uns treu geblieben sind und abgewartet haben ohne Druck zu machen. Muss auch mal gelobt werden :)
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Sauber WOR ;-):8
Armpower: Good job admins;)
Scream: Wooohoooo. Sehr gut:):):8
W.O.R: Server is Online! :8
Armpower: Wohooooooooo very nice;)
W.O.R: tomorow is the server online... i hope need more time to install all.
Armpower: speack english pls
W.O.R: Die Daten Wiederherstellung dauert länger als erwartet :'(
Delta: gg!:)
koppy: Good new finally ;)
W.O.R: Der Server wurde jetzt neu aufgesetzt, als nächstes kommt Mohaa drauf und wenn alles gut läuft dann sehen wir uns heute auf dem Server :)
W.O.R: Heute werden wir den Server neu installieren. Wenn es weiterhin schlecht bleibt ist die Hardware kaputt.
W.O.R: Heute werden wir den Server neu installieren. Wenn es weiterhin schlecht bleibt ist die Hardware kaputt.
W.O.R: Ok, war mir klar. Es wurde auch nichts gemacht weil wir die Ursache nicht finden. Die Festplatte macht Probleme ist Dauerbelastung obwohl nichts läuft. Ok danke für eure Unterstützung werde es weiter geben. Denke es wird schneller sein alles neu einzurichten als den Fehler zu finden. Eventuell hat auch die Festplatte einen Schuss.
DingAling: I was on the server, and it it is still the same, Lag.
ghost78: war jetzt nicht drauf,aber bei HLSW kommt alle paar sekunden Timeout :8
W.O.R: I will start the Server now for test. We will see or the problem is solved.
koppy: NO updates ?:S
Delta: np Wor and thanks for your effort
Joker: Danke für deine Mühe! Mach Dir deswegen kein Stress :8
W.O.R: Der Server muss leider noch aus bleiben da das Problem immer noch besteht aber ich leider ins Bett muss (Arbeite geht vor)
1: ok good 2 hear
W.O.R: we work on the problem. But we have good news our provider mean is not a attack is a hardware/software problem.
DingAling: Lueg server is up if anyone wants to play tonight, until vetus gets fixed :)
1: @ wor you still don't know from where the attack comes ?
koppy: any solution for this problem,soon ?
W.O.R: is not sure, we check now all options with provider.
Armpower: :S
W.O.R: Yes, we think the server is under attack. Our provider will check it now. Hope he will foun the problem and can do something against it. Sorry but there can only server providers help.
DingAling: lueg ro server i will be there if somone wants a game :)
DingAling: any where else to play?
DingAling: server is unplayable. :(
Old Fox: Hello WOR the top gun team will be ready to play in ur server 6 maps and in our server 6 maps friendlly war Thursday
Old Fox: Hello WOR the top gun team will be ready to play in ur server 6 maps and in our server 6 maps friendlly war Thursday
chief: Verry big laag...:-O
Armpower: Dear admins restart server pls , immposible play:(
koppy: what's wrong with server ?
koppy: what's wrong with server ?
1: xfactor wallhacker some one ban him
W.O.R: for the Screenshots
koppy: how can i send SS ?
Scream: Hey Quick mm888 :) !! Long time no see..Thxhope to see u soon on Server:8
Silver: Nice scream i hope the best for you . Good Choise for admin :8
W.O.R: Ja so langsam nervt es, habe mal den Anbieter angeschrieben mal sehen was kommt.
Reizung: Hallo Jungs! Ist der Server wieder down? Gruß ABE
1: enjoy brother :8 :8 :8 :8
1: ghost you kicking me dude because oao sony says love dos attack the server ? :( :( :( :(
ghost78: Guten Morgähhhn. Danke dir auch :)
Joker: Guten Morgen wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende ;)
Armpower: its looks good now:)
W.O.R: Yes, something happened, but what should be find out now. Hide IP for a Public Server ... i think is not possible, or im not understand what you mean. We try to find the Problem. Thank you all for Help and the understanding.
Armpower: There are many ways to protect yourself from attack. I will tell only about some: Rent a VPN. It will hide your IP behind a strong and secure server. If you use communication programs, then make sure you are doing this through VPN. The number of providers of this service is very high. Limit communication through Skype, Teamspeak, etc. This is one of the simplest ways to get your address and spoil the connection. Most people believe that they have no viruses on their computer. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases this is not the case, and you should clean more often to avoid a sharp disconnection of the network. Be careful in visiting sites and forums. Administrators see your IP. Firewalls. Some routers have built-in, as in Windows itself, but they will not have time to filter out the incoming "garbage" before it blocks the Internet.
Armpower: Sometimes its happen WOR,i think is ddos attack:8
1: i am kidding actualy i want you joker to remove zeeko'es ban because i miss him (lol) he is one of my best fans who gives me more attention than any other player in this game lol (kidding) actualy because he doesn't deserve this ban anyway i know he is a moron and cry baby and all the bad things but he was right about loiki guy he was really cheating,he wasn't right about insulting you but he did that because he saw you ignoring this guy loiki at last i know you are a good person joker try to forgive was a simple mistake anyway
1: maybe zeekoe learned how to ddos..with his friends lol
W.O.R: You know it or you think it? Will Check it after work. I think a Problem by Provider.
Armpower: DDOS attack !!!
GodspeedGreece: i remember there is a light porgram that browse all mohaa servers, what it called?
chief: IDD, verry laggy...:S
DingAling: Wor, the server is being attacked or there is something bad wrong, it's lagging really bad can you restart it plz. Thanks
DingAling: Wor, the server is being attacked or there is something bad wrong, it's lagging really bad can you restart it plz. Thanks
Armpower: Dear admins server hard lag, can you restart server pls.
powder: why i get the f kicked ??????????????
Armpower: Good Job scream! Thank you:)
Armpower: Scream can you Join?
Armpower: Hello! need some admin now in server if it possible
Armpower: From this time i prommise IGNORE you. Really kindergarden:*
Armpower: Cry more love:)You donkey first start team kill and team bush.STOP it if i show admins your SS!!!
1: arm power yes you are boring guy who doesn't respect all people you insult me too as a joke like blackrevovler and you never stop i warned you 100 times don't joke with me and you don't stop
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: I say to you on the Server What i have to say! By the way i speak Directly to WOR Leader of a German Clan and this on a German Website, He speaks German, so Why i should not speak to him on german !
Armpower: Hi Amok !! I see you toch my name there:8:8At first if you want tell something type in english for i understand what you type!! Second its better you ask all Amok players use cl_maxpackets 100 bcz imposible play with you all :-O
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Danke Dir WOR , wollte dich damit eigentlich auch nicht belästigen aber irgendwann bin ich mit meinem Latein auch am Ende ! Evtl. Hilft ja eine Ansprache
powder: how can i send the ss where is the button:)
W.O.R: Hi Amphe, leider bist du nicht der einzige der sich über Ihm beschwert und alle zum selben Thema. Ich werde auf jeden Fall schon mal Vorbereitungen treffen für einen Bann aber möchte dennoch Ihm eine Chance geben sich dazu zu äußern bzw. Ihm mitteilen das es uns ernst ist und das es zukünftig Konsequenzen geben wird. Sollte es ihm dann immer noch egal sein und er macht weiter dann können wir dem Spieler dauerhaft verbannen vom Server. Das lesen des Chats erspare ich mir da brauche ich keine Beweise es ist ein bekannter Fall.
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: wir haben jetzt monatelang versucht zu ignorieren aber irgendwann ist mal ein Punkt erreicht an dem es ein Ende haben sollte und deswegen wende ich mich auch direkt an dich!
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Hy Wor , ich haette mal ne bitte du kannst doch nachverfolgen was die Leute so geschrieben haben auf dem Server, schau dir mal heute von 20:30h bis jetzt an , wir (Am0ks) werden von BlackRevolver aufs uebelste beleidigt und das nicht zum ersten mal, der scheint sich daraus ein Hobby gemacht zu haben , muss dazusagen nach ner Stunde dauerhaftes provozieren von ihm und 2a Arm ,,,,, sind mir auch ein paar unschöne Dinge rausgerutscht aber egal was ich versuche , ich komme nicht auf sein niedriges Niveau , koennte das evtl. jemand mal unterbinden , wir spielen seit Jahren bei euch und das auch gerne aber das geht mit dem jetzt schon über Monate so!
W.O.R: Zum ABE.... Was soll der Scheiß du bist doch sonst immer ein netter muss es soweit kommen? Verstehe euch Leute echt nicht warum uns das Leben schwer machen wir machen es doch nicht au Profitgier es ist ein Hobby aber an solchen Tagen fragt man sich dann warum man es sich antut. Dieses Anschießen oder Bashen endet meist mit Teamkills die dann sehr lange brauchen um wieder zur Normalität zurück zu kehren weil keiner dann nachgeben will. Wäre also echt Super wenn du es nicht mehr machst, danke.
W.O.R: As first deleted all posts. Afro(1) and GodSpeed banned for 24h here on the page... you need the time to cool down. Should it not stop on the server there is also a ban. We have eyes and ears everywhere, do not risk it unless you do not care.
W.O.R: Wie soll man hier noch an etwas anderem arbeiten... So wird der Server nie besser. Versuche die ganze Zeit den Server von Lags zu befreien stattdessen darf ich erst hier den ganzen Mist aufräumen und wieder Leute Bannen und bis ich da durch bin ist die Zeit die bei mir eh begrenzt ist komplett aufgebraucht... Danke dafür. Dann fange ich mal an :8
Reizung: I dont think he banned me for this reason afro... i think he banned me for not killing you :-O
Scream: lol.. i have this name since i play games and i play moh since im 12 the only one real so pls xd
Viru5: Plz kick them both :D I'm here to play peacefully and kill others. And not hear these girly bitchfightings , congrats scream but vetus it's not the real scream look the real one lives in France we talk about his onetaps :
Scream: wooohoo! good job wor :8 :D
W.O.R: have kill him! i'm the Boss not he now he know it !!! Human against machine win! :8 I started it again, should only be a lesson for the server :D
Old Fox: where is the server wor ?
W.O.R: There are no limits to the top, if 60 come on a day and vote it is not a problem. If there are more as 20 then new rotation will created. I think is fair.
GodspeedGreece: The number of site members are 20 and the players on server are 60, i think this is unfair. make staligrand 10 rounds.
W.O.R: Yes for you everytime is a result of the vote for the maprotation the winner has 10 rounds, seccond place 7, 3 and 4 have 5 Rounds and all other 3. Easy! Stalin was on 3.Place = 5 Rounds!
GodspeedGreece: Can someone explain with which logic u put 5 rounds Staligrand? the majority of players at vetus server has it best map......
1: what prooof dude everyone can see it (who got brai) if i say he is cheating then he must be a cheater let admins ss them and lets see
W.O.R: Hello Twister, you was regist first time why you regist you again and again?
Armpower: are you have any proof? i mean cheat
1: player named loki and nuloos both wallhackers
Scream: a new ss wouldnt have the same worth. i mean u know u will get ss'ed and then u suddenly will find the ss or what? it must be in ur folder at the top of the sceenshots from date about 5-6 october. its not possible to dissappear..
powder: When can I play Every time I enter I get a kick I have told you many times that I do not have an ss so let me play and take a new ss Wann kann ich spielen Jedes Mal, wenn ich eintrete, bekomme ich einen Kick. Ich habe dir oft gesagt, dass ich keine SS habe. also lass mich spielen und nimm eine neue ss:(:S
W.O.R: ja ist ganz oben an der todo liste :)
Joker: ist in letzter zeit sehr oft :P
Joker: nichts geht mehr :8
Joker: wor was ist mit dem server los
powder: Ich möchte Management spielen, und ich verstehe nicht, was Sie wollen, und ich weiß nicht, wie ich mit der Website umgehen soll, und ich weiß nicht, wie ich mit einem Limit sprechen soll. :(
powder: Ich möchte Management spielen, und ich verstehe nicht, was Sie wollen, und ich weiß nicht, wie ich mit der Website umgehen soll, und ich weiß nicht, wie ich mit einem Limit sprechen soll. :(
Scream: Yes Sir, Verstärkung ist schon unterwegs :) :8
Joker: Vetus wo seid Ihr :8 einsamer Kämpfer sucht Verstärkung:'(
Dina: Hello Old Fox
Old Fox: thankx guys :) hello dina and Armpower
W.O.R: hello powder, more infos please. Your name in Server and who is they? a admin has forced you to Screenshots?
powder: scream are you here i can't send email to any one
powder: hi admins i see am kicked but iam not a hacker help!!! they write forced ss but i don't have one in the folder
W.O.R: 5 mal die Woche ist eine gute Leistung! bist du nicht auch so ein alter Sack wie wir alle inzwischen? :D
Reizung: Ich geh schon 5 mal die Woche ins Studio ;) Aber Danke für den Hinweis ;)
BloodSpencer: Wer zwei Runden durchweg am campen ist, der darf auch gerne noch mal zwei Runden Dauerlauf machen. Ist nur zu deinem Besten. Sonst wirst du zu dick.
Reizung: hey Jungs, könnt ihr dem Blood mal bitte sagen, dass er aufhören soll in meiner cfg / Eistellungen rumzubasteln. Danke euch Gruß ABE
Scream: ty dina.. welcome foxy :)
Scream: flash..i know i disappointed u. i dont wanted to do this..but u also know i always wanted to vetus since i play again.. i still like u and i hope one day u'll forgive and forgett it :/ .. peace
Armpower: lol welcome foxy:):):)
Old Fox: finally iam here
Dina: Congratulations Scream :)
flash: well screamy its sad to let you go from the top players clan OaO but im not selfish to not reach with vetus ,but know that one and only is your family too :8
cocofun: at this moment player nr12 "Soda Lime" constant tk all in the team. plz ban
Scream: danke blood m8 :)
BloodSpencer: Willkommen Scream!
Scream: oder meinetwegen sofort xd
Scream: haha jap genau der :D ..später wieder eine runde? :P
Reizung: Scream? Aber nicht DER Scream mit dem ich mich immer so gerne kloppe, oder? ;) Gruß ABE
Scream: ty m8 :)
Armpower: Congrats ice cream:):)
Scream: Oh..well ty m8 xd.. im glad to be a Vetus Member and happy about the Chance. Theres never only one the best but together for sure we will be the best :) . And tonight we can truly say - together we're invincible
1: lol congratulations screamy you know what i swear i was going to ask vetus today to make you a new admin :D that is the best surprise of vetus these days you deserve it will be the best admin ever you fair guy and at the same time you are here most of times i think no place for cheaters anymore beside that you the only admin these days who understands english too nebraska is good too but he doesn't kick cheaters quickly sometimes..there were many people dying to be new admins in vetus but Vetus now is on the right way :8
Scream: wooohooo..Vielen dank W.O.R :) !! Danke für alles..wir werden viel Spass haben :) .. hehe ich bin auch oft hier..und jetzt wahrscheinlich noch öfter xD :8
W.O.R: Von mir Natürlich auch ein Herzliches Willkommen! Und viel Spaß bei uns. Habe alles soweit eingerichtet bei Fragen einach melden, bin oft hier oder einen anderen Vetus fragen die helfen die natürlich auch weiter! :8
Scream: hehe neein ich werde es nicht wagen auf den joker zu schiessen gg.. auf eine tolle zeit m8!! :8
Scream: JOKER :) !! Vielen dank .. ich freu mich auch extrem
Joker: @ Scream Herzlich willkommen im Team Vetus ;) so ab jetzt ist es Dir verboten auf Vetus Joker zu Schießen :8!!! freue mich das Du bei uns bist! Alter Moha zocker !!!
W.O.R: :8
Armpower: :)HELLO
W.O.R: Ok Dina, thank you and sorry for all this but we do it for you all. Hope you understand it and not angry with us. And for the Future you habe nö Problems with Screenshots on other Server to :)
Dina: W.O.R I have download the full game and you can take screenshot of me anytime :)
GodspeedGreece: LeDiss_gr has sent the screenshots. check them if you want ..
W.O.R: This is a litle bug of Mohaa, you have content to the Server and in the some time have a axis Player with 73 kills leave the Server. The same Problem is by map change. If you reconnect by map change is it possible that you will have your score from the map bevor :*
Delta: Hi @W.O.R, I've just joined the server but I have 73 kills and I couldn't choose a team, I was already in axis! could you tell me why?
Delta: Hi @W.O.R, I've just joined the server but I have 73 kills and I couldn't choose a team, I was already in axis! could you tell me why?
1: welcome ghost :D
ghost78: ja da hast recht :D
W.O.R: Ach was da ist schon alles dicht alleine kommt man nicht mehr bei uns hoch. Die bauen schon menschliche Pyramiden ;) um hoch zu kommen, Ägypter können gute Pyramiden bauen :P
ghost78: wie ist der da hoch,vom Balkon übers Dach oder ? :8
ghost78: :D
1: sure :D i just want some people to know that you can use your brain and make impossible things :D i like the idea because it needs seven steps in one try to make it not only a direct try with another player it made by me as always :))
W.O.R: But is alone not possible, you need help from another Player :8
Joker: FarmarSvk: wenn Du wegen deiner schlechten inet Verbindung das spiel kaputtmachst mit laag dann kick ich Dich vom Server winke winke
FarmarSvk: Are you kidding me?Im writing on chat when i playing that lagging you server and fcking JOKER should I throw away from the server? This is a clan on level ? Joker you please stop crying when someone writes the true and start acting as a clan vetus member :):8:8
VXp: I'm fucking back, well not yet, to be continued.
W.O.R: Mir ist aufgefallen das der 4. QUARTAL schon seit Anfang Oktober läuft aber die Statistik wird noch zu dem 3. QUARTAL dazu gezählt. Soll man den Monat jetzt noch voll auslaufen lassen oder gleich wechseln? Ich würde es gleich machen, ist zwar mitten drin aber dann vergesse ich es nicht.
W.O.R: Ich schau mir das mal an
Joker: @ Reizung ihr seid immer willkommen bei uns !! das ihr gebannt worden seid kann ich mir nicht vorstellen :-O
Reizung: Hallo Jungs, kann das sein dass Reizung und ich versehntlich gebannt wurden? Sobald wir joinen werden wir anch wenigen Sekunden immer gekickt. (Oder Blod mag uns nicht :'( ) Gruß ABE
1: i miss u too my bro :D
Silver: Iam Back to game .. and iam miss to every one in vetus
GodspeedGreece: ultra lag at server. please restart
1: yes i already told her that. she will make a test after finishing download
W.O.R: Dina please test or you can take Screens. With F12 you can take Screens, after check in your mainta(tt)/screenshots/ Folder or you have the Screenshot in.
1: thanks joker m8 i gave dina the download link of full virsion of mohaa so you can take screenshot of her anytime and there won't be any problem anymore with her screenshots next time.
Dina: Thank you.
Joker: @Dina All right, I'll give you another chance. Lg Joker
Dina: Hey, about the screenshots I really can't find them. If I had them I would sent them to you :'(
Joker: endlich Wochenende :)
Dina: Hey, about the screenshots I really can't find them. If I had them I would sent them to you :'(
Joker: heute Abend wird gezockt bis zum umfallen :D
Scream: icescream is empty. ill give u some eyecream..
1: screamy my brooo you are always right but only if you give me some icecream :D
W.O.R: Hört damit auf! @flash ban für 24h das hat sonst kein Ende hier.
W.O.R: Ich denke es liegt nicht am Server, habe heute gesehen du hattest sehr schlechte Verbindung, sehr oft Ping 999, weiß nicht wie ich dir da helfen soll? frage deinen Anbieter ob es Probleme gibt, mach einen TraceRoute um zu sehen wo es hängt.
flash: wenn ich vervinde nach server ,es daueret sehr lang und kann ich nicht rein ,ein problem ist angeefangt 4 tage vorbei ,brauche hilfe .
W.O.R: Ok, have see you on the server, problem fixed, sorry that was the server not we ;):8
W.O.R: Firewall mein you have attack the Server and ban your IP, but we Know that you will do never anything and I have remove it. You have try it again? Server on the List?
FarmarSvk: Why ? And what about now ?:-O
W.O.R: Our Firewall blocked you.
FarmarSvk: *find
FarmarSvk: still does not show me the server in the server list , how you fing the problem or where was problem ?:-O:-O
W.O.R: @FarmarSvk: ifound the problem, next time you will see the Server again. @devil i will ask joker what the problem is why your ip was banned, i think this is a misunderstanding. Is removed now, but still has to ask with joker.
FarmarSvk: When i get in game server list i dont see vetus server and I when i wrie IP adress , writed me server timed out :'(:'(:'(
devil: i play on this server everyday when end gamespy i do not have cheat i play for fun
devil: why ban me ? who is admin
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: man man man WOR was ist nur aus der guten alten Zeit geworden? xD heute sieht jeder in jedem nur noch das schlechte! Make Love not War ^^
flash: son look , every time u play u play with wh and u accuse me with wh and u told me before that u are wh just like me even i told you i dont use wh like you ,you cant deny that u dont use wh ,even alot of players told you so ,so if u wanna play in server just be clean even if i owned you you dont need to open wh so u can be equaling my skillz with ur cheats ,if u play clean then i would ignore you ,i hate cheaters .
Infantry: @flash: I'll not argue with u; coz i think my time is more important than i talk to a kido like u. I just want to tell u 1 sentence "I ignore u, so stay away from me and don't ever put me in shitty conversation". U don't even have the right to accuse other players of cheating; it's only up to admins!
W.O.R: When you see the Server on the Page then the Server is online
Farmarsvk: Why i again dont see server ? i cant login to sever:P:'(:'(:'(
1: she can connect normal some one was jusr kicking her and now she can connect i am trying to help her she is 15 years old still don't know this stuff :) brb she is on server now
W.O.R: she is not banned, dont kow why she cant connect.
1: she is girl and i don't have her email so the only way if you give her free one hour so i can talk to her inside the game and help her because i can't be in connection with her
W.O.R: He can use this, but for regist user only.
1: ah i am sure she doesn't know how to send it let me try to ask her or help her and if she don't send her screenshot today you can kick or ban her but give her chance just today so i can try to help her if she can't send her screenshot
W.O.R: mean Dina
W.O.R: i see Dian was forced to SS by Joker but not yet banned. So dont know why.
1: why dina is getting kick more than 10 times ? what did she do ?
W.O.R: Wenn das nicht sofort aufhört werde ich anfangen bannen, meine letzte Warnung an alle drei und mir egal das ich es jetzt auf Deutsch schreibe übersetzt es euch.
GodspeedGreece: come on afro , this is useless. a guy like you who attack-close the server for month -say u happy cause wor raise his security and spend up to 1000 euros- act egoist and say u the best all time- and many more things, u dont deserve to speak and say your opinion.u are not horored. now u try to be what? good? i try to proove that u tk me many days and climb the maps with full ppl. i send ss. noone is interested for this.we cant communicate with words.. dont say at me : admins are better than me. i dont act like iam the best. other ppl are different from you, we dont think like your brain. let it.
1: i swear to god you both know nothing and also hima you call even e the girl a cheater i think there are already admins who are better than you and have good experiense in the game and can know and detect cheaters more than you like nebraska and horle and rej but i really want vetus to make new admins because there are not enough admins these days but leave that to admins ..@wor you can close not only the bugs you can close even the server it is your server and you are the boss here and i still following the rules and respect all the people and will always be
flash: @wor well i dont call all cheaters ,but i call specific players who actually are , i do discover what actually the admin cant detect and godspeed knows that we both knows who cheats cuz of experience in game ,we have been the both of us in the server long time ago before those new players even born , if u dont agree look at my chat archive our dabei seit ,you will see that we r even old in date of registration .
GodspeedGreece: and i have proofs (ss from yesterday) about afro. he ask at southern france from others to open doors so he can climb and hide. i have 5 ss .. but @wor u dont underested at these stuff... nevermind
GodspeedGreece: @Wor if u check the cheatreports u will see who respect the rules.. and let me and flash know better who is cheater and who play without bothering at server so many years. Please dont speak to me about honor. i remember u ban me but u didnt ban the cheaters and let them play(that is more important) . first u catch them with cheats u ban them and after u unbanthem. is this honorable ??? Go find some bugs and let us alone...
W.O.R: @flash please stop call people without evidence as a cheater this is not honorable, the same for GodSpeed! And @1 our genius :D This is good that you respect our rules but it's just a matter of time and I find this bug and clse it too :8 Please stop this discussing before it escalating and we have to banish again.
1: i do my genius tricks only when server is empty like this tell me your opinion baby about my new tricks after vetus blocked all all the tricks and that is really hard needs high brains but i only make it when server is empty like this i was with hyper and i was bashing him from underground i respect vetus rules and i only make it when server is empty and if anybody saw me doing it and mess the game he can report me with screenshots.
flash: @abe ich hab dich cheater nicht nennt hor das auf ,@godspeed well infantry and most of people is haxing he cant deny it ,and btw dont talk to me afro or mention my name ,stay alone of my chat and mind ur business , afro u are always swearing and roofing joker is always right about you , you are trouble maker ,you and blackhwk the same ,you should all banned for life , by end i just tell the same thing which amok has stated they call infantry cheater too . :8
W.O.R: Ok 👌
Tex: server back up - thanks guys
GodspeedGreece: yeah it says error: confing_string > MAX_CONFIGSTRINGS
Mr. V: can't enter the server, just writing that connecting to server and nothing loads, someone have same?
Infantry: Lol, I had my lunch half an hour ago, and it still shows "Connecting to Server..." :D
GodspeedGreece: yeah some max_packetstrings error appears to me
Infantry: It takes too much time to enter the server unlike other servers. Idk what's the reason. I restarted my modem too many times :(
W.O.R: Habe jetzt erst gesehen soll natürlich ABE heißen :)
W.O.R: Danke Aber und Reizung ;) habe gestern was gemacht provisorisch mal sehen ob der Server heute überlebt. Sobald ich mehr Zeit finde versuche ich mal eine bessere Lösung zu finden :)
Reizung: So schön wie alle immer gleich als Cheater "erkannt" werden :D (Aber der Flash hat mich auch schon öfters als Cheater bezeichnet...) Aber damit hier auch mal etwas positives steht: Jungs, Ihr macht eure Arbeit erstklassig! Weiter so :) Gruß ABE & Reiz : )
GodspeedGreece: look now 43 guest here.........
GodspeedGreece: Toy no . afro is attack the server, bad beh. he cheats with aimbot ( its easy too see it) and tk . blawkhack i catch him to wh with diff names (see cheat reports) , bad beh. tk - use rej name to tk .both guys do many more things.. they dont deserve to play at server. they play cause admins and kind and let them. also its not dying game, every day server is full.. Toy not everyone here is good, stop support them, u dont see it?
1: never trust or believe flash he is also saying and swearing of god that i am cheater and in fact i am clean so ifnantry is clean and not because of a kill you think he is cheating flash calling all people cheaters
Toy Soldier: @Flash, yes, I've said that m8 but to be honest I've played many times against that guy (Infantry) and I can tell you that he is not a straight hacker like (MANSOURA, Lollipop, dx, etc) he is maybe just so weird in his game-play and maybe just to be considered in mind, but he is talented player also face to face so let's think all loud, if he is a hacker we will know sooner or later, it's just that game guys dying so having fun til it's over that we should think of, like banning blckhwk just only for his bad behavior maybe we would like to check it also, like Afro was banned for his bad behavior then he fixed the situation now everything is OK, Hope my message got clear :))
Terry: Hey...what is this every day, in this hour, server is down ? :S
Armpower: server down:8
Tex: server down ??
flash: this guy who is called (infantry) always wh in server with cheats ,please watch this guy ,i swear of god he is cheating and i was there wallhacked three times ,anyone can ask (noname) aka toy solider mhe told himself the kill he made against me was not normal and it was a cheat.
Tex: server down ??
Joker: Ich werde mich dazu hier nicht äußern !! Wor bitte schau Dir den Chat ab ca 17:45 Danke
1: joker kicks me without reason again i was playing normal he kicked me without reason and asked me not to blablabla while i didn't spam then a player named wizo was teamkilling me in the team like 3 times and when i asked him to tell him top stop he kicked me again check the log to see what was happening,i am bored of this dude maybe he thinks i am the one who attacks the server please fix his brain
TheBesT: He is still on the server client 15 and tking with fake names
TheBesT: he is client 15
TheBesT: someone is tking with my name right now his name was koko before he changed it.....pls do something
1: @wor i think yes there is no reason for any one to attack the server everything is going well and it is not that easy for anyone else who wants to take attack the server to take down the needs big exprience and big work and big friends and big pc's to drop a server like vetus who has good protection so i think it is not a attack and it is your problem only
W.O.R: I think is not a attack, i think this is our problem
W.O.R: @Infantry thank you for this clue! I will check it.
GodspeedGreece: If someone attacks the server guess who is it..
Infantry: Again, the server stopped suddenly. I saw sth strange from the console. Can anyone here explain what does it mean? >
Infantry: Again, the server stopped suddenly. I saw sth strange from the console. Can anyone here explain what does it mean? >
W.O.R: Wir suchen noch nach der Ursache.
Scream: :-O :(
Armpower: :S
Armpower: server down?
Infantry: Server Down!
1: lol some one is using my nickname in game now i was in gym and saw it by my phone and he still plays now please kick him
GodspeedGreece: server is about to crash and suddently a crazy boris skin apeears witout weapon in 3 spots at diffenrt times. how is that possible?
robin: thanks wor for ur interest :)
W.O.R: ok, you can play again.
robin: hi guyz .. my IP got banned idk why .. please fix it if it was by mistake .. thanks :):):)
W.O.R: Und ich erst, hoffe das ich Leihe es auch finde :-O
Joker: @flash es gibt auf der ganzen Welt sehr verrückte Menschen .ich bin froh das es nicht aus dem Land der Pyramiden kam.
Joker: Das ist schön zuhören das es kein Angriff auf dem Server war.
W.O.R: Habe jetzt etwas mehr Zeit gehabt es mir anzuschauen. der Server hängt sich von alleine auf ein schleifen Problem. Muss mir die letzten Änderungen anschauen vielleicht finde ich die Ursache. Komisch das es nur ab und zu kommt und nicht ständig.
flash: @joke ja es gibt so viel verrucketsleute von dieses land ,aber ich glaube nein kein angrieff von unserem soger es gibt so viele bose leute :'(
1: i've tried all the old tricks and all blocked well but please don't block this :P i will make it only when server is empty with any of my friends promise :D
1: yes here is the ss while server was empty 20 minutes ago
W.O.R: That works on our Server to?
1: hi that's just for the challenge :) but i won't make it in vetus no worries :P it took me just 3 minutes to discover it ... ... .... .... ... .. ... ... ...
Joker: das ist momentan zu oft
W.O.R: Ich muß mir das mal anschauen wenn ich Zeit habe. Denke und hoffe das es keine Angriffe sind aber wer weiß es schon. Vielleicht sieht man in der logdatei was es war.
Joker: ich wette das kommt aus dem Land der Pyramiden
W.O.R: Wtf, everytime when im at work! Will Start it now.
Armpower: server down:8
Farmarsvk: @ Tex thx see you later on the server :)
Mr. V: server down again!!!
Tex: @ Farmarsvk get a console window up and type set cl_maxpackets 100
cocofun: down again:8
Farmarsvk: Hello , how i can change my cl_maxpackets ?
Farmarsvk: Hello , how i can change my cl_maxpackets ?
Mr. V: Thank you!!!
W.O.R: Ok, thx for the Info @all Server Online again!
Mr. V: Hi guys, Server is down!!!
chief: :S
Tex: Server down??
Armpower: where is server?:S
W.O.R: I know that our way to check player for cheats is not perfect but it is a way and better as nothing to do. No one method is 100% safe that should be clear to you.
GodspeedGreece: try a video . what u will show with ss? :)
Armpower: ok i try tace SS:*
GodspeedGreece: There are players who play at server and have bypass ss -undetected cheats. I respect the way you check for cheats but u have to know this is not 100% true. btw elitop i think is clean.
W.O.R: Do you have proofs or is your opinion proof enough? I know now unfair but one could also claim you're a hacker and... I must then also ban you because one thinks you are a cheater. We have made screenshots of him and they have come quickly and also clean.
Armpower: Admins pls stop hacker elitopp:8
1: ok brother i will let you know when i find new trick :)
W.O.R: Fix is now ready to upload, will update it tomorow, server need restart for it.
W.O.R: You can do it in your server and if you want to test it on vetus i can start for you a test Server (copy of this) then you can see or my Update works
1: For clarification i will not try to find the new tricks in your server i will do it in my server
1: ok i am waiting your update and then i will show you in a screenshot if i find any new bugs i love challenges anyway ;) and you are always welcome if you need my help anytime :8
W.O.R: nope works fine without lags, that has been running all the time on the server, for years :)
Viru5: Doesn't it make the server more laggy if you put more stuff in it to close bugs. ??
W.O.R: We have close many of this bugs on our Server for what reason do you think we made it? Im work now on one new update for the server to close all others bugs that your showed in your Videos and Screens. Thank you for this, i will close it all, if you find more you can show me it again :) it a litle work for me but make the server better. Maybe my word choice was not quite right for that I apologize but if it annoys others you have to stop and do not continue. My Update comes very soon, almost finished :8
1: you are right in all your words and i respect it and i will stop it but i also didin't break the rules like going undermap etc was normal things and didn't effect the game or even others but whatever as i said i agree about all what you said except saying (stop this shit) you could say stop those things because noone else can make it like you so be a noob like others and play normal instead of calling it's great things showing the high diffrence between me and anyone else in this game your server will lose watching them anyway
W.O.R: Fun is only when everyone has fun. If the fun is to annoy others then it is provocation and not fun. In the sex it is the same if both want it then it is fun, but if only one then it is a rape. Open local server on your computer (very easy) and have fun, make a video and show it all what you can. Everyone can decide for themselves whether he wants to see it or not, in the game you force everyone to watch you and that annoys very many people on the server. Please stop this shit and play freeztag this is a teamgame.
1: dude you asked me to play normal and i did you kicked me without reason after that when you were spectating me ..then why did you kick me dude
Joker: ich bin zu alt für so eine kinderscheiße !!ich brauch so was nicht mehr
Joker: @ 1: du bist eine Pussy!!! Sorry Vetus aber das musste sein !!!
Joker: Bei mir ist Schluss mit lustig !! wenn ich merke das mich jemand vernaschen möchte kann ich auch ganz anders !! ich hab die schmause so was von voll !! mit den Araba !! entweder sie halten sich an die regel oder sie werden gebannt !! ende der Diskussionen!!!
Joker: ich hab ihn mehrmals drauf hingewiesen das es bitte spielen soll und nicht auf mauern Dächern u.s.w klettern soll !!!sie chat verlauf !!! Danke
1: joker kicked me because of sitting on doors for fun like this and this also this ...i think that doesn't effect the game
1: i play for fun bro and don't want to hurt people if you want me to play serious then there will be 0 players in vetus server that's not goood for you bro :D
1: please why kick me joker bro more than 5 times when i drink some water for 20 second he kicks me and asking me to play ????????? :D i play for fun bro joker keeps kicking me when i die from people and asking me to play serious ???? i wanna play for fun bro because when i own people they call me hacker so what is your problem :)
W.O.R: Dont know? The Server is Online and your IP is not banned the problem is on your PC/Internet/Tool
Farmarsvk: Why me dont going server ? and he does not even show it to me
1: :8
Delta: Escobar eh in the server, please ban him!
Infantry: Hello @Admins: There is a player named "Lollipop" and changed his name to "Wh", he's tk team and here are the screenshots! >
Joker: Hey scream for ice cream;) bei mir ist alles im Lot :) sehen uns vielleicht heute Abend .
W.O.R: Oh.. i see was my bad :-O
GodspeedGreece: Server is down. I repeat. Server is down.
Armpower: :(
Armpower: server crashed?
Scream: Hey Joker m8 ;) scream for ice cream.. alles super, bei dir?
Scream: Hmm dann hat er wohl in den Momenten grad sauber gespielt xD..ich weiss nicht, ich trau ihn nicht..aber vlt täusch ich mich ja und er ist clean...
Armpower: btw dear admins put some eyes on him:)
Joker: Screami Screami Screami Herzchen alles gut bei Dir :D
Armpower: im really sure 100% he use cheats:8
W.O.R: Ja verstehen tuhe ich es auch nicht aber es ist leider manchmal der Fall. Zum D4rky da wurden schon so viele Screenshots angefordert und auch geschickt und die waren immer sauber. Das er nicht reagiert kann ich schon verstehen er wurde eine Zeitlang auch sehr oft fotografiert, und es war immer sauber. Und zu elitopp, wenn ich mich nicht Ihre erst gestern oder vorgestern und die waren schnell da und auch sauber. Deshalb reagiere ich auch sehr selten auf Anfragen jemanden zu Screenen, ich schaue mir die Person dann selbst an und entscheide aus eigener Erfahrung heraus.
Armpower: Hello admins, pls check player elitopp
Scream: Hmm für mich persönlich kommt da nur ein Grund in Frage wenn man nicht sendet und nur wenn man was zu verheimlichen hat. Ich denke wer zockt, ist auch in der Lage eine Email zu verschicken xD. Selbst wenn man kein "Screenshot" machen kann warum auch immer,Taste nicht findet/funktioniert, zur not macht man halt mit Handy ein Foto. Wer will findet Wege..wer nicht will, findet halt Ausreden. Sehr traurig das es so weit gekommen ist...ach so, Wor..behalte bitte D4rky im Auge..Ich habe ihn schon so oft nach Screenshot gefragt, er reagiert nicht mal, bis auf das er mich schon par maal als cheater beschimpft hat..aber ich habe ihn wenigstens gleich Screenshot angeboten, er scheint was zu verheimlichen ich habe ihn auch schon öfters beim zocken zugeschaut, ziemlich offensichtlich...
W.O.R: Teils teils, es gibt erstaunlich viele Leute die tatsächlich nicht wissen wie man eine Email mit Anhang versendet. Dann gibt es oft Leute die sich durch die Screenshots angegriffen fühlen und aus trotz keine schicken weil wir mit unseren Screenshots dennen unterstellen das die Cheaten. Und manche denke ich tatsächlich weil die Screenshots nicht sauber sind. Und es gibt ab und zu auch welche die die Screenshots nicht finden können also viele Gründe.
Reizung: Grad mal in der BlackList gesehen, sind ja sau viele die euch ihre Screenshots nicht senden. Meint ihr es gibt dafür einen Grund (z.B Cheat) oder sind die schlicht gesagt einfach wirklich zu blöd dazu? Gruß ABE
W.O.R: Ok, have fix the Probem for the first.
W.O.R: AH. Ok thank you will check it
Armpower: true Ding, all was kicked, hope admins fix this problem:)
DingAling: @ wor, The bridge map will not load. Then the Server reboot's to stalingrad. The Bridge map is broke. That's what Time bomb was saying.:)
Infantry: @wor: okie ty
W.O.R: Maprotation is ok, we have a rotation in rotation :) Lock here maybe you understand it
Time-bomb: Stalingrad, Algiers, next map bridge then reload stalingrad, Algiers, brest the normal rotation works then, something goes wrong after Algiers and for the bridge.
Time-bomb: The maprotation is broke :( after Algiers the server restart and we play Stalingrad again, Algiers and again Stalingrad. Maybe someone can fix it :D
Delta: Mowlana wh on the server!
GodspeedGreece: thx for the help
W.O.R: @ Infantry have repaired all your Links. A link must begin with one [www] or [http] not with the name of the page. For example not --> rather http -->
Infantry: And for good textures mod: u can try this mod:
Infantry: Moh aa: Moh bt: Moh sh:
Infantry: GodspeedGreece@: did u patch the game from Mohaa Game Fixer Tool which I send u its link? it may not open coz it needs to be patched. Try this link again .. Or Download patched exe files of mohaa AA, SH and BT >
Scream: as long as it works :D.. hope to see u later m8
Scream: hmmm
Scream: did u try to start the game as adminstrator? sometimes works..
GodspeedGreece: ok lets try a conversion pack ... if anyone has test conversion mod pack for mohaa sh , give us a link thx
GodspeedGreece: i find a soluiton, i just unistall pakinstaller and maps from Medal of Honor Downloader - Easy Mod Manager & Installer but the game menu graphics seems not well.. (i think revival pack has transformated graphics on maps etc but it hasent) i will use my original cds to install it again. Thx scream
Scream: God try this, i download it here
GodspeedGreece: rej i download mohaa but didnt work. any suggestions? (all installed well, i click to open the game but nothing happens)
Joker: Das mit dem shams el z @@ ty ist afros freund u.s.w:8
W.O.R: welcher Aussage?
Joker: @godspeed Du hast vollkommen recht mit der aussage.!!!
1: i don't know anything about what you are saying and i am away from mohaa last days i don't even come or try to play so stop talking about me while i am away please
1: @godspeed all cheaters and badbehaviours and all the other bad things are friends of me ? :D
GodspeedGreece: subzero use rej name and cratered. i have post this at cheatreports. check it rej.
GodspeedGreece: thx rej. shams el z@@ty is afros friend. he cheater and climbs out of the maps. i have links for this
Delta: Shams el zn@@ty wallhacker atm in the server!
rej: it includes everything (aa, bt, sh)
GodspeedGreece: At your e-mail armpower. Thx Infrantry , i also need the entire moh : aa - mohaa:sh !
Armpower: Sorry guys but i dont understand nothing but i have clean SS in my pc
Armpower: where i must type this adress?
Infantry: @Armpower: use this address >
Armpower: Anybody help me?
Armpower: Here all in german language:(
Armpower: Guys how can i send ss?
Infantry: GodspeedGreece@ the main source:
Infantry: GodspeedGreece@ Here you are :) :
GodspeedGreece: Iam searching for a browse mohaa tool and moh:aa + sh. anyone can help?
Armpower: Vetus admins im clean;) why take ss from me :DBut if you want you can take it anytime welcome:)
Armpower: hello
W.O.R: For all who want to register here, it works now. But must be confirmed by me! So you regist and wait, I check my mails several times a day. So at night when I sleep I can not confirm but otherwise it will not take long.
Armpower: :)
W.O.R: Yes im at work this is my only possibility :) but has works!
GodspeedGreece: from phone? lol :D
DingAling: Thanks Wor. Server is up :D
W.O.R: Im try to Start it from my Phone.
GodspeedGreece: Anyone can restart the Server?
Armpower: server crashed:(
1: 11 september my birthday always a bad day to usa :| i can't even enjoy it because of the bad news everywhere,i feel sad for the americans.. not the goverment
HIMA: who is kicking me now ?
1: thanks bro :)
Scream: cool video man:8;)
1: hi brothers this is my second Trick video (continuation of first one) here is the secret word of mohaa :D to be continued with other maps
W.O.R: Es ist seltsam 2 Tage hintereinander? Sollte jetzt starten.
Armpower: when server back?:S
Delta: @wor server crashed and disappeared from the tool!
W.O.R: Hi :8
Armpower: Hello;)
1: hi brothers enjoy my second Trick video (continuation of first one) here is the secret word of mohaa :D to be continued with other maps
DingAling: Thank you Wor :D
W.O.R: Magic! :D run again.
DingAling: Stop lying speedy, I see you camping lol
GodspeedGreece: Iam not here lol
Farmarsvk: Restart server ?:P:S
DingAling: do your magic with the server Wor, so i can kill speedy :p
UnnamedSoldier: and server disappeared from the tool
UnnamedSoldier: KLM server also went down. coincidence?
UnnamedSoldier: server crashed
W.O.R: Have found the Problem, this ban was not for you (IP-Range Ban) have remove it, you can play again now.
chief: Hahaha, banned IP? Why i get this honor?:(
1: totally agree bro but i already got the secret word of mohaa and it is in destroyed village i found it undermap :D ( NED ) i don't know if the creator of destroyed village was from holland or not to put this word undermap you gonna see it soon :P
Toy Soldier: Hi everybody here, NoName is here aka =[EMBTO]=Elite Sentry.Ldr. I'd like to thank you all for supporting this old retarded game whatever the circumstances and thank you all the admins for this server who really stands so great among available servers right now. I was thinking of making internal tournament inside Vetus miles servers and make something like recording the whole war like old school moha players world cups that was really amazing. what do you think guys. and maybe the winner team could chose his own maps modified places written their names on the walls of the map for a week for an example. I think it more fun though \(^0^)/
1: hi brothers foxy my friend recorded a video of me of some of my tricks he didn't recored yet the best & hardest tricks so there will be a continuation soon..i know noone cares but just take a look and no need to comment here or even there because i also don't care :P just take a look to know this 2003 game got some secret things still nobody knows :D
W.O.R: maybe this is fair if you out of the server but not when you into. When you go out from server to smoke (toilet) and come back to play but the server is full then it can not be fair, my opinion.
Farmarsvk: Is here Admin ?
UnnamedSoldier: good to hear! but cant they just leave the server then come back? 4-5 minutes should be enough. or if possible: make 3-4 minutes between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM and 6 minutes between 11:00 PM and 5:00 PM
W.O.R: we have this spectators rules all the time is not new!
GodspeedGreece: Nice move wor. Finally
W.O.R: spectators will be autokicked after 6 Minutes, but the problem is that a round is mostly finished faster and the time beginn from the beginning for new round. If someone wants to smoke or go to the toilet he need this 6 Minutes less does not work, sorry.
UnnamedSoldier: please do something about spectators. there are 10 spectators and cant join to the server...
W.O.R: I think to that Ardennes make the Server a litle lagy but is possible to play... Or not? We have now 7 Votes again and 2 of them vote Ardennes again. :*
W.O.R: NP Ding, is a litle bug on the page.
DingAling: Sry for the triple posts :*
DingAling: @Wor Something is lagging the server, It maybe the new maps that were added, could you check and see, Thanks and greet's Ding
Scream: hi ;)
Armpower: hi :P
W.O.R: Ok have check it, sorry for this ban, have remove it.
Babba: I'm banned because I did not send SS, as your admin Joker says, I sent again and can I get an answer?
W.O.R: Joker give you the Answer, he have kick you for not send SS but now i think is all right ... or not?
W.O.R: Answer?
Babba: WOR,Can I get an answer?
W.O.R: Hello :8
Delta: Hi brothers! :-)
GodspeedGreece: U mean the same kindergarten u allowed to grow up? I disagree week now you tk me and tell your few friends to do the same. ss at thred tells more. It seems i can get any help here ,useless to write and speak here. i will not write again..
1: @wor don't worry mate i didn't intend to respond to him even without you say that..and thanks for the open mind and understanding
W.O.R: you all ruin the game, To fight always belong two! That you learn already in kindergarten
GodspeedGreece: @Wor can u check the cheatreports? these guys ruin the game everyday.
W.O.R: @Godspeedgreece and @1 pls use Privatmessege or other ways to argue Not in our shoutbox. Tank you. Your both messeges was deleted by me.
DingAling: Could someone restart the server plz, after ardennes map the server is really laggy, could you also take ardennes map its unplayable. greets.
W.O.R: habe alles gelöscht weil nur bla bla und Beleidigungen. @blchwk now banned from the page to!
Babba: lol Joker m8,I keep it safe, of course, for these reasons, It's not true that my email has not arrived I'm sending you pictures from your site that tells me that they received mail ... It does not matter, I sent you again today in 19:55 my SS You can look at the mail box,and what do you have to say?
Joker: Babba keine SS vom 16.04 !! wenn du sie noch hast schick sie bitte noch mal . THX !!
Babba: Joker, I do not know what you have against me, I send my SS it at the same time, check your vetus mail and look, you ss me 3 times ... 26.02, 16.04, and 15.07, it is sent the same time,Everything you checked me, I sent you, what is the problem then?
Joker: Hallo Babba Du spielst unter den Namen >AgAMeMNoN< am 18.06.2017 wurden von Dir SS gemacht die Du uns nicht zugeschickt hast !! solange Du auf der liste stehst werde ich dich vom Server kicken . Gruss Joker
1: hi mero and wor could you please remove blckhwk's ban for the last chance
Babba: WOR*
Babba: Can you explain to me, why ban me, your admin Joker for no reason, it was today at 18:50 CET .... can you talk to him about his problem .... today on server 3 wh ask an old player like Tex etc. if you do not believe me, he banished me for no reason ... what's his problem. You are the only one who can help here, please see what's going on here ....
1: @wor i am agree with you and i think i already told him that before but he chooses this site because he knows i can't always replay to him here because thinks he is under your protect you and mero and you won't allow to replay freely because of our old problems etc etc but finally thanks for warning him anyway
W.O.R: @1 and @flash this is my last warning to you both. Your kindergarten disputes you can get on other platforms not here on the shoutbox, it does not interest anyone here. Use Privatmessage, Email, Facebook, Twiter..... you have many possibilities but please not here. It should again happen i ban your accounts.
1: @flash i was taking screenshots against people whom challenge me and also who think they are better than me not the people who admit that i am their boss and you were one of them i think everybody knows that i never thought to take screenshot of my friends or slaves and you were one of them you already say yourself that you were defending me here thats explains everything but i may find in my old screenshots it will take me some time...and without all of this i am ready to play anyone 1v1 with the tool so tell me when any of you are ready my son
flash: @wor okay wor it wont happen again ill try but i was answering three people . @godspeed welcome back and yea we r right about those cheaters @afro you did not beat me in any game myou lag more than any player and for sure u cant beat me ,the one whome u beat u take ss ,post any in here having my name to tell u won me .
GodspeedGreece: Iam only telling the truth.i Never cry. they still allow you to play and chat here? iam not impressed. your soul is cheat for life. u miserable character all know this, you mom wants you? tell the truth lol.
1: @godspeed when you disable your chatbox yourself in game (you have history of cries and calling people cheaters too) not much diffrence between you and flash.
GodspeedGreece: Join after long time and ppl fight for who is the cheater. ok always are cehaters at this server,admit it. pls anyone from admins could disable the ingame chatbox? ty
1: lol @flash i am ready to play 1v1 with you or hima or anyone running the tool tell me when you are ready son i am waiting your answer, i just feel boring playing with people who i already won them more than 15 times you and 50 times hima 1v1 that's it..but after your shit cries i am ready to play let me know when any of you ready my son
W.O.R: @flash, pls stop your long posts nobody read it. This is not first time that im say it to you.
flash: @afro well i know im like pain in the ass for you ,i know u r jealous of me cuz u dont have any character or fame like me dude ,so in stead of supporting a cheater whom u told he is cheater noob several time ,just tell the truth ,its not cuz im the topic u r going to support cheater even u r cheating and u know what i mean ,i can approve my theory when u asked me to join my clan and i told you to download the tool and u were afriad of it cuz it detect aimbot and it was interesting to u to know where is the topic in gun clan which detect aimbot on it ,another thing to tell when hima asked u if u r man enough to download tool and play with him as long as manger will check both of you ,you were afiad to do so ,even when u r sure ,you tell anyone to come 1 vs 1 in gun but with tool u r sweating too much thats why i know im sure ,you dont have right to talk in my presence as long as u r cheater and afriad of a tool ,i know bla bla bla is comming that u download it now ,then congratulation of being clean if so lol ,@blackhwk you are banned and u r so kid so i write you back ,well u told u have defeated me before as lies when im not there and u keep talking shit when im not there so trollzor told me most of all . @qucksilver well boy when u become more young and see that u wasted the game with cheating staff ,for sure u will regret when u become clean,a cheater guy which the video show it for blend man and other just support their bullshit .
Silver: @1 you good man becase you let all we probmlem and say true you have my respect. @Blck i well say iam miss to play with you and thx. @Flash the video useless and sorry iam make video and watch and yes morphine use cheat and cry !
1: @flash u should stop playing this game 100 years ago not because quicksilver is clean..but because you always call all the clean players cheaters even me so don't act like you are the one who catch always wrong and fail ..@quicksilver i think he was cheating before and i am the first one already who reported him here and said his history in rs clan but to be honest..these days i don't think he cheats and this video doesn't prove anything.... @morphine he is wallhacker himself and racist bad behaviour guy u should focus on him
blckhwk: Quick is clean, dont talk this nosense. :D Just go and focus on your own game. -off-
flash: well i know ,ill stop playing this game as long as quick is clean and my bit was right he is obvious cheater and the way he is playing easy to see , so this video proved my theory thankx to morphine
4xtrootje: you cheat so you need ban.....have seen the vid. you see way to much.
Silver: Hi Vetus .. @Pop he every day tk me and change name please admin ban him :8 and check ip to sure
merowinger: both guys banned, blacklisted and not welcome on our server. We'll keep kicking and banning them once they return; please let us know if they're back when no admin is online - thanks!
flash: those guys are the most non respectable players ever ,they insult for no reason and always bashing me and calling me hurensohn and most of players in server , i know they were old amok players and this german player has been banned before in server ,plz take an action against those crap players .
Reizung: Hallo Jungs, würdet ihr bitte mal den Chatverlauf ab ca. 19:40 Uhr mal anschauen? Hatte euch schon mal gebeten, sich evt. um diese 2 (Multikiller & German Player) zu kümmern. Waren alte Amok members... wegen denen damals auch der Amok clan dran zerbrochen ist. So etwas braucht man auch nicht auf dem Server. Ich danke euch :) Gruß ABE
Silver: Ok i well say you wh ;)
flash: ill stop playing the game if u r clean quicksilver ,for sure u r using this bypass program to make clean ss ,u may trick them but they still not convinced u and d4rky are clean .
Silver: dont forget delete ban ip iam send ss now :8
Silver: omg sorry mero :-O but i have 2 for 3 sorry i well send now
Tex: cant connect to server keep getting timed out is there a problem?
merowinger: @Quicksilver, please send the screenshots of last night (No.854 + 756 + 171). The ones you sent yesterday were old screenshots. TY
flash: wb mero and good job
merowinger: done, a bit late but I just came home ...
DingAling: Server needs a restart :)
DingAling: Server needs a restart :)
DingAling: Server needs a restart :)
Tex: cant connect to server keep getting timed out is there a problem?
Silver: Hi Vetus .. About pop players he tk axis team with name (Nac) check ip and ban him
flash: hey vetus
1: congrats amigo but....that shows how many noobs we have these days in game :D they all want to learn playing :P
UnnamedSoldier: Thank you for 1000+ views on my "How to play?" video! Exactly 2^10 views (1024)! Foxy :)
1: hi bro i'll catch u later tonight :D
blckhwk: Hola bro:P
1: hi hello hola i want some cola
Joker: DEVIL !!!!! NO
D E V I L: how can i sent ss here ??
blckhwk: Anyone playing im in gun stalingrad server
1: i know blckhwk is crazy sometimes but he won't be crazy more than me in the past :)...i remember when elite sentry asked admins to remove my ban long time ago..i think it been a long time ago and till this moment i think i am keeping my promise and showing people my real behaviour. even my nickname is love :P i hope you give blck one more chance and this time i am sure he will never make problems anymore
blckhwk: maybe they will not unban me i have been bad teamplayer but i still love this game and i wish to play, more servers are dying and i hope vetus not the last server because then i have to quit. i know i promised before that i will be teamplayer and play fair but i failed. i hope you have mercy for me and show one last chance that i can be better... if not.. peace and love anyways
blckhwk: thank you elite... you have a soul made of gold
Toy Soldier: Hey WOR, if that possible, please reconsider UN*ban blckhwk since I think that old reason was only bad behavior and I think this could be maintained. it would be a problem if he was a hacker, and you all know that Our gaming community is too limited that means that we might won't see new players for this 2003th crap game :), so what I was about to say that we should union together and make it more fun, forget all oldies and start newness :D
Krasta: No UNBAN for blckhwk plz ! There is only restlessness with the boy.
blckhwk: Hi WOR my friend, could you unban me?
1: mine is fine
Toy Soldier: Sorry WOR, but the problem tends to show up again.
W.O.R: Ok, am glad to hear it.
Toy Soldier: me too, the problem has been resolved 9 hours later from now, thx WOR
1: problem solved since yesterday before i send the results..thanks wor if you made anything to fix it
1: type ip without the port like without port 12203 i think it worked with me
Toy Soldier: @WOR, when I type the ip of the server in Host slot in WinMTR it says unable to solve host name, so what I should do about this?
Toy Soldier: appreciate your support WOR, will download the app and provide you with the results
W.O.R: Download WinMTR and make a traceroute to our server, run it 15 - 20 minutes. Send your result to me as mail or to our Email maybe our provider can help us to find the problem.
Toy Soldier: yes afro m8 this is the problem I have right now, on KLM I have 78 ms ping, so what have been fucked up?
1: hi noname m8.. yeah i have the same problem too my ping is 200 only in vetus and other servers 50 to 90
Toy Soldier: Hi Guys NoName is here, I have a high ping issue since two days that every time I try to connect it gives me high ping 200 ms instead of normal ping 80-100 ms, is there any thing I could do about this problem?
Reizung: Keiner auf dem Server :'( Hätte jetzt so lust ne runde zu bashen :D ABE
W.O.R: Hallo Leute kam die letzten Tage einfach nicht dazu die Statistik auf 3. Quartal umzustellen, aber jetzt ist es geschafft. Also das von heute zählt und ab morgen läuft es wie gehabt weiter auf 3.Quartal. Hoffe das ich nichts vergessen habe.
DingAling: server need a restart plz, it's kicking everyone.
DingAling: server need a restart plz, it's kicking everyone.
1: danke
W.O.R: Streitet euch wo anders, hier ist es nicht erwünscht.
W.O.R: Also immer admins für alles schuldig machen das könnt ihr am besten aber selber euch beherrschen seit ihr nicht in der Lage. Ich bin hier nicht um hinter allen her aufzuräumen, einfach mal auf Provokationen nicht reagieren und mehr auch nicht aber ihr seit schlimmer als Kindergarten Kinder.
-=Hyp3R=-: yesterday i played as RA-C and i have forced to SS and i send it as well after that there is a person who has the console his name was CHOAS kick me and ban my ip to connect to the server even i send my SS and i were clean so any admin plz tell me why
-=Hyp3R=-: i send my SS again as RA-C .... i told u before i didn't cheat even once and when u called my SS is fake all i do before i send it just i want to open it but i can't cuz it's TGA format which i couldn't open it
1: skills ? lol dude you call all people cheaters you even think e (the girl) is cheating that shows how poor players you are..anyway i am with unbanning hima because poeple like flash and hima don't look dangerious even if they are cheating
flash: come on we know hima is clean ,it might be a mistake ,we all sent ss dozens of time and we made videos to prove our skillz ,im still till today accused to be cheater lol even i told people i can stream my gaming online with them .
gotsoul: You verified that you are Hoawe. According to the banlist you were SSed as Hoawe by Joker and you send no SS. This led to a ban. Accusing me is not only unfair, it is counter-productive too. I merely respect other admins and try to keep the server clean by implementing the banlist.
HIMA: there is one kick me now in the game why ?? this is shit to give admin for any one kick as he wish without say the reason , vetus admins kindly come back again for the server and take access from those who kick without reason
HIMA: Dears , this name i used it =[ OaO ]= Hoawe but no one take SS for me and i remember 2A shadow was playing with me with this name too and no one asked him for SS in game so may be those SS didn't take but i am here to confirm that this name =[ OaO ]= Hoawe for me and i didn't use cheats with it and no one take SS for him and am ready in any time to take SS for me
blckhwk: Anyone playing? Im at GuN Stalingrad all day ro server
W.O.R: Yes he have right this is Hima.
DingAling: @ flash you do have that player in your clan, it is Hima using a different name.
flash: hi vetus you have someone in your blacklist =[ OaO ]= Hoawe , he does not belong to our clan and we dont have player with this name . thanx
-=Hyp3R=-: i sent my SS to be sure that i'm clean so please remove the ban with my real name to play as Hyp3R again plz
jokerx: hello how are you good players ? what is going on ? oh and what with those thing against you flashy :D . i missed you dude , BTW you dont know him good so you can accuse him with those thing flash is the best guy i have played with and he may have a challenge moments but if you know him well you will give him high respect more than criticize him . wish you da best
W.O.R: @flash i delete your message because it says nothing only more text, stop answer pls and play in server without chat, and you will see nobody hate you and nobody will kick you, your tongue is your enemy.
W.O.R: wall of text, perfekt getroffen. Weniger ist mehr!
rej: he's so mad lol he's talking again about "skillz" and "racism"
DingAling: I have ran out of popcorn, just ban Flash and the rest that ruin the game. Job done.
rej: "gunsniper and loeri who are cheating"..."u can ss h4rd and holysolider". You just proved that you got no clue about who's cheating and who's not, so please refrain from doing that and instead let those who got an idea handle such issues. I don't know where your big inflated ego originates from, but it don't do you any good. In fact, it only results in you getting rightfully kicked. /inb4 wall of text in incomprehensible english
DingAling: @ Flash, OI never called you a cheater, I asked you to stop calling other players cheaters and to stop insulting everyone that kills you, then you explode into a tirade of abuse to which you always result in. @Gotsoul, your absolutely right for kicking him, well done.
Dragonheart: @soul/wor, not even sure why this is being discussed in a public chat, as these wall of texts aren't going to make things clearer for anyone. Eitherway, I'll have to vouch for gotsoul in this case. @flash, you don't seem to realize you actually are antagonizing/ provoking people too often, being stubborn and getting all this into a discussion isn't going to help. You'll have to accept that your behavior is as gotsoul says. Do something about it. Else I'm pretty sure you'll just keep getting kicked for your behavior. My 2 cents on this matter as it just keeps returning it seems. ~DH
W.O.R: Ich finde man sollte unterscheiden aus welchem Grund ein Spieler VPN nutzt und nicht einfach stur sagen VPN = Böse. In seinem Fall ist es aus Gründen einer schlechten Verbindung und da finde ich soll man den Spieler nicht deshalb kicken. Anders ist es bei gebannten Spielern, die versuchen mit VPN einen Bann zu umgehen da ist das kicken auch gerechtfertigt. Flash ist ein Stammspieler der nicht gebannt ist und nutzt VPN nur um bessere Verbindung zu haben, so wie ich das verstanden habe, da finde ich das kicken nicht gerechtfertigt.
flash: @W.O.R well that what i got now with one of admin who we think he is fair in his judgments he kicked me again after he joined server , he applies again the personal hate in game ,the people was talking to him now in server ,they told him u can ss h4rd and holysolider rather than apply ur bullshit on good player , so what shall i say ? , he has no life ,he thinks he is good with tool take a command from his weak keyboard ,is that all about ,if u r stisfied with that W.O.R just dont give a hater a recon plz ,you have chosen good people to give tool too but not that hater i insulted him cuz no reason for the kick .
flash: u chose the black guy cuz you r racial thinker by far end ,my vision is right . change ur name to got a life .
flash: you still no admin in my vision so i compare my level with you , you still hater loser .
1: ok m8 ty
W.O.R: Have restartet it
1: server is kicking everyone
Reizung: Hallo Jungs, gerade eben war ein r a z o r auf dem Server. Vermute sehr dass er nicht sauber ist (WH). Falls er das nächste mal auf dem Server sein sollte, bitte einmal "SSen" :) Gruß ABE
W.O.R: NoProblem, Have Fun!
DingAling: Thanks WOR :)
DingAling: Reboot the server plz.:*:*
flash: server is down !
UnnamedSoldier: that clock on the top left corner in the server is pretty good, nice!
VXp: ur right, the strongest wh team ever
1: yes bro sadly its closed ..i didn't know there is limited number of teams actually craw told me that they are trying to get maximum number of teams as they can and he didn't say that there will be only 8 teams in the tournament whatever,i want to say sorry to all players who were supposed to play in my team (Mental-blckhwk-borhom-James-7mood-NoName) i know we were going to be the strongest team in the tournament..but lets give the others chance ;)
Appelpitje: Indeed, we only have 8 teamslots and teh first teams that filled in their details correct were accepted.
flash: @blackhwk it has been closed for participating right now they were intending to do another one later , you can try ur luck the next tourny ,i have my team there . :P
blckhwk: hey afro m8 when is the tournament?
Dragonheart: Thanks for screenshotting, much appreciated.
Dragonheart: Wallhacker in server atm. Name: OLS Client: 16, ping 90-100
flash: ok thanx got soul .
Dragonheart: And client 4 agsin
Dragonheart: Ping is around 98
Dragonheart: Client number 11 now
Dragonheart: Wallhacker currently in server, *** Blank Name ***, current client number 4
gotsoul: This guy was eventually kicked out of the server. I did it myself. Technically speaking though, he is not pretending to be you, he never duplicated your exact nickname. It's just a cheater who chose a similar name to yours. As Blood told you, you don't need to worry about you being wrongly accused, we're not that easily fooled. In the meantime and if you really want to be helpful instead of worrying about insubstantial matters, you could try -as kindly requested multiple times - to contain your annoying constant ravaging fights with Afro.
Dragonheart: Oh nevermind, posted the message and it popped up.
Dragonheart: Gametracker info seems to be gone on the left side of the site?
flash: jack is back aka afro was tking me in the server plz ,i dont wanna the senario to happen again ,he changed team tk me after i own him 4 kills in row :S .
flash: infantry is using his wh and aimbot in server will u just ignore the real reason of haxer admit it himself to me that he is wh ? and just look only for the ss ,instead i have been kicked of admin who only cares about personal problem and ignore the haxors inside .
flash: well instead of kicking my out and personal problem ss that infantry who clean use wh and when i have been defending my self i have been kicked tools has been given for kids though . haters take it personal .
1: GunSniper and Correct aka soul both egyptians wallhackers in the server right now
Dragonheart: Wallhacker is back, client 21 atm
Dragonheart: Name is a bunch of hhhhhhh
Dragonheart: Current client number 10 wallhacking. Ping 85 to 90
1: ok my maxpackets are 100 now cheers :)
flash: server >>>>>>>>>>>error max config strings need restart
1: there is admin who kicks me without a reason right now..come and tell me the reason if you got any
1: why i am getting kicked ?
flash: @ WOR Спасибо Тебе , нам нужны сильные администраторы на сервере потому что унас много проблемe и хакер . :8
Dragonheart: Thanks wor, appreciate it.
1: lol good job wor :)..i am the only one who said its isa boletini without admin tools :P
W.O.R: Renea = Isa Bøletini, is SSed now by me. I do not think that the SS will comes.
Dragonheart: Renea, current client No. 9. Ping ranging from 58 to 100, wallhacking.
VXp: I tk BR cuz it feels good.
flash: malika rapidfire hax all days
Dragonheart: Malika wallhacking for about 2 hours now
flash: kaas or ¢assidy finland cheater guy who claims he is old but wh detected .
flash: well thats my ss :8
VXp: nothing personal rej, just for fun, pure boredom, after all the nick wasn't 100% correct...maybe you should stop by from time to time, dunno why ur active here but u don't play, or you do? ...:*
flash: i knew it was vxp lol , he did not change his model . :D
rej: @ABE, the ip was from slovenia and it's a bit sad to see who it actually was.. >>
rej: wasn't me
Reizung: He Jungs! Im Moment spielt ein AG Rej irgendwas aufm Server. Ist das EUER Rej? Falls ja, erklärt ihm mal bitte dass es als Admin nicht grad angebracht ist, Teamkills zu machen und wie blöd nur im Spawn zu campen. (Glaube nicht dass es DER Rej ist/war, aber falls doch...) Viele Grüße ABE
VXp: np W.O.R but you are wrong, I'm your right hand and you should listen to me, think about it. lol flash
flash: thanx W.O.R for understanding , vxp u really the quite version of lox lol.... :D
W.O.R: realy, for a question, a reply and a reasoning why he use vpn. Thanks for your support, but i am still able to judge it by myself.
VXp: To disable "Shoutbox"...
W.O.R: what for lines of code?
VXp: W.O.R... it's time to comment out some lines of code again. ty
flash: well i will tell u why i join the game with vpn ,not becuse i want to use it ,but i want to hang the first name so i can enter with the other wihout get hanged thats what i do ,it means when i enter with my first time it keeps the game frozen so i sacrfy the first ip with vpn and i continue playing with the real one ,so i wont froze in the server ,u wont find me playing with the vpn and im always clean and pure ,i wont to cheat ever and never ,thats why i joined with egyptian vpn ,if u see me play with it then kick me .i stay only in spectator with it so i can make my tricks so i can play with my real ip.
gotsoul: I am the one kicking you. You are using VPN ip's, this is not allowed. Server's supervision is already a pretty demanding task, allowing VPN IP's makes it a complete nightmare. In case you don't understand this reasoning feel free to ask. Insisting on using VPN IP's means you value your personal enjoyment more than a proper clean game for the rest of the community. Needless to say that you are always welcome to join the game using any private IP address.
flash: there is admin who keeps kick for no reason , i tottaly hang when i join the game so my ping is 999 cuz the problem in egypt in here which the most of egyptian had , but this no head admin kicks me for no reason !
1: chess match any1 ?
flash: alles in ordnung , vso v paryadky .
W.O.R: Werde die Shoutbox jetzt wieder freigeben, sollten aber sich diese sinnlosen Auseinandersetzungen fortsetzen werde ich entweder wieder die Shoutbox sperren oder die einzelnen Personen. Die Shoutbox ist nicht der Ort dafür, klärt eure Probleme woanders.
W.O.R: Das ist mir jetzt zu blöd, die Schoutbox vorerst für ein paar Tage für User ausgeschaltet. Wenn Ihr euch streiten wollt nutzt andere Bühnen hier ist es nicht erwünscht! Wenn sich die Lage beruhigt schalte ich es wieder frei, kommt es wieder vor wird es für längere Zeit abgestellt.
flash: it was not fun ,you waisted your last chance to be unabnned ,you deserver it .but wait me i may to talk to you about the new leuage ;).
W.O.R: Yep ist blckhwk, and this confirms that his ban is justified.
the trooper: Andromedae is blckhwk, who is supposed to be banned anyway, but he keeps coming back with vpns.
W.O.R: Ich dachte es hört von alleine auf. Liest es überhaupt jemand außer der Autoren? @flash and 1 please use PM-Function for your conversation, nobody read it, this all is SPAM for me to many text without content.
Joker: Wor !!! Kann man es nicht unterbinden - es nervt?
Joker: Wenn es mal vergessen wird :-O es steht auf jeden SS drauf :P
mental: Damn,where do you suppose to send the screenshot when that admin doesnt even respond
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Is mir jetzt zu anstrengend deswegen schreibe ich auf Deutsch, die Reaktion mit der Mutter das stimmt, nachdem ich beleidigt wurde sagte ich:"deine Mutter hat gestern was anderes zu mir gesagt " gebe ich auch zu denn auch bei mir ist mal ein Punkt erreicht wo mir die Hutschnur platzt und wenn ich schon wen ignoriere und er macht immer noch weiter muss er auch mal mit rechnen das Antworten kommen, die ihm nicht so passen!
Reizung: Omg flash, please... Just let it be ;) Ur ABE
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: thx Appelpitje , thats is my Meaning too! He disrespect directly people who shoot him and when you try to not react , hes given more Insults over me and others ! Im 32 years old aand i needed not to insult by a childish Kid! I play many years and i have no big Problems with other , than i came back after Months of Break and you insult me permanently and yes i report you for this , than im not the only one that you insultet!
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Hallo allerseits koennt ihr flash dem Vollidioten sagen , das er es bitte zu unterlassen hat mich als cheater hinzustellen! Ich benutze es tool zudem wisst ihr genauso wie ich das ich jederzeit bereit bin gescreent zu werden! Ich komm auf den Server um Spaß zu haben und nicht um mich von nem kleinen Kind beschimpfen zu lassen! Gruß Amphe
kodi: termi; blood spencer...PM wenn wir auch nicht die creme de la creme beim spielen sind..korrekt bin ich alle auf vorwürfe ein zu gehen...LG aus wien
d3stroy3r_13_fr: ola ola I have to report one gAy with my name today he came around 19:00. He did many bad thinks!! F... him please :)
W.O.R: Mein Mainboard ist verreckt :'( bin erst mal aus dem Spiel bis ich ein Ersatz habe oder gleich einen anderen PC da entscheide ich noch.
W.O.R: No I have not talking to you, or about your problem. And about the visitor count .... The game dies if you have not noticed yet on all Servers, and players like you with insults and team kills speed up this process. Try to play in the morning around 10 clock on a work day you will not find many opponents at any server, maybe in USA because there is evening.
W.O.R: Und zum Thema selbst, keine Beweise kein Cheater so einfach ist es. Ich wurde schon oft als Cheater bezeichnet und dafür gekickt und gebannt auf Grund nur mancher Möchtegern Experten. Ein "Ich weiß es ganz sicher!" ist kein Beweis. Klar ist unser System mit Screenshots nicht das beste der Welt aber wir versuchen es fair zu sein und mit dem Risiko dadurch den einen oder anderen dabei nicht zu erwischen kann ich gut leben. Einen unschuldigen dagegen als Cheater zu bezeichnen (was uns auch schon passierte) finde ich schlimmer.
W.O.R: So viel Text aber immer das gleiche :'( und es kommt immer so eine Welle wie jetzt dann ein paar Wochen ruhe und dann wieder.... Ist schon irgendwie interessant :-O
gigi: @blckhwk, maybe you are clean,but your behavior is not right.Also against us admins you have a bad behavior.You know what you said to me and Joker or blood (i think it was joker or blood with me on server) This was not the first time. Maybe we remove the ban in Year 2019.
Joker: @flash Wir beziehungsweise ich habe bei Silver bestimmt schon 5 mal SS gemacht !! und er war bist jetzt immer sauber ! es war nichts zu sehen !! bitte hört mit den TK auf !! DANKE
Reizung: Hmmm, ich habe WOR eigentlich auch ein Dankeschön da gelassen. Muss jemand meinen Beitrag bearbeitet haben :-O Gruß ABE
Reizung: Heeey! Thanks alot Trooper, my lovely son
W.O.R: Hallo ABE, ich denke es müsste jetzt gehen. Wir haben Auto-IP-Ban für Roboter ect. die versuchen die Seite zu überladen. Das funktioniert auch eigentlich ganz gut bis auf ein paar Fehler ab und zu wie wahrscheinlich bei dir.
W.O.R: Ok i will check it.
the trooper: Hello vetus, ABE told me in the server that she is banned from the website and is wondering why? Could you please clarify this for her?
Tex: server stream missing on front page of website??
Tex: thanks WOR
W.O.R: Banned!